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What does the Bible say about Marijuana/Hemp usage?
Are having sexual dreams in the night time sinning? How can you control them?
Does the Garden of Eden remain on the earth and is it being guarded by the angels?
What is a good study Bible for new believers?
What do we need to do to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
what does it mean to "not boil a goat in its mother's milk?"
How may Native Americans be Christians in their culture?
I am at a loss and desparately in need of help with staying focussed on church. Is there a group where peers could encourage me?
Where in the Bible does it say that you must be Born Again in order to truly comprehend what the Bible says?
I know I have to forgive others as Christ has forgiven me, but does the Bible have anything to say on reconciling with that person I've forgiven?
I have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart many times, but I still feel disconnected. What can I do?
I've been trying to get my co-worker to just give calvary a try but she keeps asking questions that i struggle with the answer. This certain question i didn't really know how to answer it correctly. She asked "why do you have to sings songs and worship, whats the point because you can praise god whenever you want, you shouldn't HAVE to worship in church." i know this is probably easy to answer but i need help. Thanks!
The value of corporate worship
What does God say about fasting?
Does anyone still do 40 day fast?
In sunday sermon you said, don't be conformed to the world what did you mean by that.Can I haves some examples of it ?
Acts 8:14-16, Why did the believers in Samaria not receive the Holy Spirit unit Peter and John laid hands on them?
Laying on of hands

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