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How old is the earth?
What was God's purpose for the dinosaurs?
How can the earth be only 6000 or so years old? How is it explained regarding different races? The ice age? Dinosaurs? Noah's ark and all the creatures he saved from the flood? All the carbon dating facts? The different evolutions of mankind?
how did adam and eve populate the earth with only three sons?
What does it mean that, "we are God's handiwork?
Is it possible that Eve had children without pain in the Garden before the fall? What happened to the Garden - where is it now?
Are dragons real?
In Genesis 3:15 it talks about enmity between Satan's seed and Woman's seed. What does this mean? It also says that the Canaanites were daughters of men, what does that mean?
How long are the creation days in Genesis chapter one?
In Genesis 1, God created light and darkness (seperated it from light) on the first day. But how is that possible, when he created the sun on the fourth day? Plants were created before the sun, how is that possible? Thanks.
Can you please point me in the right direction of some material, preferably on the web, that deals with this idea that there is supposedly an overwhelming body of evidence proving evolution and only an insignifigant amount of evidence from biased scientist pointing to Creation?
Did Adam's son sleep with his sisters?
When cain killed abel he was banned from the land of eden to the land of enoch where he took a wife where did she come from
Are we considered mammals? Or is that an evolutionary term to confuse some people?
In Genesis 1:1, "the earth was without form and void..." If God is not the author of chaos, then why was the earth in this condition? Had it been with form before the fall of Satan?
Is there such a thing as christian evolution? Can you combine the belief in God with the evolution theory?
How many years is Radio Carbon Dating accurate to?
Who is to blame for the catastrophe in New Orleans; Mother Nature, the devil, or God?
If animals do not have souls,why do they even exist in the first place
This is a more of a scientific question, but if the earth is only around 10,000 years old, how can we see stars that are millions of light years away?
Does the Bible talk about neanderthals and other human species discovered by science or were they simply animals?
In Psalm 139:13-16, it says that God has knitted us together in our mother's womb, what could have happen when a child is born with defects and even with missing limbs?
Is there an origin of language?? What was the first language spoken? Did God intend to have multiple languages? Thanks for you help.
Where did all of the different races came from?
Who is the "I was" of Proverbs 8? "I was the architect at his side..."
Was the whole earth flooded?
Since Adam and Eve were the first people that God made ,did they have belly buttons?
Masks are culturally often linked to spiritual entities. Can a mask be artistically neutral (i.e., not spiritual and/or pagan in origin) and should their creation be encouraged in schools?
If Satan never sinned, could sin have still entered into the world as a result of free will?
What do you believe regarding a 24 hour creation day as opposed to Long Creation Days?
What about cave men or the men that looked more like apes?
If God is the beginning of everything, why would He make His son's blood the price for the atonement of sin?
Could Adam and Eve still have sinned beacuse of free will, even if Satan had not fallen?
This is a question from our atheist real estate agent. If God is all knowing and loving, why did he create the world and mankind only to know that some of the souls he loves will not follow him and will perish in hell? What was his purpose in creating the earth and mankind to begin with? He also asks, if our sole purpose for being created was to worship the one, true God, then doesn't that make our Creator egotistical and self-serving? And in what way are we created in God's image? If we are all born into sin and created in God's image, does that mean that God has any part in sin? My husband and I are still fresh in the walk with Christ and couldn't give an answer to satisfy these questions.
Why do scientists say that our world is "billions" of years old when the Bible says our world is only six thousand years old?
My son wants to know how the caveman came into existence. We know it started with Adam, but he had reason and understanding, unlike the caveman.
My friend and I were discussing the Trinity. I am trying to learn about it and find it confusing. She does not believe it. God is the highest, only God and it is blasphemy to God to say Jesus and Holy Spirit are co-equal. Why does Jesus say, only the Father knows when he will come to earth again. If he is part of the Godhead, why wouln't he know. Thankyou for your help
I have asked about the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar. should we be using the lunar calendar for correct times and days?

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