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How do I overcome temptation?
Is masturbation a sin?
Can I go to hell for smoking cigarettes?
I am struggling with temptation. Could you please list scriptures somewhere to help me immerse myself in the Word and find a way to keep myself running to the Lord and not to the flesh.
Is there anything wrong with watching horror movies? What about ones with demons or evil?
I'd like to know if it's bad to have one beer that doesn't make you drunk, but you just like the taste?
Is it a sin to sleep with a significant other, while not married, and being committed to not engaging in sexual contact?
Where in the Bible does it talk about abstaining? Is it just a choice or is it the will of God?
The temptation from Satan is what made man fall, but where did Satan’s tempter come from? How did he know to rebel? Did he invent evil and was his free will different from ours? Was good and evil already known to him because of his closeness to God?
Is it adultery if when a couple separates and you confide in a member of the opposite sex which leads to only one kiss and you end it and it goes no farther?
It is understood that God warned Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of knowledge. Did the Lord also warn them of the evil one that would tempt them? If not why would God not warn them of Satan?
I was listening to Pastor Mark on the radio this week and he said "If you have truly been saved you will have a changed heart, follow Jesus's commandments, and not fall in to sinfull things". "If you find yourself commiting sinful things you probably are not saved". I thought I was saved but find myself thinking lustful thoughts at different times. I would never act on these thoughts because I know they are wrong but the very nature of having them is like committing adultry. According to Pastor Mark's reasont message I probably am not truly saved and this concerns me a great deal. Can you please comment??
Will I go to heaven or will I be forgiven if I have already had sex but will not again until I am married?
What should a person who I believe is a true Christian, do when they have made a mistake like stealing money from a company gotten away with it and then does it again. They are repentfull now and now facing prison. Now they feel like maybe they were never a Christian and how can God forgive that person.
James 1:13 states that God can neither tempt nor be tempted. Luke 11:4b, Matthew 6:13a, Matthew 4:1, Deuteronomy 6:16 all indicate that He is capable of both. Can you clear up this apparent contradiction?
During Jesus' 40 days in the desert, Satan tempted Him with food, testing of God's protection, and power/wealth. With all of the warnings against sexual temptation/lust in the Bible (particularly Paul's warnings in his Epistles), why didn't Satan tempt Jesus with the lust/sex?

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