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What does the Bible say about failing marriages? If a spouse remains neglectful and unwilling to repair the marriage, what must the other spouse do?
Is kissing considered adultery?
Is Oral sex condemned in marriage?
I married a divorced woman then I gave my life to the Lord. According to Scripture I am living in adultery, How do I repent? Am I forgiven?
It is permissible for a Calvary pastor to be divorced and remarried?
My husband likes to watch a porno movie sometimes when we make love. I personally don't like them, and I pray God will deliver my husband from this. Until that happens, am I to say nothing and let him view it?
Is watching porn committing adultery?
Does the Bible permit divorced people to remarry?
I'm in an affair but do believe in God. I just wasn't having my needs met at home there just too much pressure with kids my work I travel alot and my wife worked and had the kids most of the time she was always tired and never had time for me I just feel like the grass is greener with someone new that be with me all the time and meet my needs. I feel like my wife loved God and our kids more than me. Won't God understand, and forgive me that my marriage was to hard and I just fell out of love with her that we just grew apart. Who does it hurt anyway. It's not like God will punish my children and he does forgive us, right? I feel God told me to get out of my marriage. People have tried tell me different aren't they judging instead of understanding?
Is it right to stay with your significant other if you have been mentally and verbally abused and just not loved but financially it makes sense to stay.
How do I explain why God won't bless a marriage out of an affair or am I wrong? Will He if they ask for forgivnes?
Although I love my wife, I'm not happy with my marriage. My wife became a totally different person once we were married. Before we were married she acted like she loved me and accepted me for who I was. She knew what things I liked to do, my personality, my beliefs, and the relationships with friends and family that I had. Now that we are married, she is not accepting of any of that and gets jealous if I show anyone attention besides her (like friends and family). I feel depressed often and like a slave trying to keep her happy, and I don't feel the joy in my spirit like I once did. She's not willing to do marital counseling, what can I do? Is there any hope or encouragement? We are both Christians by the way, but I don't think we are equally yoked.
My wife is being unfaithfull to me. What I should do?
What does the bible say about marrying a woman through the courts who was just divorced?
I'm a Christian, but am I living in sin if I am married civily and not through the Church? Does this impede me to share the gospel? I love the Lord but am I living a holy life? Is this considered sexual immorality?
Is it O.K. for a married couple to have a tubal ligation or a vasectomy? Or is that messing with GOD's plan for you?
i have a problem my wife got onto this myspace internet site and looked up old friends. She ended up talking to an ex-boyfriend and we almost divorced for other reasons and they ended up kissing once. Now all is forgiven but now shes back on the site chatting away with old friends and some guy friends are back up there that she says are friends. She is tracking down old friends some guys and she say there friends but what happned before makes me uncomfortable. So how should i react to this situation and is it right that she tracks down old lost high school friendships over the internet and try to pick up were old things were left off, im just confused on how i should react and if this is something that she should be doing.
Why is dancing not allowed at a wedding associated with Calvary Community Church?
How do I deal with unsaved husband watching R-rated movies?I want to live in a pure environment, but I don't want to accuse him and force him into a corner about certain things. My heart is longing for a pure Christian environment. Please advise.
Is it O.K. to divorce if the person is physically & emotionally abusive?
Does finding out my husband has been viewing pornography on the internet give me the biblical grounds to divorce him and remarry?
Is it OK to go out and seeing somebody while going through a Divorce.
My father, 85, widower, and his lady friend, 80+, widow, have found love. They want to be married, however to do so would cause great financial difficulties for her. Her lawyer advised living together, which neither one wants to do. Is it possible for them to get married in the eyes of GOD, but not get a legal document, so they can share the time they still have and take care of each other?
Is it okay for Christians inside of marriage to use "Karma Sutra"?
My husband and I are members of Calvary. Does Calvary offer any marriage counseling?
If a Christian divorces even though they know it's against God's command, but does it anyway and remarries, will they lose their salvation?
How is it that David, Solomon, and other godly men could have more than one wife at a time and somtimes concubines? How is it reconciled in the Scriptures that God, Who ordained marriage between one man a one woman for life, would sanctify and bless the practice of His people, and even the spiritual leaders He chose, being married to more than one person at the same time....and even have concubines?
When a man won't have sex with his wife, is he disobeying the Bible?
Is it okay to divorce if the person is abusive physically or mentally?
How does Calvary view divorce? My husband and I fight all the time and I'm very confused and unhappy.
I have been told that wedding rings have pagan roots, is this true?
Should married women make friends with men?
Where in the Bible does it refer to being married and having a man-made license for God's blessing?
If a married woman commits adultery and gets pregnant as a result, can she and her husband work the marriage out?
Is it biblically wrong to marry a person in your own family? What if two people (ex. cousins) were both saved and wanted to get married? Does the problem come with having children? If they love each other and the Lord what's wrong with it?
I am a new I saved if I am only married through civil court and not through church yet? If I die today would I be with the lord?
What can a man do if his wife refuses to be physically intimate with him, even after receiving pastoral counsel that she is wrong?
I am gettin married soon. My future wife and I made a commitment that we would wait til we were married to have sex. I was just informed by her that she scheduled our honeymoon at (her time of the month?). I'm having a difficult time with this and I need to know the best way to handle this. Should we put the honeymoon off? My concern is because I know what happens now when we are left alone for any length of time what will we be like then, and is it against Biblical principals, to have sex during that time, Im concerned that would not be honorable, I am really troubled by this, and could really use some advice.
What happens if a woman committs adultery? Can she seek divorce? Can the husband stay married to her even if she wants a divorce?
Once divorced, if you decide that you would like to reconcile with your ex-spouse, is it stated anywhere in the bible that you cannot remarry your ex?
Can God reconcile my marriage? I love her and miss her so.
They say, once a cheater, always a cheater. Does it have to be that way, or can God heal them of this?
I want to get married at your church. However, my fiance and I already live with each other.
My husband and I are Christians, and he is asking for a divorce stating that he prayed for the answer, what do I do to save our marriage?
I have been married to my husband for 2 yrs now. He is a recovering alcoholic whom when we first met was going to AA meetings and Calvary recovery church services. We married after 5 months of dating, which I now think was a mistake. Shortly after the wedding AA and church were history. I now find myself with a hateful, disrespectful man. He "knows" the Bible and refers to it a lot, but he is very angry, very controlling, and in my opinion downright unhappy. He uses vulgar language everyday with no respect for me. It's as if he believes he is a Christian but to me he is anything but. He talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. We are like room mates, not husband and wife. We make love once a month if that. I feel alone and many times tempted to leave. Any suggestions or advice?
My husband constantly wonders if his life would have been better had he and I not met. This hurts me deeply because I love him and think God brought us together. How do I deal with the pain and how should I pray for him?
If a woman wants to pursue a career that involves long hours, should she stay single?
I am uncomfortable with the female relationships that my husband has. Can you tell me the references in the bible that can help me find a way to either accept these relationships/firendships or help him to see that maybe these relationships are wrong.
Will you have more than one Marriage Conference besides the one listed in July? We would love to attend, but may have a scheduling conflict.
Is it wrong to divorce an adulterous spouse if the motivation is revenge?
When should a wife not submit to an unsaved husband?
Are we obligated to have sex with our spouses?
What should a Christian wife do, if they find pornography video tapes that were hidden by their Christian husband?
Isn't it the husbands responsibility to be the provider for the family?
What does your Divorce Care class cover? Will it ever be held on another night besides Sanctuary night?
If a pastor is caught in adultary which then ends his marriage, can he remarry and pastor another church?
My girlfriend says she would never move to a different city from her family, even if we were to get married, because they are a Godly influence. She believes remaining near one's parents after marriage is God's design. What's the Biblical view?
How will you know God has placed the perfect guy in your life when neither you or the guy knows? I know this guy who fits the "my perfect husband" list, but I don't know how to react.
Does sex get boring in marriage, Im engaged and am a virgin looking forward to be intimate. What does the Bible say about intimacy in marriage? Are there any books you recommend?
What should I do if I love Calvary Church, but my husband is uncomfortable there?
Is it ok to tell a Christian women you love that you do love her even though no committments have been made for marriage yet? I look at Jacob and Rachel and how he kised her when they met and loved her deeply.
Is it normal for a guy to look at a half-naked girl (if she just pops up) because he is a man or should he be repulsed by it if he is married? Is it a big deal if he looks or am I overreacting?
What is love; I know this is a complex question but I am searching for guidance on why we fall in love with people we cannot have for obvious reasons (marriage or engagement)is it GOD teaching us something or his way of humbling us?
What does God say about commiting adultery?
What do you advise failing marriage? If the Christian spouse remains neglectful and unwilling to repair the marriage after kicking the other out, what must the other spouse do?
If we are no longer married to our spouses in heaven (Matt 22:23-31) what motivation is there for people to marry on earth? I thought marriage was eternal and am kinda depressed that I was wrong.
My husband and I (both Christians) got married in a chapel not in a church, we promised to God (repeting the words of the judge) to love one another,etc, Few days ago our friend (new christian) suggested us that we should've got married in a church so our marraige would be blessed by God, is this true?
If a wife leaves a marraige becuase of an unhappy relationship, is he allowed to continue theological studies and become a pastor?
If a married woman commits adultry and gets pregnant by the other man and later divorces her husband, can she and the other man be together?
My gentleman friend divorced his wife after dealing with her Alzheimer's disease for five tough years. She is in an institution. I'd like your thoughts if I married him someday. Would I be committing adultery?
What verses in the Bible forbid dating and marrying a nonchristian? Why is it wrong? Some justify saying that they are evangelizing to the lost.
If I supect that my husband is being unfaithfull, should I try to make sure and try to find out following him or stuff like that? We are both Christians
I am in love with someone that I think has done things in her past she knows was wrong and not moral which I have done too, can we find the love in one another and be one with God after our past and do we spill our guts to each other or let it be??
Is it wrong if I was to marry the widow of a best friend who has passed away?
My husband and I recently married after having a baby and he then came into some legal trouble. Our lives have been full of stress and we are taking it out on each other. Can you give me some advice on codependency and how to respect him better?
How would you counsel a person who has to face the fact that her husband was involved in homosexual activity during the course of their marriage?
I'm married to a Jehovah's Witness and the differences are taking their toll, what can I do without God's blessing of our marriage?
Does the Bible permit divorced people to remarry?
Is tubal ligation, as a form of birth control, against God?
I come from a physically and emotionally abusive past. How do I open up my heart and soul to my new husband?
Can you please give me scripture refrence that states that living togeter prior to being married is a sin?
I have attended the same church for 4 years,my husband got saved there, but he does not like to go because it's too contemporary.He wants to "church shop" with me.What should I do?
My husband and I would like to visit and possibly see the pastor for marriage counseling. Is that possible?
Does Calvary Community Church have mentors for younger women as far as marriage like in Titus 2:3-5, in case we have questions on marriage/children?
My spouse kicked me out. If that spouse remains neglectful and unwilling to repair the marriage, what must the other spouse do?
I am engaged to a man who is dealing with many difficult personal issues. He is somewhat of a fair weather Christian. These personal issues are beginning to affect me and I feel extremely unsure of who I am. His ability to openly lie has made me feel very unstable and I cant tell the difference between his dishonestly and what he likes to call, "my craziness". I have these feelings that I think most people call "intuitions". Do you believe that there is truly such a thing as womens intuition and if so, where biblically do you think those motivating thoughts and feelings come from? Would it be wise to act upon those feelings (and move on without him) or should I stay and try to be supportive of his problems, even when they hurt me?
My son had a child with a girl outside of marriage. He loves the child, and wants to take care of it. He does not want to stay with the childs mother, but he feels obligated to. I am not sure what advice to give him.
Does scripture teach us whether it is okay or forbidden to marry outside of our own race?
I am separated from my husband for many reasons. This Wed, he has a ceremony for work during the day and we just found out about it. My employers have said I cannot have the time off since it requires a trip to Florence, AZ and there is no coverage for me to miss the day. I am the social worker at a church. My husband says I have to go and even if it means losing my job I need to go. I want to go but I also feel that even though he should be my priority, is that the right thing for me to do? I also have no paid sick/vacation time.
My husband's mother calls him multiple times a day and he says that she has no one else to talk to. He says they speak about his father's conduct during the demise of their marriage. Is that appropriate and what should I do?
What Doctrines are essential for a couple to both agree on before they get married?
What miracle did Jesus perform at a wedding?
My husband and I have been married for 7 years now and are both Christians and would like to renew our vows at Calvary how would we go about that? Should we renew on the exact date we were married? We were married by a JP at the courthouse.
if a man divorces his wife after he commits adultery and subsequently marries and divorces another....may he remarry the first wife or must he wait until if and when the second wife remarries? The first wife has not remarried.
Gen 1:28 says to "go forth and multiply." I read this not as a command to each individual, but as a statement of what God will do through humanity. The woman I'm considering wants a child and feels we are commanded to have kids. I think we are too old to start a family (both almost 42, would be nearly 45 by the time kid arrives). Also, too dangerous for over 40 to give birth to first child. Any Biblical backing for my side? Thanks.
I was born Jewish, but I am now saved. Is it possible to have a Christian wedding and incorporate some Jewish aspects (such as a chuppa and breaking of the glass) or should we consider a separate non-binding but ceremonial Jewish wedding?
What if two people live together as boyfriend & girlfriend before being married but have 4 children and the woman is a Christian now? Is it ok, as long as they abstain from sex and don't sleep in the same bed? Can you give me a scripture reference?
I attend Calvary, and enjoy it, but my wife does not. She does not agree with your teaching, and I do. We are both saved, but cannot agree on a church. Any suggestions?
I'm going to be married in eight months,and would like to read a number of books on the subject, please provide that list. thank you
Is it wrong to fall in love with a married woman if you have been friends for years? Her marriage is not working out and I know I can love her but do not want to complicate things...
My husband and I have been trying to start a family for quite a while now -are there any verses to help us keep our eyes lifted to the Lord during this time?
Was Paul married?
How does the wife prioritize her relationships in her life after she has remarried where her new husband, children, and ex-husband are involved.
This incident happened when we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I came from a strict family and he had no disciple because his father was killed when he was 7yrs old. I met him when I was 18yrs old and so was he. He cheated on me several times and out of anger which I regret had a co-worker who I seldom talked too; give me a heeky and my boyfriend found out. We have been married for 20 yrs and he has had no closure to this. He feels that I did more than that; I think he feels that way just because he had sexual intercourse with the girls he cheated on me. I would of never have done what he did to me eventhough I truly regret going along with a heeky just to get back at him. I don't know what to do and quiet frank Im tired of it and if I would do it again I would of never done that. This is the only thing he has on me. Please help
Do you have classes for married couples?
If I am a new Christian, yet my boyfriend has been a Christian for a while, will that affect our spiritial relationship together?
I am engaged and would like to be married in the church but don't know where to begin. I have been attending Calvary for several years but have not officially become a "member" What do we need to do in order to be married at church?
I am a single mother of a beautiful 9 yr old daughter. I have never been married. I had a troubled youth and had my daughter at an early age. I am a Christian, and I try daily to walk by faith. I am closing in on 30...I want desperately to marry and to have more children/a family. I pray religiously about it and have for years. I know that this is in God's hands but my question is, why would I want something so badly for so long that God might not want for me? Is it possible that God would want me to remain single indefinitely? Am I being punished for having a child out of marriage? I'm embarrassed that my faith is so weak in this area. Thanks for your time Calvary...
Is it Biblically permitted for a wife to reproof her husband and if so when and under what circumstances?
My fiance and I have plans to marry this summer. We love each other and plan on being married at Calvary and to take the premarital counseling, of course. Everyone we know is in favor of the union, everyone, as stereotypical as it may seem, but his mother. She's being manipulative and trying to 'guilt trip him' into postponing or even dropping the marriage plans all together. It's not what he wants, but he wants to be obedient at the same time. How can I help and encourage him?
How do we know that marriage is just with one wife and not many like the Mormons practice?

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