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In John 11:33, it says Jesus groaned in the spirit and was troubled. Is He troubled because He does not want to see Mary so sad or for other reasons?
If God promises his children to supply all their "needs" why are there true believers that do not have food, water, shelter? I am not talking about "wants" rather basic "needs". Does God promise to supply the believers "needs" and if he does not then what does that mean?
God's promise of supply
What is the significance of the number 70 in the Bible? There are 70 palm trees, 70 sons, 70's an odd number and it keeps popping up all over the Bible.
In study my Finis Dakes King James Bible, I've noticed his commentaries different from that of Calvary teaching. Namely, that one could lose their salvation. I don't happen to concur with his conclusion. What is your take on his Bible translation in particular?
finding myself reading/listening some teaching from our Jewish fellowmen am I in trouble? Here is an example: when learning some Hebrew came across some questions what is the difference between Banim and yeladim as well as l'olam and ad olam?
What is the difference between believing in, & believing on Jesus Christ?
How is one to know which interpretation of the Bible is correct?
Where in the Bible does the word Pastor appear?
How can David be called a friend of God when he had so many wives? God gave one wife to one man in the garden of Eden, why was the fact that he had more than one wife not sin?
The Bible states where two or more are gathered, God is present. Does that mean that if I am alone God is not present?
God's presence
I am troubled with Luke 14:26, is there a misinterpretation there or do you think Jesus really said it that way?
When ever I see some pictures depicting the crucifixtion of Jesus there is I.N.R.I on the cross what does it mean?
Please explain Ephesians 1:3-6, does this mean we are predestined by God wether we are saved or not and do not have a free will? Are we once saved always saved or can we fall away from Grace?
When Jesus resurrected did He visit his mother?
I know Baal was worshipped in early Biblical days but what or who was Baal? Is he worshipped today?
where on the internet can you read explanations regarding a particular verse? example psalm139:14
What does it mean when the Bible says,"the sins of the fathers will visit upon their sons and daughters?
What are your recommendations for studying the Bible: i.e. websites, books, or software?
What is the difference between "Bible studying" and "Bible devotionals". How would you incorporate both on a daily basis?
What did Jesus mean in Luke 12:49?
When fasting, is it OK to have communion?
I've heard Pastor Mark say, "if you don't hear the pages of the Bible flipping when attending a church then that is not a healthy church". I don't agree with that; our church projects the verses on the screen, but we also encourage personal and small group Bible study. Could this be more of a traditional preference rather than a Biblical position, like not attending a church if the pastor doesn't wear a tie?
What difference does it do to pray if God knows what is going to happen and how it will all end anyway?
Is there someplace in the Bible where Jesus himself tells us it is OK to eat any type of food?
Can you recommend a good Bible Commentary?
Was Mary a virgin after the birth of Christ? Please provide a scriptural reference.
I have a question about the Hebrew and Greek the Bible is written in. When I read a Strong's Concordance, it gives definitions of the Hebrew and Greek. Who decides the authoritativeness of the definitions? I have always wonder about this! Are there ancient Hebrew and Greek instruction manuals that Luther or Tyndale used and the men that came in the centuries before them used? Or was the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek passed down from teacher to student? What is the most authoritative instruction in Biblical Greek and Hebrew? I know the history of Bible translations, the difference between Byzantine and Alexandrian, but I have never read nor can I find an answer to this question. God bless your ministry!
In Rev 19:7-9, do all believers participate in this wedding? It says if you are invited. I was told that once you are in heaven, only certain believers in heaven will receive an invitation and some believers will not be invited, is this true?
When the apostles asked Jesus about the restoration of the kingdom of Israel in Acts 1 vs 6 what passages in the Old Testament or any of Jesus's teachings made them ask this question?
In my Sunday school class we are learning about when the books of the bible were written... What does AD and BC state for exactly and why does before Christ go backwards in time and after foward in timeline?
I need info on Rahab, the prostitute. Could this have linked her to working in the temple for the Canaanite worship rituals of Ba'al or was she an innkeeper? Where can I find more of a background of Rahab? Thanks.
The Bible says faith is substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not yet seen, how do you explain this?
Did God ever directly talk to people or was it always the preincarnate christ?
Hi! I was trying to find the sermon that Mark taught last weekend (the weekend before Ressurection Sunday) and was at the bookstore last night, but they were out of them. I got on the internet today to order the message and it was yesterday's. How do I order a message on CD from a past weekend? Thanks!
I have read that Jesus's name was actually Joshua. That we have a problem translating his name from Aramaic and Greek into the English language. Is this true?
In Jeremiah 31:9, who is Ephraim?
What is the point of Jacob wrestling with the man in Genesis 32:24? This really surprised me as I was reading through the chapter.
I heard mention of 'doctrines of demons.' What might they be specifically in our current world?
Where can I find information outlining the Dead Sea Scrolls?
where can i attend a calvary bible college
What are your beliefs about prayer cloths and placing your hand on the imprint on the computer of a certain prophet or pastor for healing and prayer requests.
In Genesis 5 Pastor Mark taught the names(of patriarchs) interpreted spelled out the plan of salvation??? Thanks!
In Exodus Chapter Nine, how did Egypt keep getting cattle? In 9:6 the Lord killed all the cattle, again in 9:19-25 all the cattle were killed?
I cant find my notes on Pastor Mark's commentary on Rev Ch 5 where Jesus is given the scroll. I remember he taught that it was the deed to the earth . I cant find the notes that support that idea, and it came up in bible study this week. Can you send me his reasoning for the scroll being the deed to the earth? Thanks! PK:0)
What was pre-Israelite Jericho (I know it was the City of Palms and was like an oasis) like - and how did they hear of God's miraculous for the Israelites that gave them such a fear? Thanks.
Are Mark 13:20 and Revelations 20:7 Related? Since God has given Satan this 7 years (the tribulation) and that time is cut short will God allow Statn to return after the 1000 year reign of Christ to fulfill the exact number of days given since his time was cut short?
I always, always appreciate when Pastor Mark expands on the deeper greek meaning for the words used in the bible. Can you recommend a text that would help me to be able to do the same thing?
Do you have any recomendations for a teenage boy who would like to do devotions but we are struggling with waht type of devotionals to use for a teenanger. He loves the airforce, are there devotionals you could recomend to him? Thank you so much!
I am wanting to learn to teach Bible studies and lead small groups. What is the best way for me to get the training I need to make this possible?
My Bible records Matthew 18:15-20 as one paragraph. I understand verses 15-17. What does verse 18 mean? And how do verses 18-20 fit together with verses 15-17?
Why did God assign the number 666 as the number of Man? What is the significance of this number? Thank you!
I understand that the sacrificial system in the Old Testament shows us our position before God (apart from Christ) and much of the symbolizm in the offerings that Jesus fulfilled, but what was the purpose of the priests being commanded at times and allowed at times to eat portions of the offerings and only in a holy place? It seems that when the systems was running properly that would be a lot of food. How much if any were they allowed to take home and what did they do with all those skins? Also can you recommend a commentary that explains how this system operated ( how many animals were they sacrificing and what did they do with all the blood etc. ) and what it symbolized in more depth.
I have been going through the Way of the Master website recently and am very interested in their bible study course they offer. Does Calvary have a position on whether this is a good study course?
The gospels are the story of Jesus life, but from 4 different point of views, right? In different books of the bible, is the red writing Jesus talking right then and there while he is present with the people, or is it the things he said while he walked the earth and the people are just remembering what He said?
I have always been in the "pre-trib camp" and I know Pastor Mark seems to be from his sermons, but I have a question about a couple passages in Matthew. Do the following passages give any weight to a post-trib belief? Matthew: 13:30 "let them both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvestors; First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into the barn." verses 38-43 explains it more, but it seems to indicate a mutual harvest of weeds and wheat. My only explanation is this is talking about the end of the tribulation. What is your take on the passage?
The bible refers to the Lake of fire as the second death ,is that hell and also why does that which is already dead die again?
Who does the rider on the white horse in Rev 6 represent?
In the new testament the city of DAvid is referring to Bethlaham but in the Old testamnet Jerusalem is referred to the city of DAvid numerous of times. Why is?
Why did God command the Jews going into the promised land to kill all the people (wasn't it woman and children too)? I know they didn't want to mix with there beliefs and idols, but is this a loving God? Also, would God command someone to do this today, and if not, why not.
I have heard recently that Salvation is a process; a three step one requiring justification, sanctification and finally glorification. We do not have salvation until we are glorified. Will you help me understand this "process" if it is one? Thanks
Who wrote the remaining 77 Psalms?
For many years, I attended a United Pentecostal Church with very strict guidelines. In addition, they believe to be saved you HAVE to follow ACT 2:38 to the tee with the evidence of speaking in tongues with without, you could not be saved. Also, their doctrine is so strict that it is very hard to get away from it and feel OK with anything else. I try so hard to do everything right and know I am not in any way perfect. It seems this background has had some long term negative effects on my life. What can I do to get around this. I pay tithe and offerings, but I am so sad in my heart about life life. I have lost it all and cannot get my arms around anytihng. Why has this happened to me, and what can I do? I just seeem to be depressed and can not seem to find the joy people talk about. I fear I will never be able to go to heaven no matter how hard I try.
Where is the verse in the Bible that describes the physical condition of Christ when He was nailed to the cross?
Are there any colleges that have Biblical study courses. Is it ok to take a world religion class if the motive is to find out why others believe what they do and how to present Christ with a stronger argument?
I would like to know, because I have read them,"The Nostics from Nag Hamadi, I am not sure of the correct spelling, but these suposovly where found by a sheep hearder or something. i have read I believe 5 of the lost gospels. Are these authentic are they really the written words of Christ and should they be concidered Gospel like the gospels found in our Bible?? Please if you can shed the light on these so Called lost books of the bible. Thank-you, AnthonyCarfiello
I would like to memorise a few scriptures. Do you have a top ten to recommend?
I am reading in the book of 2 kings.Throughout several passages in the scriptures it mentions -The Book Of The Chronicles of Kings Of Judah and The Book Of the Chronicles Of Kings Of Israel. Are those Books available for reading and how would I get them?
In The Book of 2 kings it is mentioned several times that sevral of the kings did not depart from the sin of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who made Isreal sin. What is the significance here and why is this particular king mentioned so often ? Reference 2 kings 15:9
Pastor Mark was commenting on how long hair for men in the 1st century was considered shameful. Most depictions of Jesus show Him (in my opinion) with rather long hair. Was Jesus' hair considered long, or am I mistaken?
Today Pastor Mark mentioned a men's bible study to be held on Tuesday nights at 7:30 PM but I don't see it on the calender. Can you let me know what campus and if I have to register.
I do not mean to be legalistic, but what do you think should be the response of a Christian woman whose husband (who is not a believer) has directly said he does not want any of the family’s money going to the church? Should she plead with her husband to be able to give, sneak and give behind his back, or simply submit to her husband's wishes? I know wives should submit to their husband’s authority unless they are asking her to do something immoral, illegal or wrong, but I do not know if “not giving” would fall in that category. Thank you.
Was Jesus born about around 7 BC under the reign of Herod the Great as Matthew states, or was Jesus born about 6 AD under the reign of Quirinius, long after Herod the Great had died as Luke contends?

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