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Is there a Calvary Chapel in my area?
What is the difference between an associate pastor and an assistant pastor?
How does one become a pastor at Calvary?
What do you think about a Calvary Chapel that has Holy Spirit nights? And the pastors says that everyone can speak in tongues, all they have to do is open their mouths?
Are you affiliated with Calvary Chapel Churches?
Are 'prophetic utterances' and speaking in tongues ever expressed or heard in any type of setting at Calvary? I have no criticism of your balanced approach, I am just sincerely confused. Can you explain?
Why was Pastor Mark on TBN?
What is Calvary's relationship to Hank Hanegraaff? (His teaching,...etc.
I was told by a friend that calvary churches believe that we dont have free will we are all destined to heaven or hell that if a baby dies he or she would possiably be sent to hell if that is there destiny is this really what you believe?
What is Calvary position on the 5 points of Calvinism? If you disagree with any of the points which ones and why. Thanks for your time
Is Calvary Community Church a "non-denominational" church? If so, what does that mean?
Does the Phoenix area have a Calvary Chapel Spanish service? If so, which location?
I am not a 'new' believer, but have renewed my faith. I am confused on where to start studying the Bible and if there are any classes (Bible) that are interacting? Any suggestions?
What is the process to get a Calvary Chapel Church established in our area? We live in a thirsty area where people travel far for a good church.
How do Calvary Chapels view the teachings of Steve Arterburn, Henry Cloud and John Townsend as they relate to a) the Calvary movement and b) the Christian faith?
I have recently become aware that there are some Calvary Chapels that may be advocating some practices of the "emergent church" movement. I have read Pastor Chuck's statement on this, but also know that some Calvary pastors for whom I have great respect have leanings toward this movement. Does Calvary Community have a position on the emergent church and/or can you comment on whether any Calvary affiliates should or should not be involved in it? Thanks so much.
I have been hearing about Chuck Smith's new book "When Storms Come" and how it has a lot of New Agey stuff in it. References to Anthony De Mello quoting Hindu masters, Tai Chi style breathing techniques and kabbalist Lawrence Hoffman. I have read all Chuck Smith's books; what is going on? That does not sound like the Calvary Chapel I know.
How is Calvary different from charismatic or Pentacostal churches?
Is there a church like Calvary located in the Tucson area? My husband is in the military and we live on base. We have been unable to find a good Bible-based church. Please help!
What are Calvary's views on "giving up" something for Lent.
Are there any Calvary Churches near my town?
Pastor Mark's history of coming out of cultic teaching is very interesting.Does he have a tape of his testimony?
There are some beautiful old hymns but we seldom sing them. They are easy to sing and have such a beautiful message. Could we sing some of them maybe, one or two a month?
Why doesn't Calvary observe the Lenten season?
Why isn't there a Calvary Chapel Church in Westminster, Maryland?
I used to live in Phx. and go to the best church ever, yours... do you have a sister church in Fort Worth Texas?
Would Calvary consider a Bible College program like the Tempe Calvary is doing?
I understand that your Senior Pastor was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist. I was also. I would be interested to hear his story and understand what beliefs he continues to espouse and which beliefs he has "left behind".
What are Calvary's views toward the Christian Exodus movement?
I'm looking for a new church and believe you can tell all about a church by it's Christian Education Department. I can't find anything about it on your website. Do you even have a children's department?
A good friend of mine lives in Lakeland, Florida; Lakeland is between Tampa and Orlando. Is there a Calvary Community Church or Calvary Chapel near by? Or do you have a recommendation for another church?
If I need the church to pray for me, how can I let my need be known?
Is it right for a church staff member to kick someone out of the church for no apparent reason?
Are these questions and answers for the beliefs of the Calvary Chapel organization?
Does Calvary's copyright license allow you to list the titles of songs sung at each service? It would be nice to know the name of a song and maybe the artist’s name we want to purchase a CD?
What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
The Calvary Chapel site does not contain the info on how to start an affiliate church, is the info available somewhere else?
Which version/translation of the bible does Pastor Mark use during his sermons on Sunday mornings?
Does Calvary have any home Bible studies in Spanish?
One of our worship songs includes the lyrics "the ocean is it comes". Sorry, but, i dont understand. Must be based on a scipture I am not aware of.
What is Calvary Community's view on the house church movement?
My husband and I are desperate to find a Calvary Chapel or Community Church in North Carolina. As there are MANY churches here with this name we can not locate the precious worship we experienced and loved in Phoenix. We are in the Durham, Wake Forest, Raleigh area.

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