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What is the Hebrew word for promise?
Can Satan read my mind? Or hear my thoughts?
finding myself reading/listening some teaching from our Jewish fellowmen am I in trouble? Here is an example: when learning some Hebrew came across some questions what is the difference between Banim and yeladim as well as l'olam and ad olam?
Would you please explain to me what 1 Corinthians 15:29 is saying?
Did the passover when Christ was alive occur on Thursday? What day was it on the Jewish calender?
Where can I find the Hebrew word or symbol for covenant?
Can jews, atheists and homosexuals go to heaven?
What does the Hebrew word Shabbat mean in English?
What does the Star of David represent?
In Genesis 11:27 it says that Terah became the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran. They are listed differently than the previous family lines. Could it be they are triplets? Is there anything in the Hebrew to confirm this?
Hello, There is a symbol or letter called,"shin" pronounced (sheen). This symbol stands for "The Lord" It is one letter that makes up three: Father, Son and spirit. Is there any way someone could send me a copy of this symbol or letter so that I can use it for my logo for my business. I would like to use it to have a constant reminder of the Lord and to strike up conversation with others to be a witness to Christ.
In John 4:45 what had Jesus done in Jerusalem?
In Psalm 76:2 there is a reference to Salem. The word is only mentioned here, in Genesis, and in Hebrews. My question is why did the psalmist chose to use that word? He could have used Zion like in other verses.
Should I minister to a defeated christian ? If yes how should I do it so that I won't appear that iam doing the judgeing.
A friend of mine has been given a bracelet by a close, non-Christian friend, that has the icons of different religions imbedded in silver. Some of these icons represent Islam, Buddism, Yin & Yang, etc. It also includes a cross. The value of putting all these icons together, as stated by the giver of the bracelet, is that all of them believe in the statement: "Do unto others..." All of these religions appreciating peace. I've been a Christian for decades but my friend has not. I've told her my beliefs but I believe she would appreciate knowing what CCC would say about it. She did submit a ? several weeks ago but has received no answer. In short, my belief is that it is wrong to display non-Christian icons as though you agreed with them as it is not only dangerous to the wearer but misleading to those who know she is Christian and must believe that these other religions are OK simply because they appear on the same bracelet as the cross. Could you comment please?
In Leviticus, I am learning about the sacrifices. Who killed the animals for women who were widows with no male relative?
At death ,Christians, believers,saved ones go to be with the Lord,Where do the unsaved ones go?
My Grandson's Mother married a Mormon. I know they have some doctrines that we don't subscribe to. My question is though is do they believe Jesus is our savior and believe in salvation the way we do? My Grandson attends church with me on a regular basis. But I think his Mom may decide to take him to their church sometime. This worries me. My Grandson believes in Jesus and knows as much as a 6 year old can. I don't want him to get confused or for him to forget about Jesus. I am just the Grandmother so I don't think I can stop her from taking him there if she wants to. What is your opinion on this Pastor Mark? Thank you.

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