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If God promises his children to supply all their "needs" why are there true believers that do not have food, water, shelter? I am not talking about "wants" rather basic "needs". Does God promise to supply the believers "needs" and if he does not then what does that mean?
God's promise of supply
Can a Christian aquire curses spoken by themselves or others? Word Curses? For instance, the Bible says our words bring life or death. Can we, with our tounges, bless and curse ourselves or others?
How does God provide comfort during pain and suffering?
Can you go your whole life without love?
Why does God allow children to suffer from disease or abuse?
I have prayed for release of my physical pain and to no avail. God has promised me joy in abundance so do I learn to live with this pain? I know prayers are answered but I wonder if this pain is the answer and I am to help others live with it too??
Does the Bible support mercy killing (euthanasia) for animals if they're suffering? I know you said it doesn't for humans.
We both love each other but he is married, a dedicated Christian, and we need support to stop commiting this sin, not for anyone but for our own salvation, we need to learn to love each other as friends again.
How do I know that God is always by my side caring for me, I feel that He's not there but I beleive he is?
Is healing a promise guaranteed? References: James 5:14, Mark 16:18, Matthew 8:17, and Psalm 103:3
Is it wrong to take a person off life support if he is critically ill and, in severe pain
Is there a spirit of fear? I am dealing with a lot of fears and just feeling afraid all the time? Can you direct me to some scriptures? Is this a spiritual attack or a trial from God?
The more one trusts and believes in God does that make you a target for satan?
Is it a sin to grieve with tears and pain for a loved one laid to rest as long as 2 years ago? Even when one trusts God and accepts His will - the pain is still real. Is God angry with this grief when all involved are born again? christians?
Where does it say those who walk godly will suffer persecution?
Why does God allow destruction & suffering like what happened in Asia with the tsunami's? Is it God's wrath?
How does a Christian tell a person that Mercy Killing (Euthanasia) is wrong? This person is allowing the hospital not to sustain her grandmother's life, should her heart stop.
Isaiah 45:7 says God makes peace and creates evil. Does this imply that God causes tribulation in our lives?

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