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How did the Jews wrap a dead body (such as Lazarus)? What was the custom?
Why were the Pharisees so against believing in Jesus as the Messiah? They still were stuck on Moses Laws. Why did they say that a Prophet doesn't come from Galilee? Where did they get their information if they suppose to know the scriptures?
I was born Jewish, but only recently became close to God. If I become saved, can I still embrace my Judaism?
Would it be okay for a Christian to wear a "yarmulka" or "kippa" to a Christian church service?
Why does the Jewish religion say that Jesus does not meet the criteria for the messiah?
What are some Jewish wedding customs?
This year, 2005, Easter did not occur 3 days after passover. Easter was March 27th and Passover was not until April 23rd. (Why is there a discrepancy?)
Was there a practice of baptism before John the Baptist?
What is the Jewish Kabalah? is it a form of mysticism or the Jewish religion?
How does one know when Passover and Easter will come on the calander?
What reasons do Jews not believe that Jesus is the Messiah?
Do Jews need to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior in order to go to heaven when they die or were they protected under a special protective covenant with God?
In the OT it says that to forgive sin there had to be a sacrifice. Why do the modern day Jews no longer sacrifice animals?
What is Kabbalah? Do Jews accept it as part of their religion?
What are some of the Jewish customs that parallel the church?
What will happen to the Jews that are still waiting for the Messiah? Right now if they die, will they go to heaven?
Is Kabbalah a Jewish religion? Do they believe in the Trinity and that Jesus is our Lord and Savior?
Should I give to Temple Institute to help with the building of future Temple?
Please explain Hebrews chapter 6:4?
Why does your bookstore sell books and other items that are used in the observances and customs of the Jewish faith, while holding the position that the"Law"/"Torah" is obsolete?
Where can I go to find sound information concerning jewish traditions?
Do Orthodox Jews pray to the God of the Bible even though they do not pray to a Triune God? I know that a muslim worshiping allah is a person worshiping a false god, but since Orthodox Jews do not worship the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is that also considered a false god?
Is there an awakening of the Jewish culture about Jesus after Eze 38 and 39, or is it to just show God's power? If God takes those who accept Him out by the rapture, does he only fight for the land of Isreal or the people? If they do not accept Jesus, why does He fight for them? I thought that you had to accept Jesus as your Saviour who died for your sins and was raised from the dead by God, then you are saved after you repent. Will the Jews start to accept Christ after Eze 38, 39 then because of what he does or could they still be subjected to the second death?
Pastor Mark showed a Jewish friend our Messiah in the book of Genesis. I started taking notes, but didn't get them all. Is there a tape/cd I can buy on this teaching. It means the world to me. Thanks !!

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