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How can I explain to someone why pornography and masturbation is wrong from a Christian prospective
I have been sexually abused by a leader in the church, who refuses to confess. How should I deal with this and honor the Lord.
I know that no matter what sin someone commits, if they are saved they go to heaven. What if a child abuser is mentally ill? It is no excuse for abuse, but if they go to heaven how do the abused get justice. If we are not supposed to seek justice and revenge because God will take care of it, how do we know for sure that when God asks for an account of the abuser's life, they can say they are mentally ill and go to heaven. I guess my question is how does the child abuser get punished for ruining someone's life? Where is the justice? My other question is, Is it ok to be getting non christian counseling for sexual abuse, when the abused is a christian?
Does Calvary have resources to investigate child sexual abuse?

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