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What is Calvary's position on addictions such as alcoholism? Is it a disease or a choice that a person makes?
What does Ecclesiastes 7:28 mean? In the New Living translation, it says (paraphrased) that 1 in 1000 men can be considered "up right" while no women are. What does Solomon mean by this?
Are there any biblical interpretations or verses which change the original Sabbath day of Saturday to Sunday or any other day?
How and when did Jeremiah the prophet die?
Why did Jesus take Peter, James and John when He was transfigured? What is important about those three disciples? Will I be wrong if I say He was preparing them for the future because they all ended up working for the Lord?
Where in the Bible does it say Noah was preaching for 120 years while building the Ark?
What does Calvary believe about allowing a woman to speak in the church?
Where in the Bible is it stated that Jesus descended to Hell and set the captives free?
How old was Ruth when she had a child with Boaz?
Where in the Bible does it say Jesus was beaten beyond recognition?
Why were the apocryphal books removed from the KJV bible? Are they a good study tool?
Do you have to have an interpreter when speaking in tongues in your own house?
Was Mary Magdalene the same Mary that poured the oil on Jesus' feet and washed His feet with her tears? Or was it Mary the sister of Martha? Was either of those Mary's the woman who was almost stoned for the sin of adultery?
What does Calvary Community church think about the Recovery Version Bible, I got a free New Testament send to me thru the mail. It's distributed by a group of christians that call themselves the Lord's Recovery or the "local church" Some family members have gotten involved with them and I don't know what to think.
What is the best study Bible?
I am currently discussing with relatives how to get to heaven. They are not doubting what we believe, if the "bible were true". The problem is that they don't believe the bible to be God's word. They are mentioning that other religions have their own books, so they don't want to accept the bible as our truth. I don't know how to answer this, knowing full well that I can't make them believe waht I want - only God can.
What does it really mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit?
Should Divorced Christians get remarried?
Is a picture of Jesus considered a graven image? Or idol? In referance to the second commandment. You shall not make for yourself an idol
Does the Garden of Eden still exist on Earth? The Bible doesn't say it was destroyed. Could it be possible that it's still here, but hidden from man's eyes?
During the 40 years that the Israelites were in the wilderness, God fed them manna, so where did they get the flour and oil to make the sacrifrices?
finding myself reading/listening some teaching from our Jewish fellowmen am I in trouble? Here is an example: when learning some Hebrew came across some questions what is the difference between Banim and yeladim as well as l'olam and ad olam?
Did Jesus die on a tree,a pole or a cross as we know it?
In the Transfiguration, how did Peter know that it was Moses and Elijah standing with Jesus? What is the significance of these two men appearing with Jesus? Why did Peter want to build three booths?
What does Pastor Mark mean by "Father filtered" when talking about trials or things a Christian experiences? Where can I find scripture to back this up?
The Catholic Bible has more books than the Protestant Bible. Most Catholics believe that Christians took books out of the Bible, and most Christians believe that the Catholics added books to the Bible. Who is right???
What exactly is the kingdom of God when Jesus uses the phrase throughout the gospels. It seems like one time its something physical and another time, it's figurative.
Are there any modern day prophets?
What is Petra?
If Moses did die; how come he appears at the Transfiguration? Before Christ death the dead weren't resurrected. Was Moses raptured? See Jude 9.
In response to the question,"Did Jesus to to hell after dying on the cross?", Luke tells us that He went to Paradise that day. So, when did Jesus take the keys to death & hell?
Jesus said except a man be born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. Are Abraham, Isaac, David, and other patriachs born again?
What does the Bible have to say about acupuncture?
Can you tell me where in the Bible it talks about the second cup? Can you also tell me, at the Last Supper, is there anything that shows the 4 cups you talk about"?
Why do the dead have to rise and be taken to Heaven if the souls are already there?
Rev 6 talks about the antichrist wearing a stephanus crown. Twice I have heard that only Jesus can wear the diadem. If this is true, what is up with Rev 13?
Where in the Bible does it say that all Scripture is inspired by God?
Where in the Bible does it state that God did not create hell for Christians?
Was the Apostle John related to Jesus such as a cousin?
What does Paul mean when he says God's strength is made perfect in our weakness?
Could you please explain Matthew 18:34-35 for me?
Where does the Bible indicate that there are no more apostles? And who are the 12 apostles mentioned in Rev. 21:14?
What is the meaning of the word that is translated to glutton(y)? Some translations do not even use this word. There seems to be great belief that gluttony refers only to food. Please clarify.
Who is Enoch in the Bible? Why is he not talked much in the Bible?
I have heard more than once that if a person does not have a good relationship with their earthly father that they will not have a good relationship with their heavenly father - is this true? please provide scripture
How does the Bible physically describe Heaven?
Why is it assumed that the Bible is free from error, when it is accepted that the Church, the Bride of Christ is not?
Who arranged the New Testament today as it is? 2 Timothy 3:16 is only talking about the Old Testament right? How do we know the New Testament books are reliable?
Noah woke up from being drunk and knew what Ham had done to him. What did Ham do to him? Why did Noah Curse Ham's son Canaan?
What does the term "Abraham's Bosom" mean?
Noah woke up from being drunk and knew what Ham had done to him. What did Ham do to him? Why did Noah curse Ham's son Canaan?
Are Bible translations other than the authorized KJV not accurate or false?
Does it say anywhere what our approximate age will be in heaven? Do we have only spiritual bodies?
How were the books of the Bible compiled and who decided which books would be put into the Bible?
Were the wise men astrologers? Is there anything in the N/T that says astrology is wrong?
Why did Jesus curse the fig tree on the way to the temple? It wasn't the season for figs, so how could he expect to find any? And why did it make him mad?
A lady at work was telling me she got a book called "The Gospel of Thomas". She said it was written by Jesus while He was on earth. Can you please explain more about this book?
I read that Cain and Abel were born before Adam and Eve sinned. Is that true?
Will the Antichrist KNOW he is the Antichrist?
Where is the verse "an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth"?
Where the disciples born again in John 20:22 of in Acts 2:4? Could you explain?
What does the bible say about weight management?
Who was King David?
Which gospel records the most miracles?
What kind of mark did God put on Cain? Is it true that we are little gods?
Can you please expain Revelation 20:4-7? What does it mean?
My teenage son wants to pierce one of his ears, are there any scripture references to men having earrings?
I believe in abstaining from sexual relations before marraige, but I am concerned with the Bible's teachings on oral sex. Is it immoral or unbiblical?
'all other' things were created by Christ. This is in NWT, RS,NE,JB. I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THESE BIBLES. Tell me about them.
Is it a sin to celebrate Halloween? if so, does the Bible talk about Halloween?
Who was Omri mentioned in the Bible in Micah 6:16?
Is there a book that explains bible customs verse by verse- Pastor Mark explained John:15 using info about vinedressing in Biblical times. I'm looking for reference works. Thanks
Why does the book of Isaiah say that Jesus will be called Immanuel when in fact He was named Jesus?
My husband asked over and over for me to get breast implants, so I finally did. Have I committed a sin?
Does the Bible say how many times Jesus was scourged/flogged? If so where & how many times?
I want to learn more about the meaning / significance of numbers in the Bible specifically number 11. Is there a reference you can recommend or can you help answer my question?
Did Eve have a belly button?
What does the tree of life in Genesis and Revelation represent? Are they the same tree?
What does the Bible say about having close friendships with people who are not Christians? Is it considered being unequally yoked?
Is Mary (Jesus's mother) related (blood line)to King David?
Why was Hell made?
Can you please explain why James 2:24 seems to say something different than Ephesians 2:8-9?
Is ALL scripture (OT & NT) infallible, without error? If so, why is the account of the Centurion different in Matt & Luke?
Verses like Acts 13:48 and Romans 8:28-30 seem to take away free will and say that those who are saved are "presdestined". Please explain how pastor Mark views verses like this.
Was Jesus a Jew, or Just a Judean since he condemned the Jews?
What does the Bible say regarding gambling?
Please explain Old vs New Testament teachings regarding tithing.
Where can I find the scripture(s) that references the new bodies we will receive when we die?
Does the Bible teach that Mary, the mother of Jesus, ascended into heaven?
Who were the twelve disciples present at the Last Supper?
What does the Bible say about paying taxes?
How could people, back in the time before and just after the flood, live to be hundreds of years old? And why can't we live that long now?
What is the act of becoming a new believer rather than believing the Bible?
What is the significance of the number 153 in John 21:11?
How long is a generation?
My friend is in Iraq. His biggest concern, since he has killed enemies, does he go to Hell for killing them. Unfortunately I can't answer him, any help?
What happened to the Ark of the Covenant? When did it disappear? Where do you believe it is now?
I have heard that the marriage supper of the lamb will be during the 7 years of tribulation when we are in heaven. What are the verses that explain this?
Do you have any imformation regarding the Dakes annotated Bible?
Please explain 1Peter3:18-20. Many leaders use this to support a born again in hell Jesus
Pastor Dan mentioned that Wednesday might be the day in which Jesus was crucified. How can this be if Jesus was resurrected on Sunday? Where did he find his information?
Will there be animals in heaven?
I recently saw 'The Passion of The Christ' and at the end the actor portraying Jesus says "It is accomplished" Is this an accurate translation? I have always heard "It is finished."
What is the chronological order of the Bible beginning with Genesis?
Could you explain what "the mark of the beast" is spoken of in Revelation?
Do Jews pray for dead people? If so, why and is there any biblical basis for this?
Is an ordination by mail or online valid and biblical or does it have to be by the laying on of hands?
Do you rely on the GREEK of the Received, Majority or Alexandrian text? Why not the others?
Will the people on earth during the 1000 year reign eat animals?
In regards to spiritual gifts, isn't it possible to have more than one? Please see Matt 25:14-28.
Are the Dead Sea Scrolls God-breathed even though they were hidden for so many years after the Bible was put together?
Where in the Bible does it say the Holy Spirit comforms us to be like Jesus?
Is there any reference in scripture about david's son Nathan who is in the lineage of Jesus in Luke 3-31
If a sin is a sin, then is it equal in God's eyes to steal a candy bar from the store as it is to rape or torture a child?
What is the purpose of the millenium of Christ?
After reading 1 Cor 11, it seems that women should wear acctual head coverings. What do you believe?
I just bought the John McArthur study bible for my son. I thought it was NASB, but when I opened the cover it said NASB (Updated). What is the difference?
What verse is it that says some to the effect of when two people have a problem they bring it to the church or pastor?
Will there be pregnant women at the time Jesus will return? I am curious if child bearing will cease in the end times?????
Is there anywhere in the Bible that says we have the free will to chose to be a christian? I am in a Bible study that says God chose us and we really had no choice in the matter.
I have a neighbor who is trying to tell me that Adam and Eve were NOT the first humans on earth, and this is distressing me. Could you please tell me if my neighbor is right or not?
Is there anything wrong with my children learning about Saint Patrick's Day?
In Revelation 12:10-12, does it mean that Satan is now still allowed in God's courtroom, but not allowed to accuse the elect? If so, why is he allowed there at all not being permenantly thrown out until just prior to the millenium?
Are there any verses in the Bible that say worrying is a sin?
Genesis 11:11-12 crossed refrenced with Luke 3:35-36 is the same geneaology but Cainan is in luke and not in genesis, Why?
Does Colossians 1:24 mean "that our suffering is completing Jesus's suffering on the cross?"
Does the Bible mention the planets? If so where?
In Genesis 32:30, does Jacob literally see God face to face?
In Revelation 12:7-9, when did Michael and his angels cast Satan to the earth, before Adam and Eve were created or after Jesus Christ died and was resurrected?
I know Calvary prefers the NASB for the congregational teaching. How would the English Standard Version compare and what might be some strengths and weakneses of it?
Hi, I've been hearing stories of people having their houses anointed with olive oil, in order to bless it, or keep out spirits of evil. I can't find this practice in the Bible except in reference to either people or the Tabernacle. Is this just a tradition or is there a Biblical basis for this? Many thanks, Todd
If the Gospel of Judas as seen on TV is true; does this change anything?
I have come across different arguments on the topic of wine in biblical times. I was reading that the word wine used in the Bible can refer to fermented or unfermented wine. And that also they could have unfermented wine in those time stay fresh for a pretty long period of time. Do you think that Jesus turned water into wine (fermented) or (unfermented)? And can you tell by the use of the word in its original meaning?
In Genesis 45:23 do you see a representation of the Messiah being born? The only other times donkeys are specified male or female are when they are given as a gift, not carrying THE gift.
How is the difference in gospel accounts of the calling of Andrew and Peter explained?
If Jesus established new covenant, after his death, where do the Ten Commandments end up.. since this law was part of Mose's time?
How can I access the Bible from Calvary's website?
If Adam & Eve were the first people on earth, where did all of the other people come from? Did Adam & Eve's children have children together, and so forth?
Is there a time or reason when a believer in Jesus Christ should not take communion?
Are there different level's in heaven? For instance paridise now and heaven later when the new Jerusalem comes?
Forty is used a lot in the Bible is there a meaning for this number?
Where can I find in the New Testament that homosexuallity is wrong? I know there are versus about sexual immorlaity but is there anything more specific? How can I explain it?
What does the husband of one wife mean to you?
What nation started crucifixion?
My husband is a Jehovah's Witness and believes that the 144,000 witnesses are Jehovah's Witnesses that have gone to heaven already, can you please give me scriptural evidence that these will be Jews who accept Jesus?
Why were slaves allowed in the Bible?
Please Explain Mathew 16:17-19.
What does Jesus say about dating?
Where does the Bible say "God is a Spirit?" or does it?
What did Jesus mean by saying not to cast pearls before swine, or giving the holy to the unholy? Is He explaining his teaching doctrine and why He spoke in parables? How does it apply in life?
My mother is Jewish and she argues that it is difficult for one to believe what the Bible says because "someone" took out certain books. How can I respond to her?
What is God Faith?
I have heard people of the Islam religion say that John 16: 7-17 talks about the prophet Mohammed coming, it is talking about the holy spirit coming to us, right?
Is Lillith really Adam's first wife? Is this a myth?
What does it mean in the Bible when it says if you deny Jesus before men he will deny you before his father in Heaven? Peter denied Jesus three times and he was saved wasn't he?
The Roman Catholic Church has nuns; are they mentioned in the Bible? Priests and Nuns don't marry; is this biblical?
On Sunday April 13th Pastor Mark explained that we should not add to or delete from the Bible. How are we to know which Bible has been added to or subtracted from?
If a women is phyically and emotionally abused by a spouse is that justification for leaving that spouse? Should they stay and continue to pray for relief?
Can you give me biblical references to judging righteously?
Is stigmata in the Bible? Can you explain if it is Satanic or not?
Do I or anyone else have to live the "perfect Christian life" to get a miracle?
If we are born into sin because what happened in the garden, then can you explain Ezekial 28:15?
In the Bible timeline: Question regarding the timeline: Jesus born 6/5 BC. Herod dies 4 BC - Appears that Jesus was 2 when his parents took him back to Israel. Does the BC go backwards? What does the BC and AD mean or stand for? Thanks.
Can you please tell me about Revelation 3:5 and its meaning if salvation cannot be lost?
Is the Bible totally reliable, and how?
What does the Bible say about Christians being good friends and hanging out with members of the opposite sex who suffer from depression and sexual sins. Should we be the light for them or keep our distance.
One of the statements in the in your "Statement of Faith" says of scripture, "It is our only source of authority in matters of faith, conduct and truth." Where is that taught in the bible?
What book of the Bible was the battle of Jericho fought?
What is the difference between Catholics and Christians?
Why is Jesus considered the son of David?
The genealogies in Luke and Matthew seem to be different. In Matthew is says that there were 14 generations from Abraham to David, 14 from David to the deportation to Babylon and 14 from the deportation to the Messiah. This would make for 42 generations. But in the genealogy in Luke there are at least 55 names between Abraham and Jesus. How come?
Is Mary Magdalene & The Adultress the same woman or are they two different women?
Was Jesus born on the 25th of December? If not when?
Can you please list all of the "spiritual gifts" and where is this stated in the bible?
I no longer believe soul sleep but want to know more about what the soul is doing in Heaven?
Why were so many wives allowed one man in biblical time?
Is Easter mentioned in the Bible?
What or who are the seven Spirits of God?
I heard an AOG pastor say that there was no real battle when Satan was thrown out of heaven. He claims God said it and it was done matter-a-factly. Would such a claim be in line with 'Word of Faith' doctrine and is their any scriptural basis for this view?
Is the Torah a separate writing from the Bible or is it a portion of the Bible?
Who wrote the Bible and how was it combined?
I teach at a Christian school and I have students ask me about aliens (the extra-terrestrial type). I don't believe in them. What does the Bible say about this?
Why do most churches worship on Sunday instead of the Sabbath, which is from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, as is commanded in the Old Testament?
If Jesus declared all foods clean in Mark 7 then why in Acts 10 when Peter has his vision of the sheet with the animals in it and the lord says.
Who was Ahab also mentioned in Bible,book of Micah also?
What are the unforgivable sins that will stop you from going to heaven?
What is meant by 2300 days and the temple will be cleansed in the book of Daniel from a historalical context
Concerning the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in 1 Cor 12, what is the difference between a word of wisdom and a word of knowledge? THANK YOU.
Is it true that the Apostle Peter died and was buried in Rome?
During Christ's 1,000 year reign, will the world begin anew? Will there be another Garden of Eden?
Are all Christians supposed to be able to speak in tongues? Was told that I must not be completely Holy Ghost filled since I don't speak in tongues. Need verses to show me.
What is the difference between wanting to follow God's word with being "religious"?
What have you heard about how the word carpenter should be better translated "stone cutter"?
Where in the Bible does it tell the story of Satan "falling" from Heaven? Someone told me that Satan was created evil and that he didn't choose evil. Also I was told that the name "Lucifer" isn't in the Bible.
Please explain 1 Cor 3:12-15
I am doing a research paper and my question is how do the people before Christ(B.C.) get saved?
I've heard that I Cor. 13 is Paul's swan song. Was this written shortly before his death?
What is a good Chronological Bible?
Could you please explain What Jesus is saying in Luke 11:51? Thanks
I was told that there are other books that are referenced in the bible that tell more in depth details about bible scripture. Is this true?
I was speaking to a Jehovah's witness about the Holy Trinity. He said, "if they are seperate then who was Jesus praying to in the garden before his cruxifiction? Himself?" I was stumped. What would your response have been?
Where in the Bible does it say that "everyone" even in the most remote parts of the world will have a chance to accept Jesus as their savior?
why did Jesus say on the cross, Father why have you forsaken me?
Is there any hope when thing have been predestined by God? Like Judas was chosen by God to carry out the plan of salvation by selling Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. If God made this part of His plan, why was Judas condemned?
What do you believe about the doctrine of perfection as taught within the holiness churches?
In James it says that faith without works is dead. Can you please explain?
Do you encourage Sunday to be kept like the Sabbath?
In John 6:56, Jesus says that we have to "drink of his blood" and "eat of his flesh" to become His, what exactly does this mean?
How is it that the first 5 books of the Bible (the Torah) are referred to as the "5 books of Moses" when Moses died well before the end of the 5th book? Thanks.
In addition to Mark 12:18-25, what are some verses about there being no marriage in heaven?
If God was punishing man in the great flood, why were land animals affected and aquatic animals spared? Essentially why did God choose the Flood as the means for this punishment?
I know the old testament prophets warned Israel and other nations, when their behavior was sinful. Everyone knew that the behaviors were not in line with God's will. Then, God would punish those nations. My questions: Did those prophets keep quiet after God brought judgement? Did they wait before shouting "I told you this would happen..."
Where in the Bible does it tell where Jesus was not able to be recognized before being taken to the cross?
How did God decide who would go to Heaven before He sent His Son?
Why are Jesus' last words on the cross different in three of the gospels?
We know that God is not a God of confusion. So why is there so much disagreement on doctrinal issues? Who is right and by what authority?
What type of tree was the cross made from that Jesus was nailed to and where does it say it in the Bible?
Should commentaries be used as a basis for a group Bible study?
On Easter Sunday, with a big rock blocking the entry to Jesus' grave, how did the women think they were even going to get to Jesus' body in order to annoint it?
How does Calvary stand on the so called "Lost Books of the Bible"?
What does the WORD of God say about Interacial marriage
In 1Timothy 6:5 the verse ends with "From such withdraw yourself". This is read in KJV,NKJV, and The Amplified. It is not in NIV,NLT, or NASB. Can you explain why? Thank you for your time, God Bless.
Do I need to believe that Jesus is God to be saved?
what is to be found in the bible about smoking? What is Calvary's view on this habit?
I see a division in the body, many are teaching salvation through grace, many are also teaching that even with grace ,if someone continues in a sin ,he will go to hell. What do you say?
Why was the Old Testament so violent while the New Testament is so loving and forgiving?
Is President Bush's desire to want freedom for all peoples biblical?
Is there a difference in believing that Jesus is God's Son and in accepting Jesus as your Savior? Are both saved?
Who is the man in Mark 14:51-52 who the people tried to grab and he lost his clothes and ran away naked?
Has Heaven and Hell already been created?
Can you explain what is Beulah Land that is found in Isaiah 62:4?
How did Samson know the spirit had left him?
Is the tongues that the apostles received in acts the same as the gift of tongues. I read them as languages? My friend says we have the gift of tongues because we speak spanish. I disagree as it was learned.
Does the Bible ever mention anything in regards to marijuana and if so what?
In Lev 23:26 it says we should keep the day of atonement as a statute forever. Why don't we keep the feasts of the OT?
How do we know that Hosea 11:1 is a reference to Jesus?
During the tribulation that people who are not yet believers will have to take the mark of the beast. Is their any proof in the Bible that the #666 is the actual mark?
What language did Jesus speak?
Why do we find Admin in the genealogy of Mary between Ram and Amminadab (Luke 3:33), but not in Christ’s genealogy as listed in Matthew 1:4?
What is the exact date that Jesus was Crucified?
How should a Christian deal with envy? Is there any Bible verse that regards envy and jealousy?
Jesus told us in His word that we have the power to raise people from the dead! In Matthew 10:8 He makes it a command to his followers. What is your say in this?
Why did Jesus use parables? Since he was speaking in front of mostly uneducated people, did they understand him? If not, what was the purpose of doing so?
Is Gods love unconditional?
Being that the Trinity is 3 seperate persons, The Jehovah Witness believe that God transforms himself into the Son and and then to the Holy Spirit? How can this be if God is 3 seperate persons?
The answer to the question about 'slain in the spirit' in the Bible category isn't appearing. Can you answer this question again, please?
I was told by someone that the soul burns up and is gone after going to hell. Is this true?
What does Calvary Community believe are the gifts of the Holy Spirit (with Scriptural reference)? I saw a couple years ago a chart by Mark Martin, is that still available?
Is Luke 16:16 saying the Last prophet of God was John the Baptist?
What are the 12 disciples names?
Where do I find the names of the 12 Disciples listed?
how accurate is The Message translation?
How will the belivers that will accept Christ during the tribulation be married to Christ?
In John 6: 21, The boat they were in with Jesus was 'immediately' at their destination after He got onto the boat with the disciples. What do you take that to mean? Is it a supernatural thing?
I have some friends that go to Unity Of Phoenix Church and what to know what kind of church it is. The friends I know are gay.
Can your explain "don't cast pearls to swine" and "preach the gospel"?
What do you feel about speaking in tongues?
Mark 6:8-9 Jesus tells the disciples to take nothing but a staff & sandals. Matthew 10:10 Jesus tells the disciples to take nothing, not even a staff nor sandals. Why would the testimony differ?
I've begun to study the Bible and can see how it can be interpreted in several ways. I see where it's not clear if Jesus is God or only the son of God. I've interpreted it so far as God was speaking through him only...Any input?
Since the Bible clearly defines homosexual behavior as sin, what can a body of believers do to keep the institution of marriage between one male and one female legal in our society?
I am puzzled about a verse in the Bible (John 10:34) where it states, "Jesus said to them, “Don't your Scriptures say, ‘I said, “You are gods”'? " does this verse compare to the New Age theory of overybody being their own "god"?
What do I tell someone when they ask "How do you know the Bible is true?"
Who was the man that speared Christ?
There is someone at my work place that keeps telling me that you haven't felt the gift of the Holy Spirit until you speak in tongues.. this isn't biblical is it?
I don't interpret the "I am" that Jesus said in the Bible to mean that He is God, but rather that He is the Messiah. Can you help?
Someone told me there is no gift of evangelism, just people called to be evangelists sort of like that's their job like a pastor or teacher. But isn't there also a gift of evangelism?
What translation of the Bible does Pastor Mark use?
Exodus 4:24 - Why did God think of having Moses killed?
in 2 samuel 1:18 and joshua 10:13 the book of jashar is mentioned. what are they talking about exactly? there is a book you can buy thats called The book of Jashar. is it true that it was the original beginning of the bible? it reads just like the old testament but with more details then our bible.
Before the invention of writing, how was the word of God passed on? Did the holy spirit guide the oral teachings?
Acts 7:30,33 - Why does it say an Angel in Verse 30 spoke to Moses and later in 33 say it was the LORD?
Can you explain Hebrews 10:26? It seems to contradict the belief of "once saved always saved."
When they say, "God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit," do they mean that there are three gods?
How did they get all of the stories together in the Bible?
Is there anything in God's word that says the head pastor should not be the senior elder?
What does "amen" mean?
In the book of Esther 8:11, why did the king's decree include the authorization to kill women and children?
Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus had siblings?
Who determined the order of the books in the Bible?
Could you please explain James 5:19-20? Thank You.
Rev 2:17 baffles me; what is this new name secret about?
Why did Moses tell the female Israelites to steal or take gold from their mistresses before they left Egypt?
Are there any scriptures that describe the earth as being flat? Someone told me that this is one of the errors he supposedly found in the Bible but couldn't tell me were they were located. Thank you for your help.
If Jesus was a Jew, how come the Jewish people don't believe He was the Son of God?
What does the Bible say if a Pastor has 33 members and in 6 months only 15 remain? Is that a warning that the pastor is false?
What does the Bible have to say about healing? I was recently diagnosed with a disease; is it God's will to heal me according to His Word?
How are Lot and Esau related?
When christ was crucified in Matthew 27, it says that tombs were opened up and that the saints were resurrected. What type of bodies did they have??
Your statement of faith indicates the Bible is your sole authority. Where is this doctrine found in the Bible?
Recently my wife and I went to a Bible Symposium. Being sold at the symposium was a New English Translation Bible, or NET Bible. What is your opinion of this Bible?
i have heard that when god made eve from adams rib that is why we woman an exrtra rib then men do. is this true?
Is there anywhere in the Bible where someone called on the name of God while dreaming and was saved?
Could you please explain II Samuel 6:6-7? Why would God kill someone for touching the Ark especially since it seems the person was trying to help?
how many people in the bible ascended into heaven without having to die first?
My question is in regards to Mary coming through Nathan. Is this the same Nathan, the prophet, who reprimanded David?
Recently, I saw an interview with Mel Gibson who said the book of Psalms states the Jesus was beaten so badly he was almost unrecognizable. I'm unable to find this in Psalms, would you please tell me where it is?
Where can I find scripture to show that the old testament saints are now with Christ?
What is your stance on fertility medication? I have had two children without any medication (miraculously, accrording to the doctor), but now the doctor suggests I take medication to help me ovulate regularly. This medication, Clomid, is not the one that has a high risk for mulitliple births.
Do Christians beleive in purgatory?
Most Christians that I talk with do not know what spritual bondage is. Could you explain it?
How can I change my thoughts that God is a punishing God?
Is this war another indication that we are closer to Christ's return?
What did Jesus mean when He said "My God My God, why have you forsaken me?"
Does the Bible refer to an Ice Age, or did it not really occur?
What does Maranatha mean?
Do we as Christians need the Old Testament? Is it feasible for a Christian to only study the New Testament and ignore the Old Testament?
Does Mat. 10:40-42 mean that sinners who are kind to Christians will be rewarded by God for their kindness?
Holman's Christian Standard Bible - Have ya checked it out or heard anything about the inerrancy of (God's Word) this translation.
At what hour did Jesus die?
My friend told me that murderers and child molesters can be saved? That really upsets me. Can you please clarify this
Can any person who is saved baptize you, or does it have to be a pastor?
What is your doctrinal view on baptism?
What passge in scripture does Jesus talk about those who will make it into heaven by the skin of teeth.
Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would be with him in paradise that day. Why then after the 3rd day did He say He had not yet ascended to His Father?
Is there somewhere in the scriptures that says all humans have the capablity to be god like, gods ourselves?
What is the origin of the Trinity?
If we all have originated from two people, Adam and Eve, aren't we all jewish in a sense?
What is the biblical position on hypnosis, if I learned these techniques to help people to stop smoking??
Why does Jude quote from the Apocrypha in Jude 14 and use it in verse 9 if Jesus or the Apostles did'nt? (Thank you very much for answering my other Questions)
What will happen to mentally challenged or brain damaged people who cannot understand the message of salvation?
Where in the Bible do I find the account of the birth of Jesus?
Where in the Bible does it say that all men are appointed once to die?
How will saints move about in heaven ? Will thy have wings?
Why did God tell Abraham to kill his son? Doesn't that go against, Thou shalt not kill?
I don't understand the reference to the olive tree in verse 8 of Psalm 52. What does that mean? How is that relevant to me?
When Saul changed his name to Paul, what is the significance in the letter change? Does it have something to do with the Sadducees and the Pharissees?
My sister says the nativity sets that are sold in stores may be incorrect. She says the Bible does not give a number on how many wise men there acually were. Is this true, if so can you please tell me were it speaks of 3 wise men? Thank you.
In Revelation, do you think one of the things he was referring to was World War II (the Holocaust) if so where?
If the Holy Spirit teaches you all things why do christians dispute over the rapture, speaking in tongues, God's will of choice, ect? Should'nt we know the truth. Can you please explain?
Are the "gifts of the Holy Spirit" in effect today?
Please tell me the biblical views on the new phenomena regarding the "Secret" which has to do with positive thinking. I don't agree with it, have you looked into this? i believe the process it explains of the "Law of attraction" is false, please let me know what you think.
Where in scripture is "Calvary" the place mentioned, and does it have symbolic or religious significance as a place?
What did Jesus mean when He said, "My God, my God why have you forsaken me" while hanging on the cross?
If all of our sins (past, present, and future) are forgiven when we become Christians, then why does 1 John 1:9 say, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness"?
What great patriarchs were alive during the lifetime of Noah and thus were killed in the flood
Is the "her" in Proverbs 3 wisdom?
Why is there a difference between Jesus' lineage in Matthew and Luke?
Why does it say in Isaiah 42:5 "the Lord God, Creator, says to the Messiah", but first John calls Jesus the creator?
Was Adam a spirit first before he was a man?
In Acts 15:20, it is said that Christians cannot drink the blood of an animal, and also, that we cannot eat a strangled animal. Do modern day Christians still have to do that? And please explain. Thank you.
Since Moses and Elijah appeared on Earth to speak to Jesus, Can any of our loved ones that left to be with the Lord, also appear to us?
Could you please shed some light on Hebrews 6:6 and Hebrews 10:26 for me?
One of my coworkers is a self proclaimed "knowledgable and devout" Mormon. He boasts about and challenges others to deny what he has learned to be the absolute truths about Mormonism. One huge point of discussion he made one day was the fact that "so called Christians" can't explain why there is no mention of Christ's life as a youngster and teenager. He said that when he questioned "Bible thumping preachers" about this, they all said that it wasn't an important time in Christ's life. My coworker said that he challenged them about how any part of our Lord and Saviour's life could NOT be important; this is how he justified the Mormon "Bible" that supposedly documents this "missing" time of Christ's life in the Christian Bible. I work with a lot of Mormons and would like a strong and intelligent response to this issue. This particular guy mocked my statement that I put my trust and faith in the Bible as it is presented. He said that the Mormons have just as much trust and faith in what they believe. Do you have any scriptural support that I might use the next time this subject is discussed???? Thanks!
Is there a particular book or tape series that you can recommend that pertains to the Jehovah Witness' false teachings? My father-in-law recently joined the Jehovah Witnesses (after being a Church of Christ member for many years) but he is willing to read any material we send him. Thank you!!
Why doesn't Mark 16:17-19 happen today?
How could the people of Jerusalem, let alone the disciples/apostles, allow Jesus to be crucified with out making a stand (minus Peter in Garden)?
Why didn't the scribes correct Jehoiachin's age? 2 Chronicles 36:9 (KJV) says he was 8 yrs old when he became king & 2 Kings 24:8 (KJV) says that he was 18 yrs old when he became king. I assumed that the Bible had no errors.
I am in an interacial relationship - is there any references in the bible on people being prejudice towards interacial relationships?
If God loves all of His creation, including animals, why don't animals go to heaven? Is it a sin to treat them cruelly since man has dominion?
Where does the Bible say we should not listen to secular music?
What is Ash Wednesday? Who started it and what does it represent?
Did Jesus have brothers? Where in the Bible does it speak of them is so?
What is askCalvary's stance on owning guns? Is it contrary to scripture to own or carry a gun for the purpose of defending oneself? How about the actual act of using the gun to defend oneself, and killing the other person?
if it is a sin to hate how is it God hated Esau ?
What is the meaning Oneness Pentecostal?
This is a question I have wondered about. I guess the study of Revelation made the thought come up. Does Satan have knowledge of what is in the Bible? Is he aware of what is written to occur in Revelation? And if he does, then he would know he can never win against God wouldn't he?
In my reading from Isaiah 62:4, in the KJV, it mentioned -- But you shall be called Hephzibah, and your land Beulah; What is it saying and what is Hephzibad and Beulah? Maybe I should stick to the NAS Bible.
Recently the Today's New International Version of the Bible was finished and Old and New Testaments are not available in the TNIV. What is Calvary's stand on Biblical Translations that are gender exclusive?
What is your view of the teaching of the book of Ecclesiates?
Why is foot washing not done as part of communion
What happened at the moment that Jesus took the sins of the whole world on Himself? Did the spirit of God depart, not being able to be contaminated by sin?
Why did Jesus have to be flogged?
Where was Jesus after His death and before His resurection?
Do you know if there is any reason Christians should not read Sarah Youngs devotional book called (Jesus Calling)? It's written as if Jesus was speaking directly to me and I heard that its not good because of that.
Is there any record of what happened to Jesus' brothers and sisters (from mary & Joseph)? I'm wondering if their descendents could still be alive today.
Why does the Catholic Church have more than the 66 books that are found in the Bible translations recommended at Calvary Community?
How long did it take Noah to build the Ark?
Who wrote the books of the Old Testament?
When Jesus used the word "sleep" instead of "dead", in the case of Lazeraus, Why? Or the Word says in Acts about Stephen when he was stoned?
If the defense of "not" using the Apocrypha (Catholic Bible) is because the Hebrew Bible doesn't recognize it as inspired by God, how does that matter since the Jewish people don't recognize the NT either?
Who divided the books in the Bible?
What will happen to the planets when the world is destroyed?
Please explain how Jesus Christ is God. The Bible says Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
How do you know that the Bible is not just a book?
Who is the young man and what is his significance in Mark 14:51,52
Will you clarify what churches mean when they talk about Christians being "demonized"? What does the Bible say?
My mother (who is episcopalian) says that Jesus never addressed homosexuality and that only Paul did and Paul did not know Jesus, is there biblical truth to back this up?
What is the LORD's Prayer?
How do you know that Jesus is not just a character in a book?
Where is the first Bible?
Who wrote the bible? Who compiled it and when and how did they choose what went in and what didn't?
Can you explain Matt. 11:12&13? I don't understand what verse 12 means when it talks about the kingdom of Heaven suffering violence and men taking it by force...and I am confused about the statement "John himself is Elijah?" Could you explain?
what does God promise us? I know one is eternal life. Is there a list or anyplace in the Bible I can research this?
Why is gambling wrong? What verses say it it's wrong?
If Jesus came from a poor family, why was He buried in a tomb that was common for the wealthy? I have also heard that he was from royalty.
There is no mention of dinosaurs in the Bible. Why is this?
Does Calvary believe in the gift of healing? Jesus told his disciples in Mark 16:17-18 that they will cast out demons, speak with new tongues and heal the sick. I beleive that His gifts to them yesterday, are gifts to us today as well. Where does Calvary stand on this?
I recently visit a Christian church in which the Pastor told his congregation that they would be starting a 3 week fast as a group . I thought that when you fast you do this in secret with just you and the Lord Matthew chapter 6 V 16-18 . Im confused ?
I think something is in the way of me being baptized with the Holy Spirit, but I don't think it would be. I don't put it before the Lord at all. What should I do? Can you show me some scripture to help?
Regarding the Trinity of God, we know that God can't possibly allow sin to contaminate Himself, so how did Jesus take all the worlds sin on to himself? Did the spirit of God leave his physical body at that time?
I would like for Pastor Mark to please answer this question for me. I have been in a personal relationship with the Lord since June 2, 1972, and I just can't seem to find the true meaning of Matthew 18:35. There has been a HUGE issue of unforgiveness in our family for OVER eleven years now, and there's no restoration in sight. I am very concerned for my son & daughter-in-love, that they will NOT be taken if the rapture happens. (Which I beleive will be soon!) They both have "Talked the talk", but have never really "walked the walk", even though they continue to go to church services on Sunday's with our only three grandkids, which we are not allowed to see. I have heard certain opinions of men of God (Dr. Stanley, Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. James McDonald, Dr. Carlson, Pastor Bull @ Palmcroft) on what THEY believe verse 35 actually means. Some say it means what it says. "IF you DON'T forgive someone, then God will not forgive them" . Then some beleive you can still be saved, but hold onto unforgiveness and still enter heaven. Which is it Pastor Mark? I am so frightened for my son & daugher-in-love. Thank you for taking the time in giving me your insight. God Bless
I saw "The Nativity Story" and it implies that 3 stars came together on the night Jesus was born. I can't seem to find any evidence in the Scriptures for this. Do you have any to qualify this as an actual happening? It is my understanding that it was stated in Matt. 2:2 as "his star" that shone that night over Bethlehem.
My beliefs are the same as Calvary about Calvanism vs. Arminianism, but what would you say about how Saul (Paul) came to the Lord? It didn't seem like he had much of a choice.
Would you direct me to any Scripture that connotates that we have a "God-shaped hole in our hearts" ? I hear this a lot but I cannot find any evidence in the Bible. I don't think it means a literal hole, but something that only God can fill. I just don't want to offer up sayings to non-believers that are not biblically sound.
Jesus placed a lot of importance on obedience of the Ten Commandments. When He was crucified and died (as a mortal man) from that point backwards we were forgiven our sins. During His Life Jesus taught us how to resist all temptations of satan and keep the Ten Commandments and in doing so He recieved immortality proven by his resurrection that everlasting life begins after death. If Jesus is Lord of our lives, why do so many including myself disobey Him? Are we allowed to break any of the Ten Commandments and still believe we are good christians? Have all of our sins, from the point of crucifiction to the present, been recorded and we will have to answer for them on judgement day? Or will we be labeled children of dis-obedience and tossed into the lake of fire? And I do not believe the laws of God were nailed to the cross.
What does Jesus mean when He says that not everyone that calls out His name will make it to heaven?
After today's service, (01/07/07), where Pastor Mark referenced Psalm 119:67,71, I noticed that in Psalm 119 there are little notes, or marks, next to abbreviated names before each paragraph. What do these stand for? If they are musical notes, what song is written containing or referencing them? Thank you in advance for your answer.
My friend and I were discussing Judgement Day. Will this happen to all of us on the same day? Or are those who have already passed on already been judged? How those this fit in with when Jesus comes again, with a shout, all the dead will rise. Aren't these spirits already judged? Thanks for any clarification you can give us on this.
The apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:14 states that a man who has long hair is dishonoring or shameful. That being the case, why is Jesus always depicted as having long hair?
Hair coverings
In Mark 8:34 Jesus says " If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me". Also, Matthew 10:38 & Luke 14:27 have similar statements. What did this mean in terms of Jesus culture? Since Jesus was not yet crucified , then either Jesus was predicting his death or this statement had another meaning to the Jewish culture. What was Jesus meaning by saying"taking up up our cross"?
I'm rcurrently eading the gospels in chronological order and wondered why (do you think) God inspired 4 different people to record Christ's life on earth. There is both harmony and discord in the gospels so wouldn't it have been better to give us one version? I don't understand.
In Exodus 7 and 8, after Aaron's staff became a serpent, the water was turned to blood, and the plague of frogs, the Egyptian magicians were able to perform the same miracles. The bloody water can probably be duplicated with some kind of red dye, but how could the magicians have turned their staffs into serpents or cause a plague of frogs to appear on the land? Those go beyond magic into the miraculous. If these miracles were from Satan, why couldn't he duplicate the later miracles? If they were from God, they would have tended to confuse the onlookers. I was always confused by these passages.
When the Bible says "the dead in Christ will rise first" when He comes again to take us home, where are they now? Aren't Christians who have died already with Jesus now? How can they join Him in the air on His return when they're already in heaven? Is it just their spirits with Him now? And if our bodies are just dust in the ground after we die, what rises to meet Him? Thanks in advance for answering me. God bless.
What does the scripture in Matthew 5:48 mean, "you are to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect". How can we be perfect?
The Lord gave specific instructions to the priests in regard to sacrifices (burnt offerings. sin offerings, etc.) In a typical Passover month, about how many animals were sacrificed? How did the Israelites not run out of animals to sacrifice?
Why did the women go to the tomb after 3 days to annoint Jesus? Jewish tradition? How did they think they would get into the tomb? I am a believer--teach Sunday School.
My Uncle wanted me to ask if you guys knew anything about the new scroll that was found in the last 6 months i believe in Egypt stating that "God told Judus to betray him", so he could get the crucifixion over quicker?? He wants to know if it's true and how this new relelation affects the way we think about God?? (I know what your going to say - but I promised I would ask!!) What is a good book I can get for him about the reliability of the scriptures? Thank you so much for your awesome ministry!!
Please tell me when the first rain(s) occurred and what the Biblical reference is. Thank you.
How was the transformation made from our spiritual to our earthly realm. Is the Garden of Edan a concept of heaven. My friend says the Garden was not on earth, but is is the perfect place we came from. I received an answer from Calvary about whether Adam and Eve were real people created in the Garden God made for them on earth or if the story was an allegory. The answer was that it was literal, but even so she is positive the whole story referred to Garden being in the perfect place, heaven. And the fall meant when man came from the perfect place to earth where we became sinful. And we have no memory of our spiritual time there. I just want to know the truth as the Bible says it. Thank you
Hello brother or sister, I was looking to download a bible app for a droid phone. Do we had an app on our site? If we do not, can you refer a site to download an app, please.
With so many home invasions, does owning a gun/weapon to protect the family and the home show a lack of faith that god is taking care of us?
Can you post the daily reading of the Bible on line for us not able to attend church?
Ephesians 4:9 Does this mean that Jesus descended into hell before he ascended into heaven. If so, when exactly did this happen...when he was on the cross or after he died??????
Can you tell me if there is a men helping men accountability program that is recommended by the church? I have a friend that has asked me to help him maintain his integrity by helping him not go to inappropiate websites.
What are your requirements to have a baby Baptized there?
Do you know anything about the Calvary Chapel in Payson. Are they the same type of chapel as you are?
Calvary Chapel Payson
Where do I find in the bible where it says that we are not to add or detract from God's word?
Add or Take away

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