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is it fornication to move in with my boyfriend before marraige , and if so where can i find it in the bible.
How intimate can you be with someone prior to marriage? Is hugging, hand holding, kissing, etc. okay? Everything as long as you don't have sex?
How long should someone wait to start dating again after a divorce?
Do you go to hell if you had sex before marraige? What does the Bible say about it?
Is it wrong to marry someone your family doesn't like if it is the one you love?
If your girlfriend and you were unable to control their lustful thoughts of each other, should they get married? We took a small break to get our focus on God, is that the way we should handle it?
What does the Bible say about interracial relationships?
If you met a Christian in a non-Christian atmosphere and you decide to pursue a relationship, does the meeting place mean that it was not ordained by God?
Im single but when I get committed in a relationship how do I tell my male friends Id rather not be giving off the wrong appearance continuing that friendship?
Does the Bible tell us that mixed dating/marriage relationships (black and white in particular) is wrong?
Does God grant wishes? Why, when I pray to the Lord for specific things, does it seem that those specific things become worse and not better? Is the Lord ever going to deal me a hand of cards that are going to make me happy?

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