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My husband and I were baptized years ago in a church, but now I know in my heart that we are under the covenant of grace. Should I be baptized again?
If you have been baptized by sprinkling water on your head, should you get it done again by submersion?
Do you ever have parents(dad) baptize their own children, or is it always a Pastor?
My husband was wondering if he can wear swimming trunks and a shirt to his baptism or what would be appropriate? Thanks Lia
Who was the man that speared Jesus?
1 Corinthians 10:2 states there was a "baptism into Moses". Can you explain?
I have two related questions if I may? Was there any baptizing teachings or rituals in the O.T.? Or was it in the N.T. only? I found a reference in 1 Sam. refering to dedicating young ones or would it be babies ? Are there any others references?
I'm considering baptism -- but there are certain things I know I need to change. I feel that if I don't make these changes first, it would be hypocritical. I know that we are all imperfect and sin - but feel I should change my situation first. What do you advise?
My friend has been asked to be a godparent in an infant baptism; in which we know isn't biblical, but she doesn't know what to do because it is her brother requesting. Her boyfriend will not even attend the ceremony because he knows its not biblcal. Any ideas on how to handle this situation or resources?
I am a teacher in a public high school and I have a student asking me about babies and baptism and that the reason the Catholic church baptises babies is due to original sin. I'm trying to find a reference in the bible that explains how children under a certain level of understanding won't go to hell if they die before baptism. Could you help me with that?
How many people have to be present at a Baptism before it satisfies the requirements of the Bible? What does the Bible have to say about this? Can we only speculate how many were present at the Ethiopians baptism? Can it be a simple act of obedience without a group watching the procedure? Can the "act" of baptism demonstrate to yourself and the 'baptizer" that you are a believer and that you are obediant to what the Bible requires for obediance?
Can you please explain water baptism to me? I know vaguely how it goes, but I keep forgetting the basic facts! Thank you!

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