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Is it a sin to cut yourself or harm yourself as a personal punishment? I heard that Paul hurt himself as a personal punnishment when he sinned.
Can we be forgiven for falling back into sin after being saved?
What is your position on prescription medication? I am currently taking 5 psychiatric medications and I've heard pastors say one only needs Jesus to heal depression/anxiety. Should I be praying that I can come off my meds?
I've done everything (pray, fast, read, praise, counseling) for my depression, and nothing seems to work. What should I do?
How does a Christian deal with depression? It seems hypocritical for me to be both. Could you recommend some resources? Thank you for your good work.
If I have confessed Jesus as my Savior but often face depression; is it because I don't truly believe? Is my imagination a defective product?
I heard that Pastor Mark recently spoke about depression but I am unable to find that tape.
My wife with depression she says its not me but I don't know how to help. We are now trying to get off medication. ..rough.
I have been depressed on and off for over 20 years. I have tried all the medications and even counseling. I was saved when I was 21. I have prayed to the Lord to heal me but He hasn't. I just can't see the reason for living anymore.
I suffer with clinical depression, my doctor defines depression as anger turned inward.If there are management classes to control outward anger are there any classes to control inward anger? Is there anything in God's word that can help me?
Does Pastor Mark Martin do private spiritual counseling?
My mom feels depressed and is having a hard time accepting that she is saved. How can I help her?
Does Calvary have Christian support groups for things like deppression, alcoholism, and gambling?
Is depression the same as being lazy in Proverbs? Even with meds,I struggle with energy and tiredness. Do you know of any good support groups that are christian based?
How can I get through depression?
Audio Tape - What is the tape number of the message Pastor did on prescribed mental drugs that allow people to lead normal lives - a miracle of God
Can you be a strong believer and walking in the faith, yet struggle with severe depression/ Is it wrong to seek medication for depression?

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