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How do you emotionally separate from your parents in a healthy way?
A relative told me of a passage in the Bible where a man used birth control (withdrawal method- threw his seed) and God punished him and therefore they believe birth control is a huge sin. Can you explain this passage please?
Is spanking your child okay?
What is your opinion on the Harry Potter series? It's getting kids (and adults) to read, but is it immoral?
What is Calvary's stand on infant male circumcision?
My grandson just turned three and confided in me that his step-dad spanks him
is it appropriate for a single woman or man who is a Christian to adopt a child?
My friend took her kids off their medications for mood disorders and adhd because she believes that God will heal them if she has enough faith. Does that mean that I have a lack of faith because I won't take my children off their meds?
How do you teach your children to have "the fear of the Lord" in them and yet not teach them to be afraid of God?
I have a teenage son and what Bible passages should I have him to refer to about talking back to your parents, not going to school on time, not doing his homework etc?
I'm trying to find scriptures that show that young children or (aborted children) who die before understanding salvation go to heaven.
What is your opinion on Gary Ezzo and his parenting classes that many christian churches teach?
What does having godparents entail/imply? Is it biblical?
I'm at a loss. I really want to like/love my stepkids but am having a difficult time. They're money-oriented and self-seeking. They don't believe in God. They'e unkind to others and ridicule the poor..I'm desperate..PLEASE HELP!
How do I handle a troubled teen with mental disabilities?
Should I treat my stepchildren as my own or not? Please advise.
Should children be required to address adults as Mr. and Mrs. rather than by their first names?
My husband was raised as a 'Catholic' in Catholic schools until the 6th grade. His mother was married several times to non-Christian, alcholic men and therfore never knew the responsibilities of a Godly man or how to discipline his children as a Godly man should. My husband and son and I have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, and all of us have been Baptized at Calvary. My question is how do I pray effectively for my husband to be a Godly example to our 17 year old son in spite of not having any father or example growing up himself? His biological father abandoned him and his two brothers when he was three years old, permenantly. He has a half brother whom his mother never married because he went back to his wife. I know he is embarrassed of all this and feels he would be a hypocrit to be an ACTIVE Christian even around his other four children and his family since none of them are yet saved. Please tell me what to pray for to make him realize he was forgiven of ALL his sins, even if he is the only one in his family and he can have the courage to be a Godly man in the midst of unGodliness, regardless of his background or what his family says or does? Our son is closely watching his father and his uncles and half-brother. I need the Lord's help! This is not an easy subject to ever discuss with my husband, nor can I tell him I've submitted this for help for fear he would think I am "better" than him, sadly. Please help.
Does Calvary have a preschool or daycare?
Can you point me into the right direction of good Christian books regarding puberty for the pre-teen girl?
my child is easily dealt with but sometimes she gets out of control is it wrong to spank your child because sometimes i spank her its not often but once in a while is it right or wrong to spank and should she be dealt with in a different way?
Could you refer me to a christian family counselor?
Is it okay for a divorced Christian parent to move away from his or her children to get re-married?
My daughter is expecting and has questions about what she should do for the baby, after he/she is born. We know that baptism is for children old enough to conciously CHOOSE to turn their life over to Jesus. However, can she do a dedication , or some like thing ?
My friend is divorced and her daughter (13 yrs old)is saved - the ex-husband is not. The daughter is saying she doesn't want to be around her father anymore because he talks about ungodly things, using foul language, and mocks her about her Christianity. As a Christian mother, what biblically should her response be to her daughter?
What do you tell a child when God doesn't answer their prayer to be non-disabled.
At what age is it appropriate to give your child "the talk" and tell them about the facts of life?
Our son turns 18 this Saturday. He still has one more year of high school, though. His choice of girlfriend is not one we approve of, she is not a Christian, nor is any of her family. How do we "handle" this, now that he is considered an adult? What words or actions should we take without further driving him towards someone we do not feel is for his best interests? He gets good grades at his Christian school and works part time after school and weekends, and goes to church with us, so he is trying to do his best. My husband tells me to just keep praying about it and not say too much to him about her or it will back fire and he won't feel he can come to us about anything. What do you recommend?
I have a 22 year daughter who has a 2 year old son. Rules are not part of my daughters vocabulary. I had to tell her to leave in May because of all she was putting us through. I had all intentions to taking care of our grandson, plus his father is enjoyed in his life. Now she lives with my mother and she is out of control. She has pretty much given our grandson to his father because she says she has no time for him. My heart is crushed and I don't know how to deal with it. I know God is in control. Please tell me what I should do. Should I stay out of it?
Should parents tell their children of they were virgins or not when they got married, or if they have drank beer or smoked pot? Some of of us have made some very stupid decisions in our past. some of made them even after becoming a Christian, what is your advice?
How do you the answer question from your teenage and pre-teen children? Have you ever taken drugs or gotton drunk? Were you are virgin when you got married? I would like to say no I have not taken drugs or been drunk. Yes I was a virgin. But I made some stupid and sinful decisions when I was young. I was baptized at age 12, but I went through a backsliding period during my last year of high school and first two years of college. I am afraid that I will give them justification for sin. so far, I am been able to side step the questions. I will not lie to them, but I am doing my best to avoid the questions. What advice do you have?

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