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Do sinners go directly to hell when they die, or is there a 'holding place' until judgement?
I know we can't hear from loved ones after they die, but can they see and hear us if we talk to them? Can they see what is going on here on earth? Is it wrong for someone to talk to a dead spouse if it brings them comfort?
When Christians die do they go straight to heaven or do they have to wait in the grave until the rapture?
When we go to be with the Lord how will we know our loved ones and will we be able to be with them?
When a believer and an unbeliever have sex and become one body... does part of each body go to Hell and part to Heaven when we reaceive new bodies?
I am thinking of leaving my body to science when I die, but I am not sure if this would be in keeping with God's word. Does it matter to God what is done with our bodies after we die?
When Jesus died on the cross, He died, and was buried, and on the 3rd day, He rose again. Are there any ideas of what Jesus did while He was in the grave? What did He do for 3 days?
Do our loved ones who have died still have a connection with us? As in John Edwards.
Is cremation a sin?
How can you be eternally happy in heaven if someone you love isn't there?
Are there such things as ghosts? If so, who or what are they?
If Christians go to be with the Lord the instant they die, where do the unsaved go until they are judged?
I thought I heard that the Lord knows our death date before our birth date, is this true?
What happens to a believer when they die?
How did each diciple die?
Did Moses die? I thought he ascended into heaven. Did his body just turn into his spirit? Or did he simply leave his physical body and ascend into heaven in his spirit body?
Eternal Damnation/Lake of Fire/How do you explain that Hell exists and what it will be like to a Jehovah Witness?
Can child go to Hell if they don't believe in God? If a ten year old child said "I don't believe in God", then died, would he go to Hell?
Can God destroy a soul?
Are there different levels of punishment in hell?
What do you think of the television shows with psychics that talk to people who's friends and relatives have died? They seem to know so much and tell them things that you would not think they would know.
When two people become one flesh because of sex, doe this mean that when the body is raised and transfigured that those two people will become one transfigured body?
I've thought about donating my organs when I die; will I be raised again later, or would lack of physical organs be a problem?
Where are the dead?
can our loved ones who have gone home to be with Lord see whats going on here on earth, the Bible suggests not because of Rev. 21: 4
If it doesn't matter what we do with our bodies after we die, is organ donation okay in God's eyes? Also, what is Biblically correct: Burial or Cremation?
My son was recently murdered. What happens to those who are taken by murder? What happens to the person who murders?
What happens on Judgement Day? Will we stand before God? Will we be aware of the type of lives we lived on earth?
Where in the bible does it say Christians cannot see or talk to their loved ones after they have died? I would like to know because my mother recently passed away and my family thinks she's "haunting" them.
Do all children who die go to heaven?
If we have unsaved family members, will we feel the heartache of their judgments and subsequent casting into the Lake of Fire after the rapture and Millennial kingdom? We won't be in Heaven yet, so won't we still feel pain and sadness?
The man who killed the abortion doctor said before he died that God was going to reward him big time for killing the doctor. Do you think God would really condone what he did and reward him for it?
What does the Bible teach regarding someone who commits suicide? Do people who commit suicide find peace after death and can they enter heaven?
When someone dies (whether saved or unsaved) are they mentally aware of what is happening on earth with their loved ones?
What happens to a Christian who dies with sin in his life i.e. sin not yet confessed at the time of dying?
how does a young widower deal with his sexual needs especially if he had a good marriage and an active sex life?
How can I get through the grief I suffer after losing my husband?
Does Satan make you suffer or die, or does God "CALL YOU HOME"? Can it ever be an accident? Or is the way one goes a planned event?
I didn't have a question, but instead wanted to share how one of your Ask Calvary responses has touched me. A short history, if you already know my name, you probably know that I am a bereaved parent. My first child, a daughter was stillborn just over a year ago. Through my grief progress, I have met many people who have suffered similar tragedies. One of the challenges that we face as bereaved parents is that people don't understand our grief, especially if our child died prior to or shortly after birth. Yesterday, a friend of mine, who is a relatively new believer (attends a different church) asked me the question about honoring the dead that you now have posted under "recent questions". Because most of society doesn't understand our behavior, we are constantly looking for justification in our actions, and what better source than the Bible support our actions. I didn't have much of answer for my friend, so I sent her here to Ask Calvary. I thank you greatly for your answer. We don't feel that we HAVE to explain our actions, but it is nice to have a little "back up" to show people that we're not crazy, we're just heartbroken. The part about your response that touched me the most is that my friend named her son Aaron. Only the Lord could have given you that perfect example for my friend. Thank you for serving in this ministry. God Bless.
Why did the apostle John experience a non-violent death as opposed to the other apostles.
Is there such thing as a proper Christian burial or funeral?
If a Christian is afraid to die does that mean they really aren't a Christian?
When we die do we go to Heaven, or are we taken up during the rapture from the grave?
Where in the Bible does it say that Jesus fought Satan for us during the days He was dead?
Did Mary die?
Are "unfruitful" and "withering" Christians in danger of dying soon since God will "prune" them?
If you ask God for forgiveness of a sin, do you still have to answer for this sin when you die?
Does God cause people to die, or does Satan? Does God 'Call People home'? or is death just random?
Does the Bible teach cremation or burial after death?
Does the Bible provide guidance on how we are to treat the deceased's memory? Is it ok to talk of them, remember them, honor them?
My mother, who was saved, died 2 weeks ago. I am curious to know whether she has gone to be with the Lord immediately or does she have to wait for the Lord's coming, and if so where is her soul now?
My wife has been reading many books related to life after death, reincarnation and communicating with people who have "passed over". What does the bible say about these kinds of things?
If upon death we are either with God or facing punishment, who are the dead to be risen on the rapture or last day?
How should one grieve not as unbelievers? Surely a believer feels pain too?
Does the Bible say anything about cremation and how does that go along with John 5:28-30?
I've been asked to speak at my Gramas funeral, but she wasn't a Christian, any ideas for what I could say?
My friend is really into psychics, especially after losing her brother and sister in tragic deaths. She is not a believer, are there any pamphlets, books, material, etc. to discourage her from consulting psychics?
My husbands Grandmother believes that the grave is hell. Is there any scripture to support this??
Does this Church have a grief support group for parents who have lost a child?
What happens to Jews, who have not accepted Jesus, who die today?
How do I comfort a friend who is a believer and has just a week to live? I don't know what to say. I am torn between exicitement for them going to be with Jesus, yet feel strange without words to comfort.
If you are rewarded for good deeds in Heaven, aren’t you punished more or less in Hell based on how “bad” you were on earth? It doesn’t seem fair that a Hindu who didn’t accept or know Christ should suffer the same painful eternity as say … Hitler.
When we die, do we get (2) more bodies? It mentions the 1st body in 2 Corinthians 5:1-3 (NLT), and then a 2nd body in 1 Corinthians 15:52 (NLT). I'm confused?
What happened to the souls of the people in the Old Testament that were not God's chosen people? Is there a verse to support it?
When a person dies are they automatically judged and then go immediately to heaven or hell? It says in the Bible that the dead will rise and be judged. So if they haven't been judged, where are they?
If your spirit goes to Heaven and not your soul, is your spirit "you"? Does it know your life's experiences like your soul does?
Where in the Bible can I find out about Hell being a horrible place?
What are the Bible's principles to cremation. My whole family wants to be cremated, but in my spiriit, I have a hesitancy. Am I just overly sensitive or does the Bible back up my feeling that cremation is wrong?
Cremation for a christian instead of a burial. does the bilble say anyting against it?
My friend is a born again Christian, however she believes that when we die we will enter into "sleep" until Christ returns (possibly the Rapture)? However, I recall being taught by Pastor Mark that we will enter into the presence of the Lord immediately when we die, and attend the marriage supper of the Lamb. Do you have any Bible verses I can refer to my friend to try to persuade her that her beliefs are in error?
Will people who are saved be able to see the judgement of those who are not saved? For instance, if a saved person was seriously hurt by an unsaved person, would they be able to see justice done?
If after I die, fall asleep, does it matter if my physical body is buried or cremated? Will my ashes rise also? This is something I have a hard time contemplating.

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