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When is Grace upon Grace on the Radio?
Why are children dedicated to the Lord?
How big is the church campus?
When will the pool, spa and new auditorium that was promised by pastor Mark be built?
Who are the Elders of Calvary Community Church?
How many people does the Sanctuary seat?
Where is the Bookstore?
What are the Church Office Hours?
Do the Pastors offer counseling?
Do you have a statement of beliefs?
How do I become a member of Calvary?
When are the worship services?
How many members does Calvary have?
Where is the greatest ministry need at Calvary?
Where do I take my High School student?
Are there programs for my children and teenagers?
Where can I read about J. Mark Martin?
Where can I read about Dan Holgate?
Who is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Community Church?
Does Calvary have adequate nursery facilities?
Is there a Prison Ministry at Calvary?
Why does Calvary have clowns?
What kind of “fellowship getaways” does the church have?
What is the Church email address?
Do you baptize babies?
What is Calvary Community Church about?
If I have already received Christ and have been baptized by immersion in another independent or denominational church, will I have to be baptized again to be a member of Calvary?
Who are the Assistant Pastors of Calvary Community Church?
Are jeans and t-shirts acceptable?
Where is the Coffee Shop?
What are the coming events?
Where can I read about Mike Benjamin?
When will the new campus on Bell Rd. be opened?
How do I get info on Halloween?
Why are the chairs in the side sections in the sanctuary always blocked off? Could the late arrivers not be seated there so as to not distract others when they arrive?
Why doesn't Calvary fly an American flag?
Does the church have a prayer list?
What is the physical address of Calvary Community Church?
How can I get involved here at Calvary?
Where can I listen to Pastor Mark's teaching online?
When will services begin at the Calvary North campus location?
How can I learn more about all the elders?
Who are the Associate Pastors of Calvary Community Church?
Where is room 209 located? I'm interested in the college-age ministry.
Do you have sign language interpreters?
I am a member of Calvary and would like to join a bible study. I live in Sun City and the only times that work for me are Sunday, late morning or early evening. Thanks to all of you for touching my life for God
Bible Study
I love to worship through singing. Does your church ever offer a worship only singing hour of any type?
I know there is a Back to School drive going on. How do I get to know what supplies to get for this, what i mean is I need a list of supplies to get so I can donate to a good cause.

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