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Could you please explain Romans 11:26? Does this mean all Jewish people (Israel) will be saved no matter what?
A nonbeliever told me that there is no proof that Moses and the Israelite's were ever in Egypt. Is there any secular proof that the people of ancient Israel were ever in Egypt? Thank you for your help.
In the old tesament God claims the Jews as his chosen people but condems and rejects the Gentiles. How was it possible for a Gentile to follow the Lord when he first has to choose us?
How do the Jewish believers expect to cover their sins without the blood sacrifices?
My friend is an ex-skinhead and recently saved. However, he is having a hard time letting go of his old ideaology about Jewish people. What can I do?
When did the Hebrew/Israelites start to be called Jewish?
I am not Jewish; my husband was. Israel now considers people to be Jewish if their mother was. When did this change from Biblical geneology?

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