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What does Calvary believe about allowing a woman to speak in the church?
Mark 13: 30 - This generation will not pass away before all these things take place...... That generation has passed away ??? Not all those things have taken place ???
How old do you have to be to volunteer to work in the Children's Ministry?
Have you considered generating an on-line "Classified Ads" section on your web-site? Possibly addressing: Help Wanted, Job Needed, Items for sale, Items wanted, House/Apt for rent. etc. I know there is a folder in the church office for House/Apt. rentals (could be more readily available via the website?)
Does Calvary support the teachings of David Reagan?
I recently posted on Ask Calvary. I recieved an email a couple of weeks later saying my question and the answer was posted on this site. However I am unable to find either my question or your answer because the site only lists the most FAQ. How do I see ALL the questions that have been asked? I am still waiting to read the answer to my original question.
Was Calvary the name of the hill where the cross was? Was it called Calvary before Jesus was put on the cross?
Do you write the answers to questions and only post it here? do you also reply to the questioners email address?
What is the prayer that Pastor Mark says at the end of each service?
Is it necessary to be a "member" of Calvary before being allowed to participate in serving; ie, helping in Sunday School, greeting at the door etc.
Why isn't there a cross in the sanctuary?
The pastor mentioned the book, You've gotta Keep Dancin, by Tim Ansel. Where can I find it?
What denomination is Calvary?
How does Calvary pick their elders?
How many people are in Calvary's youth group?
i have recently accepted God into my heart but have done so only by speaking to myself and Him. i understand there are other ways to "testify" or go to an "altar call" or a "prayer room". please give me more insight... this is a huge step for me.
One of the Tem Commandments say, Remeber the Sabbath, and keep it Holy. The Old testament as well as the Jews say that Saturday and we go to church on Sunday, If we are to follow ALL TEN commandments, then why isn't church on Saturday? Why has it changed and are we wrong bt attending church on Sundays? I have talked to many people who go to church on Sunday but really believe that Saturday is the Sabbath. Can you provide some insight to this.
Is there a way to do my prayer request online?
What book of the Bible did they ask if Jesus paid His taxes before they crucified Him?
I used to watch your program on PAX on Sunday mornings at 6:30am. I have Dish sattelite and I can't seem to find your program on PAX at any time on Sundays. Why is that?
I have only recently listened to Eprayer online and have submitted prayer requests and a praise report. It was said that we should print out eprayer requests.... my question: how does one do that and where is it on your site? So sorry this is such a silly question but I honestly do not know. Another question is: how would one get a list of the different departments at Church and those who work in them (for the Lord) so as to send them a word of encouragement at Church whenever they or their children suffer illnesses or injuries? Or do you encourage that?
What time is Pastor Marks broadcast on 1360 am radio?
What do you think of Rob Bell's new book, "Love Wins?"
I missed Christmas Eve service since I work nights... 2pm to 10:30pm...I there a way I can view it online? Or is it too there a copy in the bookstore for sale? If not maybe a suggestion for next make DVD's available for purchase for special services like Christmas...Last year's service was amazing with the play...I would have loved a copy...
Where can I sign up for a treasure box?
Requst info on this years men's retreat (2010) in Williams, AZ. Thank you. GOD BLESS ! ! !
Archived messages, how can I find them on your website?

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