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What is Theophostics? Where does it come from, and is it biblical?
How can I overcome the feelings of guilt I am struggling with?
Do I have to forgive my brother seventy times seven?
Is it wrong to punish yourself by cutting yourself?
Hello Pastor Mark, Thank you for your guidnece over the years but I have a chink in my Christian armor I would like you to help me with please. It involves the Blasphemy of teh Holy Spirit. I need to ask this is two ways so I can get a complete understanding. 1) In the past I once joked that my cousin was a satanist, he actually was a missionary, I imediatly withdraw my stupid comment and said I was just joking but that comment has bothered me ever since. It bothers me most when we talk about the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. 2)For clarification sake if a Ex-satanist wants to be a christian but has honestly in the past said insults of the Holy Spirit, can they be forgiven? I think I know that Blasphemy is the rejection of the Spirit's work, but I need to hear for sure. I am tired of this bothering me and creating fear in my Christian walk. I know I love God in all three aspects and I also know my desire is to work for him in any way he needs me. I would feel this way even if I was condemed for I seek God not his gift. God Bless Phil

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