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I need to be discipled. Is there a class on it?
Registering for Classes...will there be a place on the website to register for upcoming classes at Calvary? With the date the class starts and other info?
Do you have to be a member of church to go to the singles 30 and up fellowships?
What does the Bible class, Discipleship 101 offer? What is the purpose of the class. What is the purpose of Discipleship 201?
Do you have a Bible College?
Do you offer or are you affiliated with anyone in the counseling fields?
I'd like to find out more about special needs children supervision.....I've worked for years with special needs and would like to see how I could help.
Can you tell me more about the young marrieds ministry? Is there childcare available? What age groups does it cover; it is just newly married or actually other young couples to fellowship with? Thank you.
Can you give me details on the kids martial arts program?
Do you have a singles fellowship for a person in their 20's?
How do I find the right church. plus one that has active singles classes for people over 50 & active women's groups?
Do you have a premarital class or study?
I was wondering if you have given any thought to having the lesson from the women's bible study all week online like you have Pastor Mark's available. I love the fact that I have all week to hear his message if I miss Sunday worship. If not, do I have to be online at 9 or 9:30 AM on Tuesday in order to get the online lesson from the women's bible study? Can I get it on tape if I can't be online at that time? Thank you for reading and answering all of my questions. Bless you.
I was curious if Calvary has any Sunday School classes for young childeren? If so, what is the age groups?
Do you offer pre-marital classes? If so, what days and times?
What class do you offer for "parents of addicted children?

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