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What is the difference between Cherubim and Seraphim?
Do people become angels after death?
Could you show a Bible reference for the answer to this question please? (Before he fell what was Satan's job in heaven)
How do angels compare to human beings?
Are all angels good?
Psalm 103:21 refers to heavenly hosts and then also angels, as servants for the Lord. What is the difference? Are there other references of 'heavenly hosts'?
Mormons believe that Satan is a brother of Jesus. Can you tell me in the Bible where it states that Satan is a fallen angel?
Can't guardian angels protect us from bad things happening (i.e. being assaulted, etc) and if so then why do bad things seem to happen most to the best-intentioned?
Do you believe the angels are male only since God created a female for companionship?
Pastor Mark, on the radio today you said that the mighty angel in Revelation chapter l0 was not Jesus; which I thought was, but you explained it well. Then who is the angel in Chapter l?
Who are the angels bound under the Euphrates?
Do you agree with Hank Hannegraaff's postion on "The Sons of God" found in Gen. 6? (ref: bible answer book)
Do we all have guardian angels or do only Christians have permanent guardian angels? Can or do angels help all people in crisis situations? Does it say anything about this in the bible?
Do angels and demons have acutal battles? If so, then they would have generals and such and might die, right? These questions are in reference to a book that I was reading by Frank Perretti, "This Present Darkness".
Before he fell what was Satan's job in heaven
How can we ''see''the invisible?
In the Old Testament is there a difference between the Angel of the LORD and the Angel of God mentioned in Genesis (Gen 16:7 & Gen 21:17)?
What is the true point of the angel appearing to Jesus before His crucifixion? What kinds of angels attend to us today?
Recently I heard a Calvary pastor say that he thinks that the angel that stirred the waters up at the Pool of Bathesda was satan. What do you think?
(Please bear with me) In John 16:7 Jesus says He has to go away so the Holy Spirit will come to his disciples, but in John 14:17 Jesus says the Holy Spirit "dwells with them". How could the Holy spirit be with his disciples if Jesus was still there? And since the Holy Spirit is God and is everywhere, why would Jesus have to go away for the Spirit to come? Can you please explain. Thanks
I have read that angels did not appear while Jesus was on the earth and they began appearing the day of the resurrection again. Is this true?
Do you think the "son's of God", in Genesis (just prior the flood) were angel's or righteous men?
Are there Angels here on earth helping us at certain times in our lives?
I was under the understanding there are no female angels mentioned in the bible. I attended a bible study at my current home church and we are studying angels. They referenced Zechariah 5:9 where it talkes about 2 women with wind in their wings. They had wings like those of a stork. My question is 2 fold. Is this a reference of women angels? Also a stork is referenced in leviticus 11:13 as a destestable? Are these referencing angels of the Lord or demonic creatures?
Why are angels referred to as Him or Her? Do they have a purpose for having a gender? They don't reproduce do they?
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