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Did Adam and Eve go to Hell or Heaven?
Why can't Catholic priests get married?
Does the "Gospel of Thomas" correctly coincide with the scriptures?
I read that Peter was most likely crucified upside down. Is this true, what would be the actual cause of death?
When did the Catholic Church get started?
What does evangelistic protestant mean?
Who were the early church fathers? Which of their writings are most significant for a lay person?
Where can I find information about kings and emperors trying to destroy Christians and our Bibles?
Can anyone use "Laying of Hands" for healing or is it just for chuch elders?
What do you think happened to the Disciple's families when they went to follow Jesus. Their wives and families, who provided for them? I thought of this question, after seeing a promo for the discover channel regarding this issue.
How did Paul die?
What does the Episcopal church believe? How is Calvary different?
What is preterism and how did it get started? Is it orthodox?
I would like more history on Calvary Chapels. Who founded this organization, when and why?
Why do we have church buildings when they were orginally created by Constantine?
The Saints (Statues) that are in the Roman Catholic churches, were they real people at one time? Are they mentioned in the Bible? Example St. Barbara, St. Martin etc...If not, were these Saints made up?
What was Jesus doing in the heart of the earth for 3 days when he was crucified?
Are there writings by Paul and/or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that are documented in history, but not considered "inspired scripture?" I'm thinking that since they are writers that they must have recorded events of the day and letters in addition to the writings that were God-inspired for inclusion in the Bible. If so, how do I get ahold of the writings? Just curious, would love to read them. cu
Is there any documentation as to when the Catholic church started traditions such as praying to Mary and Purgatory? If these weren't apostolic traditions, how did the Catholic church get so far off?
I'm new in the Word, and my boyfriend is Catholic. He came to church with me, and after church he said he can't see why I go to Calvary becuse the Pastor has no authority because Jesus gave authority to first priest in John: 22, I think that’s what he said. Then he asked me “What is the difference between you & your Pastor? I didn’t know what to say. I don’t want to fight about this, but I was hoping to find Scripture that gives a Pastor authority, and then I can show him. I’m very new in Word, but I believe in the Word and what it says. I’ve been to Catholic Church with my boyfriend many times, and at one point I was taking classes wondering "is Catholic faith right for me"? It became clear very fast that it wasn’t for me shortly after I was saved. I have been blessed with Calvary. Calvary teaches the Word, and I love it! I love that I can look in the Bible and see it for myself... someone’s not just telling me. Thank you for your time & help. God Bless April
How can Jesus be part of the line of David, if Joseph was not his biological father. (Isaiah 11:1; Rev. 5:5; Matt 1:16)
Is it true that Joseph of Armiathea is Jesus' great uncle and did he bring the Holy Grail and part of the crown of thorns to Glastonbury Abby in England after the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ?

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