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I want to pay my tithe online with all my other bills at the end of each month. I don't see a link to be able to do that. Where is it?
Doesn't Matthew 23:23 mean that we should more importantly give mercy etc but also not to forget to also uphold the law of tithing 10%?
In regards to giving/tithing to the church, I know that the standard is we should be giving 10% of our first fruits to the Lord. The question I have is the 10% we give from our gross or our net income? For my situation, I have a couple large deductions from my pay check even prior to taxes to pay for my families health and dental benfits through my work. After that and taxes, my actual take home pay is considerably less than my gross. My family budget gives us $450 a monthy for food , clothing, and gas and if we give a percentage of our gross income, that amount will change to only $125. We haven't been giving to the lord and we really want to start, but we don't know how much to give.
Is there Scripture in the New Testament about tithing?
I have been attending Calvary for a few months now. I have been waiting till I know in my heart that I am ready to make my decision for christ. I want to understand more before I raise my hand and walk to the prayer room. My question is....should I be tithing in the mean time?
We refinanced our house and got a sum of money cashed out to make improvements etc. Should we tithe on the cash back amount?
Are there online contributions for an offering?
Pastor Mark gave a very good sermon last Sunday regarding what God considers to be the marks of good giving. Does God require that your giving must go only to churches in order to be "good giving." Are there acceptable alternatives that would also qualify?
The lord says that when we give we should give willingly and humbly. He was more impressed with the poor women who gave1/2 a cent than he was with all the money that the rich gave at the temple. My question is when we give if God intends for us to honor our financial obligations and he doesn't mind if we have nice things then how are we supposed to know what the right amount is that we should tithe to the church? The women at the temple made a self sacrifice. If we honor our financial obligations and have nice things I don't see that we would be making a self sacrfice because we wouldn't be any different than the rich contributors at the temple. Thank You May God Bless You
Is the church organizing any effort to help disaster victims? We have a guest house that needs some minor repairs that we could donate, rent free. We would need a little financial help and donations to furnish. Any suggestions?
I am interested in sponsoring a child. I was wondering if Calvary suggests any sponsorship programs. Thanks!

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