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Please tell me how to recognize "false teaching". Some say that believing in the gifts of the spirit; i.e. healing or tongues, is following a false teaching. Some are labeling churches that allow praying in tongues as "false teaching" churches. Some even believe that denominations that support ecumenicism are falsely teaching; others tell me that Billy Graham is a "false teacher". How does one define "false teaching"? Thank you.
Please, assist me in understanding how the Christmas tree is part of the worship of Baal? This is what the I have heard lately and are debating to have a Christmas tree this Christmas?
could you tell me about Emmet Fox's "sermon on the Mount"?
Can you please describe the differences between Mormons and Christians?
Do Mormons believe Jesus is their Savior?
Why do the Mormons teach "Baptism for the Dead"? A LDS Missionary showed me 2 passages in Scripture that seem to back this practice up.
What does the Bible say about auras? My grandma sees different colored auras around people. Can you tell me what they represent and what the colors mean?
I have read several books by Bob George of "People to People Ministries". They have been a real blessing to me. Why doesn't the Calvary Bookstore carry any of his material?
Can you explain Proverbs 26:4-5? Should I answer a fool or not?
I hear a lot about Mormon and Jehovah Witness being cults. Can you please clarify what a cult is? Is Catholicism a cult? My husband is Catholic.
Should a woman wear a head covering? That is what the Bible literally says.
Does God love satan, since He did create him?
Did Jesus teach Islam?
How does prehistoric history fit into the biblical timeline?
Is Kenneth Copeland a false prophet?
Do you recommend Hal Lindsey or Jack Van Impe? Are their ministries okay to refer to the unsaved to show we are in the end times? What are some good prophecy ministries I could recommend?
What would you say to a Jehovah Witness that has come to your door?
I believe the term "Christian" is the most loosely misused/abused term that I can think of. How does the Bible define a Christian? The Bible says we must be "born again" therefore there is no such thing as a Chlristian who is not "born again"(a new creature in Christ). I find it so sad that after all this time much of the world still does not know what a true Christian is.
I Need information on "Voodoo", My friend is seeing someone that dabbles in it.
What is your view on The Purpose Driven Live? I saw some websites that say the book teaches self love over love of God.
Are there such things as familiar & generational spirits? If so, what are they?
What's a defense to the argument that 'abortion is great by Christian doctrine, because the babies go straight to Heaven and avoid the risk of hell'?
So if I'm used to wearing jeans and nice long or middle length sleeves shirts, some dressy/casual. Since I became a Christian 8 mos. ago, should I have to turn to wearing dresses/skirts since I'm a female?
The Health & Wealth preachers use Psalm 112:1, 3 as a basis for their teaching. Does Psalm 112:1, 3 tell us that we will be wealthy (ie., prosper on earth) if we fear God and delight in doing his command?
What does the Bible say about blaming negative trials always on the devil. The person grits their teeth and says "devil get away from me in the name of Jesus" Should she use Jesus'name like this?
When Was Jesus Born?
How do we know Rick Warren's methods are from God and not from Satan?
What sets Presbyterians apart from other Protestants?
I believe J.W.'s teach that it is against New Testament law to worship God with instruments other than the voice. How do they support this? And what New Testament passages can refute this?
Why wouldn't Jesus, who is God, know when He is returning?
What is the difference between a Born-Again Christian and a Christian Scientist? What is the doctrinal difference?
Should we care that Pope John Paul died?
Why are Jesus and Satan both called the Morning Star?
How do I explain that Allah of Islam is not the God of Abraham even though Ismael is Abraham's son?
What can you tell me about the mennonite church? Are they biblically based?
There is a Jehovah's Witness at work who tells me that only very few will make it to heaven and HOPEFULLY when we die, we will be resurrected and live forever on EARTH. Can you please give me your view on this?
What is "Apologetics"?
Why does Matthew's gospel trace Jesus' lineage back through Joseph, when God, not Joseph was his birth father?
I have a friend who is Russian Orthodox. She insists that Protestants are merely attempting to reinvent the wheel, and also claims a clear distinction between Orthodoxy and Catholocism. I hear many fine preachers quote C.S. Lewis, Francis Shaeffer etc quite often and my understanding is that they were both Orthodox. Is Orthodoxy worth a look? It comes across as very religious, with "fine sounding arguments", but I wanted to check with you. Maranatha! Thanks again for this web site. I've had hundreds of questions answered here. You all are just SUPER!
How was God Formed?
Why does someone, who only lives for a finite number of years on earth, have to suffer infinitely in hell?
Why should I believe in God?
How do we know whether or not Joseph Smith from Mormonism wasn't a real prophet (i.e. really did see/speak to God?) I mean -How can we know for sure?
Does the Christmas celebration have pagan roots?
Ishmael was born to Abram and an Egyptian slave. Does this make Ishmael an Egyptian slave or a Chaldean as was Abram.
What are the scientific proofs of the crucifixion and resurrection? For example, doctoral examination of Christ on the cross would have found?
A nonbeliever pointed out that in 1 Chronicles 21:1 Satan moves David to number Israel, but in 2 Samuel 24:1 God does so. I was stupmed and don't know what to make of this. Please advise.
In the New Testament when you see "LORD" was the person speaking really saying "YHWH" and actually using God's name?
How can I witness to people in the Church of Christ who think that musical instruments in worship are a sin?
What is the history of the word Easter? Is it a biblical term?
Do you have a list of all the prophets in the Old Testament?
Does 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 mean that if you are still doing any of these things when you die (not asked forgiveness for one of these particular sins before you die) that you will not go to Heaven?
How can I witness to someone who believes the Bible says Jesus 'channelled' God and was trying to teach us all that we could do the same by getting in touch with our 'inner Christ'? She thinks we've all interpreted the Bible wrong.
Do animals go to Heaven?
Christian Universalism seems to be spreading like crazy. Based on scripture, what are your views on this?
What protestant denominations are "Born Again" Christians? What exactly does 'Born Again" mean?
What exactly is an agnostic?
Why is sex a sin, for the reason that Jesus was conceived with out the sexual intercourse?
What does the Church of Christ believe?
Is it alright to celebrate Kwanzaa and Ramadan? I belong to an organization that believes this is okay but we cannot do a christian related activity at christmas. I feel personally that this is wrong - is it? It seems as if I am cheating somehow.
Is Sherebiah a Levite? I find no mention of him in the books of Chronicles. Does history provide any information about who his mother and/or father would have been?
How do Jehovah Witnesses talk their way around the Bible when,for example, John 1 is so extremely clear about the diety of Jesus? They have said that the Bible hasn't been translated correctly and that certain words aren't translated correctly, thereby making our conclusions about the diety of jesus invalid.
is the new jerusalem a floating cube (a luminary, if you will), or is it an earth-bound city,similar to the present jerusalem?
When and where did the different religions of the world come from since Adam,Eve, and Noah all knew God? Did it start at the Tower of Babel?
At Calvary, is it true that you do not believe that the Pope is (was) a Christian and that Catholics are not Christians?
My daughter married an Indian man who is not religious; now they have a son. Dad has no problem with raising him Christian, but the in-laws are an influence and are Hindu. She is asking for info on christianity in India/Hinduism. Can you help?
How old was Jesus when He knew he was God? How did He come to know?
Do you recommend the Bible Study called Logos Ministries?
Why did God allow the Holocaust to happen? This question was asked to my daughter at work and they said that if God allowed this to happen they did not want to go to be with someone like that. She needs to know how to respond. Thank you.
Why were Adam and Eve made as man and woman?
I struggle with how much God loves when He destroyed all mankind and living things except for Noah with a flood. Why did He do this?
What is the Church's view of the book of the DiVinci Code? I've heard some things about it that make me think that it might be a sin to read.
In the Bible, we know that God is always absolutely right. I too agree and know that but how can this be explained, especially to non-Christians?
How can you win a soul if the other person is a Hindu he/she doesn't believe in God?
How do you view "dancing in the spirit" as it is so prevalent in many Pentecostal churches today?
What can you tell me about a Bible teacher named Chuck Missler? A friend who is not a Christian, is really into Aliens and another friend who is a Christian has given him some of Mr. Misslers books on Aliens. Is this O.K? Thanks for your help.
How do you know the Bible is the whole truth (never corrupted)? How do you know that the Quran isn't the whole truth? Both faiths claim to be the "truth" and if you don't follow their "truth" you will go to Hell.
What is Calvary's stand on the Documentary Hypothesis?
What is Capstone Cathedral?
martin luther: what about his writings (the jews and their lies) is there a big misinterpetation of it?
Is "Morning Star" Satan's name or one of Jesus' names? The Bible seems to use the name for both.
What does the bible say about Capitol punishment, specifically the New Testament. I would also like to know how the church stands on this subject! Thank you for your time!
I am a born again believer. How do I answer someone when they ask where God came from?
What generation is Jesus talking about in Matthew 24:34?
Catholics claim to be the "one true" Church set up by Jesus. Peter was given the keys to Heaven thus the first Pope and the Priests are successors to the apostles. Is there any truth to this?
Please explain the census at the beginning of the Gospel of Luke. Does it contradict history?
If the Jewish people are the chosen ones why do the Catholics believe they are the one and true church? Aren't we all adopted when we accept Jesus Christ?
What does Islam teach about the way they should treat Christians and other so-called infidels? Is it similar to evangelical Christianity in that they want to evangelize us into their faith?
What sets Congregationalists apart from other Christian denominations?
Is there a verse that says - God Helps those who help themselves - and if there is - where is it? Or - are there verses that tells us that in a different way?
You mention that animals probably don't go to heaven but exactly where in the Bible does it say that? If it doesn't specifically state this then it's possible that they do indeed..Isn't it?
Many people believe that there is one God in three distinct personalities and not persons. Is this correct?
Do animals have a soul?
Who is Allah in the Muslim religion? When I read or hear of who Muslims follow, they are always referred to as Allah or God, yet this can't be the one true God.
Is it scriptural to state, "one hasn't forgiven themself?"
How do you answer a Jehovah's witness who interprets Revelation 3:14 and Colossians 1:15 to mean that Jesus was the first creation of God?
How can David be called a friend of God when he had so many wives? God gave one wife to one man in the garden of Eden, why was the fact that he had more than one wife not sin?
Can you tell me about the Reiki religion? How does it differ from the christian religion?
Does Satan have free will? For example, if a child is murdered innocently, does that mean that God allowed it to happen?
What can you tell me about the church of Unity? I have a friend who has been attending there with her roommate. She is a new Christian and I believe she doesn't understand the differences.
Recently a friend stated that Karma was a Christian belief, that the Bible actually confirmed this somewhere. I know it's not true, but am having trouble guiding her correctly. Any thoughts?
Don't Catholics commit idolatry?
Is your church familiar with the ALPHA coures? If so, what is your opinion?
Is there any religon that has older writings than the Old Testament?
What about those who never hear about Jesus, like those in different countries, will they go to Heaven?
I read that a cloned baby was born. If the child was man made by the mothers DNA and there is no male sperm, the child was not made by a man and woman together, does that child have a soul?
I've heard that there is modern evidence for the biblical account of Jonah and the great fish. Apparently, men have survived in the bellies of large fish for several days. Is this true?
What do I tell someone who once claimed to be Christian but is now saying that it is just a theory and needs evidence of the events in the Bible?
What is the technical term for the thing that Jesus carried on his back as they led him to Golgotha hill?
If the only way into heaven is through Jesus' blood, what happened to the people who died before Jesus?
What are your feelings on Christians reading New Age authors?
Can you explain why in Matthew the angel tell Mary to name her child Jesus, but in Isaiah he says she will call His name Immanuel? I have always wondered about that. Any enlightenment would be appreciated.
I am confused about the Season of Epiphany. Is this just another unsound Catholic doctrine?
I would like to begin attending church. Is the Congregational church acceptable by Calvary? Are there any Calvary chuches on Long Island?
Many times you have mentioned that Jesus had to fulfill over 100 prophesies. Is there a book that lists these prophesies and shows how Jesus fulfilled them?
Messianic prophecies
I was raised in a Word of Faith church that taught "name and claim it" according to Mark 11:24? I purchased alot of books from Word of Faith ministers what should I do with them? How does Calvary teach faith? Thanks
What is Gnosticism as it relates to a Bible study of 1,2 and 3 John?
Were the disciples asserting Jesus' Diety by calling Him "Lord", or was it a common title for a spiritual or political leader at that time?
Where were the Roman Gaurds when the stone was moved away from Jesus's tomb? If they were not there when the stone was moved how do we know others did not come and move it?
Do you have any info on TD Jakes?
In Psalm 2:7, Acts 13:33, and Hebrews 5:5, why does God use the word "today?" It appears to mean that at this moment, or day, Jesus became God's son, that He somehow wasn't all along.
If a person falls back into the practice/lifestyle of sin after years of living a devoted Christian and saved life, because of once saved, always saved, will they still go to heaven?
In 1 Samuel 15, as well as all the other former instances of this, why did God order Saul to utterly destroy all that Amalek has including the animals, women and children/babies? Thanks for your help, Todd
If there are different levels of Heaven, are there also different levels of Hell? it seemed like Purgatory made sense (an inbetween/ gray area) but now the Catholic church changed their mind on its exixtence? Is this true? It's all very confusing.
If we are all so valuable to God, why did he allow nearly 24,000 people to die from the recent Earthquake? I don't understand how so many people could die if everyone is so precious in his eyes. Were they evil? I don't understand.
I have friends who ask how you know the Bible is true when men wrote it. How do you answer this?
Where do Christians go after they die on this earth?
This is a strange question, but if God is the Father, and Jesus is the Son....who's the mother? if there is one?
Did God create evil and sin? How can darkness exist with light? My daughter has asked me and I need references. Thank You.
How do we communicate "Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life" to a world that doesn't believe in truth at all?
Do you know if there is any reason Christians should not read Sarah Youngs devotional book called (Jesus Calling)? It's written as if Jesus was speaking directly to me and I heard that its not good because of that.
I have question that has bugged me for a few years. In the Gospels it mentions that Jesus was born in the city of David, Bethleham. Now numerous of times in the Old Testament the city of David is used and it is referring to Jersusalem. Can you clear this up for me?
Can Jesus be proven without the bible? Life, death & ressurrection. Would you mind expanding on this a bit?
If you wanted to prove to a Jewish person that Jesus is the Christ and lead that person to Jesus, what old testament scriptures would you use?
Can you explain the difference between The Day of the Lord and The Coming of the Lord, and The Lord's wrath? Many seem to think these things are surrounded by or are in observation of the Jewish feasts. Is there a significance?
Are there still Apostles today?

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