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How do I deal with anxiety?
What is the biblical approach to overcoming obsessive compulsive disorder?
I went thru a horrible tragedy and I got OCD, my church tells me to stop taking Paxil and that the Lord will heal me? What do you think about stopping the medication? I had horrible compulsive thoughts of bad things.
Is there someone to talk to at the church about spiritual issues I am having?
The enemy has been trying to torment me through my dreams. I pray and read the Word before I go to sleep. I have even fasted for deliverance. People have also prayed for me. The enemy is still trying to attack me through my dreams. What else can I do? I don't know what else to do? Help.
How common is spiritual related OCD in the church? (i.e. doubting salvation, scrupulosity, etc.?
I'm often easily agitated and have a hard time not being upset and sad. What can I do?
I feel a compulsive need to repeat my prayers over and over; terrible thoughts come into my mind. What do I do?
I constantly feel like there is some sin I haven't confessed, or that I didn't confess something right. It is prohibiting me from having a good relationship with God? Please help.

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