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Is it biblical to "bind evil spirits" in Jesus' name?
In 2 Peter 2:4, if the fallen angels were thrown out of heaven and are bound in chains and waiting for judgement, How does Satan use his fallen angels (demons) now to do his work? Are all fallen angels bound in chains or just some of them?
Are ghosts really demons? What scripture backs up your answer?
How can I get rid of demons in my home?
Are schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder and demon possession the same thing?
Is Halloween mentioned in the bible?
If Angels bring believers to Heaven when they die, do Demons bring non-believers to Hell when they die? Do they know why they are going there?
Does Calvary cast demons out of nonbelievers like Jesus did? What does the Bible say about believers casting demons out of other people?
Upon getting a new Motorola E-815 cell phone, I found a non-deletable picture of the devil on it. My husband says I am overreacting to wanting a new phone. Should I be concerned?
A Friend of mine says that Christians can be demon possessed. I have always been taught that we can be oppressed but not possessed. Who is right and what are ALL the scriptures that back up your belief? Thanks.
I just heard an audio tape by Ray Comfort and one of his coworkers doing some street evangelism and one of the two short tapes has gutteral sounds and a voice that says its "the keeper" when the man asks who is tormenting this girl (who cuts herself but can't stop) right there on the spot. When Ray Comfort asks those around him who was making the awful noises, etc., during his taping, no one was but they all heard it. I have always thought Ray Comfort as credible and legitimate so my questions are: do demons make noises and speak--and are they fallen angels or something else?
Can Satan and/or his demons read our minds? Are there any Bible verses addressing this?
Who was Adam's first wife?
I dont believe in ghosts, but can Satan use non-Christians in this world after they die?
my nine year old daughter asked if babies who die will stay babies or do they grow up in heaven?
Are the apparations of the Virgin Mary from Satan?
What should I say to someone (A Christian) who insists that ghosts are real and exist in their home. I really dont believe it, but I would like to back it up with scripture.
What happens to the demons that were cast out of the swine? Did they die or return to hell?
Why is Satan mentioned so rarely in the Old Testament?
Who are the "sons of God" mentioned in Genesis 6? Are they demons?
Do young children get attacked mentally and spiritually by Demons like adults do?
As a believer indwelled by the Holy Spirit, can I bind Satan in a situation, or do I ask God in the name of Jesus to bind Satan? I want to honor God and His soverignty in all I say and do, so thank you for your biblical response!
What is Calvary's position on Bob Larson's ministry regarding Satanism?
In one answer, you say that Christians can't be possesed by demons but what if they give in to the devil's temptation?
A co-worker brought in a work of art to hang in the front office, which is also where I sit. He mentioned that this art was handmade from a tribe that gives this art to their god as a gift. I am unsure if this is idolatry. Should I be uncomfortable with this hanging on top of my desk?
Can a true believer become demonized (demon possessed)?

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