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if as you say animals do not go to heaven, then why does the Bible say the lion shall lie down with the lamb?
When will the Old Testament and Tribulation Saints get their new bodies and will they get judged separately from the Berma Seat of Christ?
Will there be male and female in heaven, can you explain?
When our pets pass away do they go to heaven?
Why will God make a new Heaven?
Recently at my father's memorial service it was emphasized the difference between salvation with no fruit vs. salvation with fruit (it is believed my father was saved in his last days). What will heaven be like for those with fruit vs. with no fruit?
Will we still be husband and wife in heaven?
Can you lose your reward in heaven if you lead someone to Christ and then tell someone about it?
Is it true that your whole life is displayed before you when you die and stand before God?
Do you think that those of us that make it into Heaven will go to different levels of Heaven (as 3 levels are mentioned in the Bible)?
Do the people in Heaven now eat or do they have to wait until they get their new bodies?
I was at a Calvary Chapel last Sunday (Feb 5th) and the Pastor said during his teaching that Jesus Christ is not in heaven. This basis was upon Ephesians 4:10 in which it says "He who ascended far above all the heavens.." He said also that Satan is in heaven. The Pastor said he didn't want to go to heaven because there is too much mess there. He said that he and we will be with Jesus after we die. He made it very clear that beleivers will be with Christ from the moment of death, just that it won't be in heaven. He said he didn't know where Christ is, but he wants to be with him. This seems to be very contrary to conventional teachings from the gospels, Acts and other places that say that Christ went into heaven to be seated at the Father's righthand. So what is Calvary Community's position on this according to scripture?
Is is true that when we help others get saved, we receive a jewel on our crown for every person that we save? Where is that in scripture?
When we get to heaven, will we retain our earthly personality? What if you're a person who has few friends and who people dont seem to like very well in this life; will it be that way for eternity?
My 13 year old son was murdered recently. Was he still under the Lord's grace, and has gone to be with the Lord? My son hadn't yet accepted Jesus because I was just introduced into Christianity. I was a Catholic.
When in Heaven, do we see God as 1 being, or 3 seperate?
Is this statement true? And if so, where in the Bible does it say so? "Before you were born, you lived as a spirit with God, your Heavenly Father."
Can you explain how if God is "one", that the Bible says Jesus will sit at the right hand of God? Will we see God and Jesus sitting next to each other?
Can you tell me what the New Heaven is? And can you give me scripture that we will have physical bodies in the New Heaven?
What will be our rewards and treasures when we get to heaven?
Where is paradise?
My mom used to believe in Jesus but got bitter as she got older and now says that she doesn't believe. Will she still be saved in the end?
I have been reading Left Behind the kids by Jerry B. Jenkins and I am curious about the 1000 year reign Jesus is going to set up on earth after the rapture. Are there going to people with bodys like we are today or just spirits? Are people going to come back from being dead and live again? [Answer/Solution] There will be both kinds of people. The Christians will come back to reign with Jesus and they will have glorified bodies, but there will also be people living on the earth (and dying) during that time as we do today. [2nd Question] Will the people who die during that time stay on earth or go to heaven? and will the living be able to see the christians who come back?
what does the bible say about loved ones in heaven such as spouses and family members, does it say we will have the same relationship with them that we had on earth?
What does it take to be saved?
How many heavens are mentioned in the Bible?
Will people who have severe mental problems, who are not capable of having a relationship with God, such as multiple personalities, go to heaven?
If there are millions of people in Heaven, how will Jesus be able to spend time with all of them? Can He be with more than one person at the same time?
The Bible says that Elijah was taken up to heaven by a whirlwind, but Jesus said in (John 3:13) no one has ascended to heaven, where did Elijah go if this is the case? I'm confused.
When someone dies and they knew Christ and went to Heaven before the rapture. Do they come back down and live in the New Jerusalem?
Will there be some form of work in heaven? I got the impression, while taking the Crown Financial class (page 101 to be exact), that heaven would be more than just worship, praise and one heavenly latte after another.
What are saints in heaven doing now?
Will we eat food in Heaven?
If we will recognize each other in heaven. How can we be happy if we don't see our children, parents or friends there (and therefore know that they are tormented in hell for eternity)?
I know God has forgiven me for the sin of abortion, but will I see the two children that I terminated when I get to heaven? Will I be able to tell them I was wrong and I am sorry?
In Rev. chapter 14, who are the 144,000 people who stood with God, and how would this relate to the Jehovah's Witness beliefs that only 144,000 people will go to heaven?
In Hebrews 12:1 it says we are encompassed by a great cloud of witnesses and then goes on to encourage us to lay aside sins that could hold us back in our lives. Does this mean the saints in heaven can see us and are watching our lives?
Why did God let the people of the old testament think that after death there was a resting place called Sheol, and not let them know that there was a heaven and a hell?
Can you give me the scriptures about going to heaven when we die. I grew up in a church that didn't teach that truth.
Will we miss people in Heaven who didn't make it there?
Do those who have passed on to eternal life in Christ or not have any consciousness of what is happening here on earth?
My son is disabled. When he goes to heaven will he have a complete working body?
What happens to the people that are raptured? Do they go to heaven or to the new jerusalem?
Will people be naked in heaven?
Will small kid's still be kid when we go to heaven? will they be worshipping God, like kid's all through eternity?
Will people be right outside the gates of heaven (Rev. 22:15)?
Why does God let animals have feelings, suffer, and love to just die and turn to dust? How do u no that animals to not go to heaven? I mean why have animals hurt to be turned into dust? Another question, teachers teach evolution in school and I have to lean about it and take tests, is it wrong to learn about it and take tests if I do NOT belive it? Thank you.
In Isaiah 65:17b does it mean that we will ask God or he will ask us if we want him to, wipe the bad/painful memories from us before we begin our eternity on the New Earth?
Will people have to eat from the Tree of Life when they are in Heaven in order to live forever or is it just a reminder of what God has given us?
How do I explain what Heaven is like to a small (6 yr.old) child?
Is Jesus still Jewish in Heaven or are there no specific nationality in heaven?
In heaven are Christians going to see the crucified Lord?
When we first die and go to heaven, are we invisible there? Could we see other people in heaven, since we haven't received our new bodies yet?
When we get a new heaven and a new earth, and if we are all going to live together forever, who is going to stay in the new heaven? or is heaven going to be on the new earth?
Will we get new names in heaven?
Without Christ we are spiritually dead, so when we die physically, how can one be spiritually alive in hell - eternally? Wouldn't the term "eternal life" be true for believers and non-believers? I can understand that Satan and his crew will know they are in hell burning forever, but I cannot understand eternal awareness on the part of the spiritually dead - humanity vs. fallen angels... not all live on eternally, do they? I mean, if man is spiritually dead when physically born, and faith in Christ is what makes him spiritually alive, how can they be alive in hell for eternity? Being separated from God forever rather than being with Him forever does not equate logically (in my mind) to being separated and aware...rather, just the loss of the opportunity to have eternal life. Does the term eternal death appear in scripture?
I know from the Bible story of the rich man, Abraham, and Lazarus that even in the our spirits outside of our body (dead body-alive spirit) that we can see, feel, hear, and think. My question is, once our spirit is free from our body will we be able to remeber a lot more about our life here on earth since our memories now seem subject to things such as old age or disease? Is it correct to assume that the "saved-born again" person who dies in a diseased body does not awaken to a diseased spirit?
do our pets go to heaven?

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