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Where does is say in the bible that Virgin Mary had more children, and did Jesus marry while he was on the earth?
If a Catholic believes in the Pope, and practices all of the church's traditions, believes in the Virgin Mary, the day of the dead, and says they are saved because they love Jesus are they saved?
I was told that the Catholic Church is the original Christian Church and therefore the one true church. Is this true?
I was raised a Catholic but once I received Jesus as my Savior I did not want to be Catholic because of their teachings, can you be saved and stay a Catholic?
If a Catholic person has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, BUT still participates in Catholic tradition/beliefs how can they still be saved? How can you trust Jesus plus your works and still be saved?
I have heard Pastor Mark teach about the errors in the teachings of the Catholic church, and I have always been taught that it is the harlot church referred to in Revelation. However, as a non-Catholic, I have become a lot more sympathetic to their particular religion as I've seen them become targets of anti-Christian attacks. Also, they have always been on the front lines re: abortion, and their new Pope has come out strongly against homosexuality. I figure that if the Catholic church is under this much Satanic attack, there must be a reason, and to me, that reason is that they are lifting up Jesus, albeit amid some faulty doctrine. Am I wrong in my conclusions? Thanks for your answer!
In Matthew 6:7, could the repetition of prayers be like some of the prayers that Catholics use? And are they not to do this?
What was going on with Eastern Orthodox during the reformation? It seems to me that Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism are pretty much the same in terms of their beliefs.

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