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Do you believe and practice being filled with the Holy Ghost, and speaking in tongues?
Are their other pastors besides Raul Ries that come from minority ethnic backgrounds other than Caucasian, in Calvary Chapel affiliated churches?
I used to live in Phx. and go to the best church ever, yours... do you have a sister church in Fort Worth Texas?
I just visited Calvary for the first time and loved it. However,I did not see any Crosses displayed, why not?
I have family/friends who keep telling me Calvary is a cult type church and I should stop attending. Is this true?
Why doesn't CCC let go of associate pastors to plant new Churches like Costa Mesa?
What are the main differences between Calvary Community Church and the beliefs of the Baptist Church? You stated doctorine wise, not a lot...practice...a lot. What differs in your practices.
What type of music is included in Calvary's worship services?
How does one receive communion at Calvary? Must one be a member of Calvary to receive communion?
What is Calvary's doctrinal statement?
Can a Calvary Chapel also be a Purpose Driven Church modeled after Rick Warren's Saddleback Church?
I was baptized as an infant by my parents, and again as a teenager when I personally asked Christ into my life. Why do I need to be baptized a third time to become a member of Calvary? Doesn't that trivialize the true purpose/meaning of baptism?
What is considered inappropriate clothing to wear to Calvary?
Why did pastor mark choose to appear on "Praise the Lord?" Does that mean Calvary has opened the door to those types of partnerships? I thought that particular channel was not appropriate to watch because of all the false teachers it broadcasts.
What does the acronym L.O.V.E stand for?
I heard Pastor Mark preach about making your home a sanctuary and he mentioned having an altar in your home. Do you have any guidleines for an altar? I'm at a loss as how to begin.
What could the members of Calvary Community Church give to Pastor Mark to show their appreciation for him? What would he like the most?
Would you please explain why communion is not served on Sunday mornings during the service?
I'm lost in your new Ask Calvary format. I see there are 200+ questions in the General area but I don't see all the questions. The same with the other categories. How do I see all the questions like we used to be able to? All I see are the Top Ten and the Most Recent Additions. Thanks!
We joined Calvary many years ago, and now are back. Are we still members of calvary?
What is the truth about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and God's manifistations of the Spirit for today? How do we practice them?
Who in the church do I talk to reguarding serving God through ministry and missions?
Does Calvary have christian counseling services available?
Does your church have an outreach to Native Americans here in Phoenix?
I have started attending sanctuary not too long ago and I enjoy it, but I'm taken back at guys wearing their hats during the service. What is Calvary's view on that? Is it ok to take off your hat for the Pledge of Allegiance but not for church?
How is Calvary different from charismatic or Pentecostal churches?
May I send a check for payment and get on a mailing list for tapes?
How can I listen to Pastor Mark's recent teachings on Revelation?
What book does Pastor Mark recommend about the four Gospels?
What translation does Pastor Mark use?
I attend a Foursquare Church because where I live doesn't currently have a Calvary Chapel. I wanted to know if there is anything I should know about Foursquare that makes them different.
I am considering homeschooling my children, does Calvary Chapel have support groups for homeschooled children?
How does the church government operate? Is this church accountable to other Calvarys or are it's operations independent?
Does Calvary Community Church have private counseling available?
What is Calvary's guide for reading the Bible in a year?
What Scriptures support the dedication of babies to God as practiced by Calvary Community Church?
Do you minister to people that are in prison?
Can I please get more information on the Calvary Outreach Ministry With Child (to get involved)?
Can you please explain Calvary Community's position on women serving in ministry and what guidelines or limitations you place on women and what capacities they can serve in.
I want to get baptized at your church. Should I become a member first? What does it mean to become a member?
I was just wondering if calvary has some sort of service that helps people find roomates? I live in Phoenix, AZ and don't really trust the apartments to help me find a Christian Roomate.
I have read Calvary Community's Statement of Faith and want to verify that Calvary believes we cannot lose our salvation? If this is true, is it also true of Calvary Chapel?
Does CCC have daycare? If not, is it a future consideration?
Do you provide videos of the Baptism services?
I have moved to Surprise AZ and was wondering if you could recommend a good church out here?
How do I have to dress to attend Calvary Community Church?
My husband and I have been attending Calvary for almost 2 months now and want to find out how to become a member.
Can you research a U2 song called "YAHWEH" on their newest album? Is it something we can sing as worship?
How do I become a Home Bible Study Leader?
What do you wear at Calvary when getting baptized?
I am a member of Calvary Community; I need to know what the four things you look for in a church? I have heard Pastor Mark talk about that many times, I can't find where I wrote that info down. Please help, it's for a friend. Thanks.
Hello, I was wondering if you ever have job openings at Calvary. Is there a way of knowing when a position needs to be filled? Thank-You
With a church this size and still growing will you someday send one of the calvary pastors out to plant a church in the valley. I have had a chance to hear them teach and they all are great teachers. I would love to be plugged in more but live in Surprise and it is sometimes hard. It would be awesome to find a great church with great teaching closer.
What is Freedom Fellowship? I know it's a class you have on Wednesday's but I'm not sure what it is about?
Does Pastor Mark offer advice or counsel to other pastors wanting to start churches here in the valley?
Can I dedicate my daughter at Calvary if I am not a member?? If so, how do I go about doing that and when or how often do you do them?
A family member of mine hates calvary because "our bookstore sells propaganda related to other religions," and says that is very wrong. She is a very devout catholic.
What is CCC's standing on the new movie "The Passion Of Jesus Christ"?
Why doesn't Calvary consider family services where we can choose to bring our young children (3 and under)?
Are there any plans for a trip to Israel in the next year or two?
I am interested in joining a local MOPS group at another church, just wondering if you had any thoughts or information on the group. Also I would love it if Calvary started a moms group!!!
Are there any guitar classes that I can take at Calvary?
Do you have a VBS program scheduled this summer? If so, what are the dates, times, cost?
What are the exact words to the blessing that Pastor Mark gives after every service and what is the verse to it?
Do you know when the church on Bell Rd will be opening? I haven't really heard much or if it had been address and just missed it. Thank You
Does Calvary provide a way to tithe online?
Who is helped by the Manna Ministry? If it is only Members of Calvary, what is the reasoning for that?
Does Calvary participate in VBS and if not, why?
How do you teach and minister for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
What is your music program like? Do you have a place for professional violinists?
Why doesn't Calvary allow babies in the worship service?
Is Calvary Com. Church only giving to CCNOLA and not also to Aid for all there? We have given to CCNOLA
Do you have to dress a certain way to dress at your church?
Who do I contact for singles' events?
What are the main differences between Calvary Community Church and the beliefs of the Baptist Church?
I now live in California and want to give you a change of address. How can I do that?
Does Calvary have overseas missions to help orphans?
If your senior pastor wanted another pastor to leave because of "differences" in teaching, how would you handle that with the congregation?
What are some instances when church discipline is necessary and what forms of discipline are used?
Why does the Calvary website end with ".com" instead of ".org"? It was my understanding that Calvary was a non-profit organization. Just curious :)
At anytime during your services do you request or require that your members or visitors join hands, whether it be for prayer or any other reason?
Where can I find information on getting involved on a mission trip?
Is Calvary going to provide the Arizona voters guide this year for those who want to make an educated vote for Christ at the poles?
Is it possible to have a printed copy of our worship songs to take home so we can worship at home? Many times the tune comes to me but not the words to the song. Not a printed book, just a paper. Thank you
Does Calvary have a program like MOPS and do they offer Vacation Bible School?
I would like to know what your demoninational affiliation is. Are you associated with I.F.C.I.? Which is Independent Fundamental Churches International, formerly known as Independent Fundemental churches of America.Are you a true "Bible Church"?
I want to buy a Bible and want to get the version Pastor Mark uses during his teaching. What version is it? And is it available at the Book Store?
I found this site while looking for the song Give me one pure and holy passion" I need permission to use it.
Is there a way to look up previous Gracemail's?
What sort of activities do you have for the Jr. and Sr. High groups outside of Sunday morning services? Is your main objective for the Jr and Sr High groups teaching, or numbers? When do you promote, at the begining of summer, or the end?
Do you have a college fellowship, or do you know of any Calvary Chapel in the area that does?
I've heard that the Foundations class is for "new believers". Is that true? Is it open to anyone?
I've heard about a group or a class called Fusion, I was just wondering when and where they meet?
What is the name of the women's group at Calvary that specifically does active local charity work?
I live in Detroit and would like to watch the PAX broadcast. I cannot find it on their lineup. Does PAX have a national schedule or is it just shown locally there? What is the name of the program?
How is Calvary different from American Baptist Church?
What age group is the "Focus" singles fellowship?
It would be cool to have the Calvary bookstore online for purchases. Any plans for that in the future?
Do we have a constitution and by-laws?
I am a new mom wishing you had a group for support for moms. I attend a MOPS group at another church but would love it if you statrted a group!!
Any plans for podcasting Grace Upon Grace?
What time does the Jr. High meet on Wednesday nights?
Do you or would you have a hiking club? Maybe even have Bible studies out in the wilderness?
Why is there singles fellowship and what takes place?
I would like to get a new belivers packet and I don't see the link to to so can you please direct me to where I need to go thanks
What is Calvary's view on speaking in tonges? Do they encourage this among believers?
Do you assist the orphans?
Do you have a sister church in Fargo ND that has a prison outreach. My young nephew is unsaved and is unreachable by family members.
When do you have altar calls during your services and what exactly do you ask the new believer to do? Do you lead them in a sinners prayer?
Will the older messages eventually be converted to MP3 ?
My son is looking for a church but wants to know how you teach and minister the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as well as speaking in tongues. Please help. Thanks.
My boys ages 6 and 8 yrs are nervous to attend a new church, could you please tell me what goes on during the children ministry on sat nights so they know what to expect. Any info would be helpful!! God Bless
I"ve read your FAQ's and noticed you had two sections for tatoos. One seemed to say one thing, that it's your choice and you need to pray about it before you make that decision. The other one seems to be admantly against tatoos. Can you tell me which is the standing of the Church. I'm just trying to understand. I have many questions and am struggling to find where I fit in or where I belong.
I hope I am not wasting your time, but I would like to know what the daily Morning Watch is, or is about? Bible study? I am interested. Thank you, GOD bless.
What channels are Sunday's services on?
What is the name of the Max Lucado book Pastor Mark quoted this morning in service? 01/13/08
I get your e-mail at work everyday and enjoy it very much, I'm just wondering what city and state you are located in? I do not see it in the e-mail anywhere. Do you have a sister church in Minnesota?
Any clue why I've not been able to see or hear Calvary on Channel 27 for a couple of weeks?
Why are there no services on Christmas day? It seems that this would be a particularly important day to worship together and then have time with family/friends. Are there services on Easter Sunday?
Is there any way to download the Calvary radio to my mp3 player?
Recently when we had a guest speaker he offered a training session for the afternoon. I was unable to go because i didn't have a baby sitter. I really would have liked to see this training. Why wasn't this broadcast online? I understand if the media dept. didn't have advance notice for preparation. Other than a staff issue was there some reason that it was not offered online. I appreciate the opportunity to view online the BEST CHURCH EVER!
Aloha! My wife and I and our 5 kids are planning on moving to the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii within the next 11 months. Can you please rec a Calvary-like church in Kauai?
When is communion served at Calvary Church?
Why don't you have children in the service?

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