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Was Satan the angel of music in heaven before he fell?
Did Satan have a different name in Heaven or is Satan his actual name?
What is the difference between Hell and Hades?
God knows our every thought and hears our every word, but does satan know our thoughts as well as our words?
Is Satan able to predict the future/prophecy in order to claim his message is from God thus fooling believers?
A Satanist remarked that they are atheistic. Do they believe there never was God, only Satan??
Where does it say in the Bible that Lucifer was the angel of worship?
Since Satan has access to the Bible why will he still use the same plan of action in the end times when he already knows that he will lose?
Is Satan a driving force behind people like Hilter, Stalin, Saddam, etc?
What does it mean to build a "hedge of protection" around someone, and how does one go about doing that?
Hedge of protection

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