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Why don't Catholics eat meat on Friday during Lent?
What does the bible say about watching movies that use profanity or take the Lord's name in vain? Is there any scripture that makes a reference to the saying "what comes in, must come out"?
What does the Bible say about drinking and gambling?
In Psalm 51:11 David asks God not to take the Holy Spirit from him. Can the Holy Spirit be taken away from a Christian?
How do you help someone who is always angry?
How do I overcome being self-defensive? Any scriptures for me?
Is masturbation wrong? And if so, which part of the Bible says that?
Some people say that Christians who smoke aren't really Christians. Since when are any of them free to judge?
How do you deal with a local school's mascot (i.e. Sundevils) in relation to family life?
We don't celebrate Halloween, what do we say to adults and those who do?
Can ladies be disciples too?
Are Roman Catholicis considered Christians? If so, can a Catholic be saved if he accepts the Lord? Can there be a born-again Catholic?
What is your opinion of the The Napoleon Hill Foundation? They're not a christian organization as far as I know, but they have pretty good motivatinal literature.
Does the Bible forbid you from dating a non-Christian and is there any harm in dating a non-Christian?
How do we know when , we sinned against the Holy Spirit?
I have read all the questions concerning santa, but still it seems so vague. Isn't it considered lying to your children and placing an idol up at christmas to celebrate santa the old fashioned way?
If we are no longer under old testement law why is it bad to get tattoos and not bad to practice things like un-kosher eating and having sex during a period, and other things. How do we know what is now acceptable. in a previous answer about tattoos you wrote that if GOD didnt like something back then he wouldnt be ok with it now, because he wrote a law against doing it. So why would it be ok to do anything against the old law now? why is it ok to eat non kosher meat when meatis processed in cruel ways and animals are abused? why is it wrong to get a tattoo if we are allowed to do other things. how do you decide.
What does it truly mean to put God first?
How should a Christian deal with the pain and depression following the rejection from a romantic relationship?
What about Halloween?
If we are supposed to have only one spiritual gift, how come pastor Mark has so many? i.e.,Evangelist, Pastor, Teacher, Leader, Prophet....
How can you break the cycle of sinning, praying for forgiveness, then sinning later that same day?
What is meaning of a true Christian friend?
We don't celebrate Halloween, what do we say to adults and those who "Trick or Treat" without sounding pious? What do we say to children?
Would I be biblically wrong to prohibit my 6 yr. old daughter from an overnight stay with her biological father and his live-in girlfriend?
Is it alright to sell in the Church?
Do you have or support a motorcycle ministry such as "Bikers for Christ", "Born or Die" or "Cycle Disciples"?
We are getting rid of all our secular music - we are in a quandry - is it wrong to sell them or is it considered "blood money". We would use the money to tithe and replace with Christian music. What are your thoughts?
Do non-Catholic Christians observe and practice the Sign of the Cross?
Does the Bible say anything about interracial relationships?
In Matthew 5:23-24 where we remember someone has something against us. We are to go and reconcile with them and seek forgiveness. What if that person is unreachable... they live far away, and you cannot contact them. How do you make things right?
Should Christians become "best friends" with non-believers? Please share Bible references.
Why does it seem that all our lives are meaningless?
Should easter egg hunts with children be avoided, and why?
what do you think of the book A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren?
Is it possible to be a Christian and smoke? I feel I should stop, but can I do it gradually and still serve God in the meantime?
How does God speak to me?
Is it a sin for men to wear earrings?
What does God think about progress? If it comes between you and your time with god/church...I am talking about over working in order to take care of your family needs.
Is it okay to go to a secular nightclub and dance and fellowship with friends? Is it forbidden in the Bible?
I know the Bible says not to drink wine or strong drink, so why did they drink it in the New Testament at the weddings?
How does one know if they have received the Spirit?
I some times see people smoking out side church, as a Christian, is smoking against the Bible?
How should one prioritize the following: family (spouse/kids); ministry; job; friends? And what scripture to back it up?
Are Christmas and Easter pagan holidays?
My question is about spending time in the word and in prayer with the Lord. I pray and speak to Him throughout my day, and read the Word almost daily. Does this fulfill the quiet time I hear about?
If you die without confessing a sin will you still go to Heaven?
Does Calvary reccomend the Rapha ministries?
My Mom is thinking about being hypnotized to help quit smoking what does the bible have to say about this?
If we don't celebrate holloween, what should we say to adults who do?
What does the easter bunny or easter eggs or santa clause or wrapping gifts have to do with honoring Jesus? Aren't these things pagan rituals to lure us from the real truth? Shouldn't we be giving all the time to loved ones and not just at Christmas?
How do I know if I have sinned against the Holy Spirit?
Our unsaved brother and his wife are christening their newborn. Not wanting to participate in the Catholic rituals associated with this, are we better off declining the invitation, or going but not being actively involved in the rituals of the mass?
I am a new Christian. Do we partake in the observance of Lent?
What is the meaning of the parable of the ten virgins? Does it mean that some Christians who are not careful with their life can loose their salvation?
My mom told me that she was going to psychic reader, are there any verses in the Bible that I can show her?
Please explain "renewing your mind". What exactly is it and how do I do it?
If I become a member, will I then be discipled and pastored to be a mature Christian, or will it still be the same as right now, whether a member or not?
Does "waiting on the Lord" mean to live passively?
Is hypnosis something a Christian (someone I know) should consider doing in order to quit smoking?
what about "christian yoga"?
Does Pastor Mark listen to any secular music? If we got rid of all of our secular music at home, is it wrong to sell it? Or should we just destroy it?
Do Christians eat meat on Good Friday or is it a tradition of the Roman Catholics only?
Does Calvary read from the King James Version? The New Version?
Is the book "The Handbook For Spiritual Warfare" by Dr.Ed Murphy something you might recommend?
What is the biblical significance and scriptural reference of rubies for/in purity rings?
Is it wrong to serve in the military and be a Christian? Can you serve both God and country faithfully?
What is the meaning of "honoring God" and how do we, as Christians, do so?
What is Calvary Community's view on women apparel of pants, shorts, tank tops and swimsuits and should we be wearing long dresses or long skirts that are loose fitting?
Why would some churches describe Halloween as a non-essential?
What does the Bible say about judging?
Is there a tape on how to celebrate Hanukkah in a Christian way?
Am I still connected with Jesus if I asked Him into my heart, yet do not feel it ?
Do Lutherans teach baptism for salvation?
What are your thoughts on "40 days of community" by Pastor Rick Warren?
I know we are to forgive one another. Is there ever a time when we can or should completely wash our hands of someone and stop spending any time with them (they are not family and are very disruptive of my family)?
I know a couple of women from another church recently had breast implants. Shouldn't we be happy with the bodies God gave us?
How do I know what my spiritual gift is?
Once a person is saved and continues to sin by doing the same wordly sins. What happens can that person lose their salvation?
I met a woman who is still married, has two kids, and now we are living together and she is pregnant with my child. She filed for divorce. What does the Bible say about this?
What is the United Church of God about? Are they a viable source for information?
What is Calvary's view on dating and male/female relationships?
Can you tell me the correct intrepretation of 2 Corinthians 8:9 is it really talking about finances? Does God want people to be rich in money? How does Calvary teach about prosperity in the life of the Believer?
Does a spirit filled Christian receive ashes on Ash Wednesday? I know that Jesus paid the price for all of our sin; therefore, do Christians (Pentecostals) receive ashes on Ash Wednesday?
Regarding "Today's Scripture" 09/21/06: Nehemiah 9:17 Col 3:12-13 Eph 4:1-3 How are we to act TOWARD OTHER BELIEVERS was the question posed. This seemingly implies we only are concerned about forgiveness, graciousness and being merciful, slow to anger and full of unfailing love & mercy ONLY TOWARD OTHER BELIEVERS! If God is in us, working through us, and there is more of him and less of us, would we not have this same same Godly motivation and attitudes toward ALL HUMAN BEINGS, BELIEVER OR NOT? This is my quandary? It tends to puzzle me, that I need to distinguish between believer or non-believer whether I let mercy & kindness, forgiveness, flow from me to another human being. Help me out here please? Thank You. Rich
What is the Bible talking about in Jerimiah 10 when it describes the work of a man cutting a tree? Is this a Chrtistmas tree the scripture is refering to? Is it bad to have a tree and to celebrate Christmas as Jesus' Birthday?
is it ok to buy books that are sexual guids if you are married and youve run out of new ideas for the bedroom?
How do I respond to a family member who continues to hurt other family members and then because we are Christians expects unconditional forgiveness? Are there conditions for his forgiveness?
What do you think is going on when you have lots of bad dreams and nightmares that involve demons, evils spirits and such? Often battling with them. Even times others waking you up because you are screaming so loud?
I struggle as to if I am really saved and have eternal life. I feel like I have to be perfect for God to love me. Any advice you have would really help.
What does the bible say that could apply to eating disorders? Is there anything that points to it being a sin? Also, what words of encouragement/wisdom would you offer a believer suffering from anorexia?
As a believer should I be around my family on holidays? They say they are saved and have backslidden and continue to committ fornication and drink and smoke and do drugs and use filthy language?
My son was murdered. I did forgive the murderer because we are suppose to forgive. Is it a sin to be angry with the murderer who took my son's life?
I have dreams and I get scared because I can't interpet them. I also want to know if dreams are real.
Is the Jehovah Witness belief in the Bible most accurate for Christian living?
Does Calvary have an opinion on the use of nouthetic counseling?
This is a question from my young child, so it's a little silly and I really didn't know the answer. Is there any place you can't pray to God? Does God think it's bad when you're on the potty and you talk to him? Thank you for your time.
How does the God, the Congregation, and/or Pastor Mark feel about the current celebration of Easter... such as the "easter bunny", dying of eggs, giving easter baskets with candy to children?
Why do the circle of friends celebrate St. Patrick's day?
Jesus Christ came and fulfilled the law and summed it up in two commandments. Does that mean we no longer live by the Mosaic Laws?
I am NOT a people person, how can I grow to have love for my fellow man? I know we are to love one another but I just can't stand being around others.
What can the church do to stop gay marriage? Shouldn't we group together to protect our rights?
Is it appropriate to witness to non-believers in nightclubs, strip clubs or any other dens of ill-repute? (I have recently heard of people doing this, and I was concerned.)
My nephew is in jail and is unsaved. I wanted to fast until his release and hopefully salvation. I really felt the Lord leading me to fast but was only able to do so for two days. Will my prayers still be heard?
What should I do if I bring someone to church who has not accepted Jesus but they take communion?
What do you tell your children as to why they are not allowed to get dressed up and go trick or treating like other children?
Where is a boundaries class being offered soon?
How do you find out who you are and what you want in life?
What is asceticism? Can a Christian practice it?
Since God is all knowing why doesn't he stop evil; especially to christians? Like rape?? My daughter is asking me and I don't know how to answer her.
When tithing, are we to tithe ten percent of our gross income or net income?
What should I do to organize and/or prioritize my Christian life?
How can you tell if you're judging someone, or exhorting, rebuking and admonishing according to God's command?
I used to be Catholic, but I have been baptized at Calvary and have accepted Jesus as my personal savior. However, I still make the sign of the cross when I pray. It just feels right to me. Is it a sin?
Is it morally wrong to rent a room from a friend who lives with her boyfriend ? This is in a college situation were it is cheaper to live in a house with four people.
What was it like when you first became a Christian? I have been a Christian since I was a child and I want to know what is going through your mind and heart before it happens, when it happens, and after it happens
When would it be appropriate for Christians to avoid confessing sins to each other?
Do Lutherans believe that baptism saves a person?
What is CCC's stance on Mel Gibson's new movie, The Passion? Should Christians go see it when it comes out?
What does the Bible say about cussing? I have recently met a group of apparently well grounded Christians that think it's okay to use "four letter" words, is it?
Is being proud of our own accomplishments and abilities a sin? How bad is this little kind of sin in the eyes of God?
If someone has had an abortion and they have since asked for God's forgivness and been born again, will they see their aborted children in heaven? Will they know them at sight?
Is it ok to hang out with people who are not the same religion as you?
Where in the Bible does it tell us to pray before a meal?
Does the Bible address birth control?
Can you please expound on what 1 Corinthians 13:10 refers to?
My friend is a hopi indian and she is also a new beleiver. she has kachina dolls in her house. should I tell her to get rid of them and how. but she doesn't want ot dismiss her heritage. how should I handle the situation?
What is the importance of holiness, living a holy life ?
I am a new Christian and so is my wife. We used to go out and do the bar scene but now we don't. I like to play pool and my wife likes to sing karaoke. Are there any Christian clubs?
When going through problems-financial or personal, how do you know if it is an attack from satan or a test from God?
where in the old are in the new testament does it says a man can have more than one wife. is that right even though sone other countys thinnks its ok i need bible fact on this one
my boyfriend says that pot isnt wrong to smoke because it is natural. Is there any biblical stand on this point?
What is the Christian way for a teenager to go about showing affection for a girlfriend or boyfriend?
Why must someone become a member of a church? Aren't we all members of The Church as Christians?
My husband's brother is in jail right now. He has been in before for stabbing someone in a gang fight and now for grand theft auto. He is hooked on meth and has become impossible to deal with. He has hurt my husband and I in so many deep and different ways, so much to the point where we felt in danger near him. There is now a restraining order in affect against him. Previously we had forgiven him, time and again, only to be hurt more and more. He has laughed at us and told us it is our fault that we got hurt because we are dumb enough to care for him still. At the point we gave up. This past week my sister-in-law said something to me that has hurt me very badly and made me confused. She said I am a hypocrit for going to church and refusing to forgive someone too. I have prayed for strength and guidance to help me forgive, but she said there is no forgiveness in my heart. When I went to church on Easter I felt ashamed and unworthy. There is no longer a longing to know my brother in law and I feel a need to protect my son from having to know him. I have also been told that it is one thing to forgive, but another to forget. I do not understand. I am very confused. I am sure I am wrong, but I do not understand what I should do. I do not want to be a bad person, but I think I hate him. I have prayed for God to help me correct such a bad feeling and I think I am improving a little. I prayed on Easter that he would be saved and be a good person, so I could forgive him. But is that wrong too? Should I forgive him regardless of what kind of person he is and forget as well? I have also been told that to be Christian we should be open to get hurt and always express love only. We have been hurt and forgiven him, then hurt and forgiven, round and round we went. Should that continue? Are we wrong for saying enough is enough? I am so confused.
Can you please explain how and why hypnotism is bad? How can it conflict with our relationship with God?
Is there a scripture reference regarding Christians not having anything to do with homosexuals?
In the Bible it says it is better to marry than to burn with lust. If that's so and it's God's will, how do you know when to marry?
Why would God allow a 17 year old christian girl to be raped? I know that we live in a fallen world, but that doesn't seem to be enough of an answer.
I know that God is supposed to be first above all other responsibilities. As a Mom and a Wife, how do you get your Physical as well as your mental being to accept that?
I am the only saved person in my extended family. How do I love the sinner and hate the sin? How do I involve my children in my family without exposing them to immoral living?
I don't see much on the subject of obedience to Christ? Is this necessary?How important is it to salvation?
What is the biblical answer to why gambling is bad? How is investing different?
How does God want me to handle people who criticize and gossip about me?
Catholics believe in the Holy Trinity and the death and resurection of Jesus. Are they Christians? Are they saved?
As Christians, are there any places to hang-out in with friends instead of bars/nightclubs?
Does it say anywhere that you need to go to church and what is church?
Would the participation or enjoyment as a spectator of such things as hockey and NFL football be considered a part of American culture that we should separate ourselves from as Christians?
I have several crosses and pictures of Jesus in my house and was told that is a form of idolatry. Is that true? I like them as it reminds me of Jesus.
Is a person saved when they participate in the Catholic churchs' tradition of the sacrament of reconcilation?
I have a terrible habit of biting my fingernails. I so want deliverance, but continue to fall. What does the Bible have to say about bad habits? Can you help? Thanks!
I am struggling with an attraction (spanning several years) I feel towards a gentlemen who attends an AOG church that seems to adhere to some 'Word of Faith' kinds of doctrine. He is a very strong Christian who heads up the missions department and teaches Crown financial classes. What do you think the Lord is asking of me and how to I find the Lord's 'perfect' will in this matter? I sent out a fleece last fall that did not yield any results... positive or negative. What do I do when my feelings for him only increase rather than decrease... along with my increasing concerns over 'Word of Faith' teachings?
Do you have an adult singles ministry and when does it meet?
Why would God allow a young christian girl to be raped?
If my fiance and I are trying to live our lives in a Godly way and get married in the church, how can we accept her 21 year old daughter living with a male boyfriend?
What exactly does Christian Freedom mean and what does it not mean?
Can Christians be goths?
Once you are saved, can you lose your salvation?
I'm needing heip in making the right decision on whether or not to recieve food stamps, but I feel that I shouldnt, please guide me to scripture. Thank you.
Is using a 'fleece' of some sort for guidance/directions considered wise for NT Christians? If 'yes' then are there guidelines for structuring one for the best result(s). What should one do if the Lord doesn't answer the fleece in the way or time expected... try again???
I am coming out of the Adventist church. I am in constant struggle of finding God's love and grace. Love has always come with a cost and I have built a huge wall around my heart. How and where do I start?
Can you tell me when and where the believer's judgement takes place?
Is it ok for a man to wear earrings, and does the bible condemn men wearing earrings?
In the Bible, when the Sabbath is referred to it's referring to Saturday, so why do we worship on Sunday?
If we are the church, can we pass on going to any church? Thank you
How do you select a new minister if one retired. Our Church family is falling apart because of the matter.
How does a Christian tell a person to stop saying certain things that bother me without hurting their feelings?
My husband is an alcoholic, and I have been attending Al-non meetings for 10 years. They really help me. The only thing that recently bothered me is that someone living a homosexual lifestyle spoke at a meeting about having a relationship with God and how she has had a better life with Al-non. She is not a member of the groups I attend. It just bothered me that she is living in sin and claims she knows the Lord. The meetings help me cope with my alcoholic husband, and I find alot of understanding. I want to know if I am doing the right thing by going to meetings. Can you let me know what you think I should do?
I know that as Christians we do not celebrate Halloween. But, s it wrong to pass out candy to kids that come to our door? I feel like a scrooge because my kids get so bummed that they can't get candy and dress up like other kids.
I have come to believe that there is no such thing as a coincidences anymore, ya know? like everything was all aligned for it to happen by God. Do you think this is true....
Do you think that Radio Disney is a bad station to listen to?
Why does the church today do foot washing?
How do you know when you are really hearing from the Lord, how do you discern His will. What resources are there that talk about this topic
In relation to pastor Marks recent podcast in James on "Good Words". Question: Is it ok to lie in situations of life/death? (E.g. Hiding Jewish people during the Holocaust, people were asked if they had seen certain families, and of course lied and said no in order to keep them safe) Pastor Marks recent podcast states not to lie in ANY situation, and I wanted to be clear on his thoughts about this scenario as well. I understand it is rare situation, but the way it was presented seemed to leave no room for this type of scenario.
What must a believer do to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
What do I say about the impending death of a Muslim converted to Christianity? While it seems wrong, doesn't Jesus say that those who do not accept him will die? My earthly life is cheap compared to eternity.
In reflection on the hockey/football question. Would the participation or enjoyment as a spectator of Native American Pow-Wow dancing be considered a part of a culture that we should separate ourselves from as Christians?
I'm looking for information on fasting. Why, how, what does it accomplish?
When a hurricane and/or tornados hit a city and many people have lost their homes and have died, what would be a good explanation for natural disasters like these, happen even to good people?
Is it possible to be saved and not totally trust the Lord, not really believe He knows what He's doing?
(I'm not sure if I picked the right category or not)How do you know if your motivation for something is spiritually driven or not, or rather, How can you tell if god is instructing you to do something, or if you're simply talking yourself into doing something?
Is believing in the baptism of the holy ghost an essenstial doctrine?
As a married Christian wife that was once Catholic and recently converted , is it wrong to agree to baptize another couple's new baby in a Catholic Church?
I have a co-worker who has a son who says he wants to start his own church, and I think that's great. He said he wanted to be a youth pastor, and then some one told me that he said, "That's were the money is"... so all he wants to do is make money. What can I do?
How does one walk in the Spirit while at work? My mind is consumed with all the tasks at hand, and my body is very tired.
How do we use all the armor of God to fight the good fight?? What does each piece mean relative to its use?? Eph 6:13-17 Thank you for your time and love.
when is it ok to dance. is the act of dancing against god. does it matter what kind of music you dance to, who you dance with, or what environment you are in. is dancing ok at all?
I am communication with an eligible minister in the United Methodist Church. Would Calvary's view on considering this church for one's future be kin to 'backsliding' or does God love his UMC folk also?
My husband is a"recovering" alcoholic. I feel very hurt that he hid this from me before we married. I was abused as a child by an alcoholic and the very smell of it makes me want to run as fast as I can. He attends Calvary with me on Sunday mornings, but I can't seem to get him to read scripture with me at home. I feel that alcoholism is not a disease, it's substance abuse like any street drug. I believe he can overcome this with God's help. But he believes what he has heard at AA meetings, that it will always be there and it is normal to succumb to it for the rest of his life. He says the 2 things that keep him from drinking is going to the gym and AA meetings. Am I wrong to think that God can cure him if he would diligently seek His help?
Are Christians allowed to watch movies or t.v. that don't say good things about God, but may sometimes say something like "oh my God" in a bad way? Or should we just not watch movies and t.v., but instead use that time to read in the Bible and just spend that time with God?
Is it possible for a person to truely get saved, but not start living a Christian life until years later? I am thinking of the young people who accept Christ, but then it takes them 20 years or so to actually embrace their salvation and start living like a Christian.
Is viewing sunday service online considered the same as actually being there? Or is my past Catholic upbringing as far as having to attend sunday worship in person coming through?
Can a person be genetically predisposed to alcholism?
My niece wants to enter a beauty contest at state level. If she wins she will have to candidate for Miss America title. Is it the right thing to do as a Christian? How does God see this type of contests? Thank you, I am always blessed by your ministry.
What is the Biblical view of self defense? I am prior Marine Corps and my wife and I are avid supporter of the NRA and the Second Amendment as well as a CCW permit holders. Recently we have been struggling wondering where we would stand in Christ Jesus' eyes if we were to defend ourselves or someone else and took a life in that defense. We don't look for trouble and would/will avoid any confrontation if possible.
What are some ways to bear fruit? and can you go to hell as a Christian for not bearing fruit?
I feel so overwelmed by the wickedness of our world. Tonight as I turned on the TV and stopped to listen about a story I had heard earlier on a missing 6 year old. The details the followed actually made me physically ill. I could not get him or his family out of my mind. I am already "overprotective" of my children-sometimes I feel I want to run and hide. I find myself distrusting people before I even know them. I feel like my God given mother instinct has gone overboard. I need encouragment because my view of the world is becoming very negative. What do I pray for when such a horrific event happens-I just pray that these children never remember what has happened to them-can you guide me to the scripture? Thank you
Why should we pray for one another
I would like to know if it is against God's will or plan for Christians to choose not to have children. I am a 32 year old Christian female who would like to be married someday, but I really don't feel any desire to have children. I understand that may change someday, when I meet the man I will marry. But for now, I am more attracted to men who either don't desire to have children either or who are ambivilent.
What, if anything, does the Bible have to say about attending multiple churches? If a person attends more than one church, where is it appropriate to tithe?
Does God have a soverign will and a moral will and within the moral will we have free will to make choices? It seems that he gives us choices in the job we have, where we live, etc. but wants us to serve him in whatever we do. In other words, is it true that God let's us choose the above, but cares about our character, the person we are and that we are living for Him in all we do? Agree or not and why?? thank you for your time
According to the Bible, is it acceptable to judge fellow Christians?
Is it true that the Bible says if you train up your children in the way they should go that they will not depart? If this is true then why do we see people who seem to have truely taught their children about Jesus, but then those children do not seem to return to the faith?
I have a friend shes a sister in Christ she was saved here at Calvary and she has a son and he lives with his father and he is a drug addict what can i tell her to help her out with out being judgemental about that shes has a lot of anger towards him at times i have showed her scriptures before about it please help so i can help her
I've heard Pastor Mark mention not using certain slang expressions. Can you tell me what those are? Thanks!
I know that we should forgive our neighbor unconditional, but what if that person who were forgiving is unrepentive? Is it wrong to completely ignore and cut all strings with the person even if that person is family?
How does one truly die to self and follow jesus correctly?
I take care of my brother's home and have had various roommates in the last 5 years in which I funtion as the house manager/caretaker. I have had a rule about 'no one of the opposite sex' in the bedroom. I have bent that rule for a few situations of special circumstances with legitimate family members. I recently communicated with a Christian father who thinks it is better to maintain his friendship with his adult son (and let his girlfriend sleep over) as long as his son agrees to go to church once a week. My daughter recently moved out because she didn't like my rule. Am I being overly controlling of other adult behavior as a manager of my brother's home or would Jesus smile and approve of my boundaries?
I came out of a Pentecostal background. I see the error in a lot of their teaching. My sister is caught up in it now to an extreme. How do I approach her to let her know of the error in their teaching?
We are christians and my husband sometimes gets mad easily and I tell him that he needs to control his anger and he tells me that if I don't get him mad he would not get angry. What advise would you give me from the biblical point of view that only oneself lets others interfere with ones emotions. What would you recommand?
What does the Bible say about when to not have fellowship with another Christian, and what is "not fellowshipping"?
Pasttor Mark said on Sunday 1/24/11 that looking at your horoscope was s sin. Is that true? And why?
What is your critique of the movie: HEAVEN IS FOR REAL ? It has been recommended as a must-see by some Christian friends. Others have said it is not biblical and should not be watched.
What is your take on Bobblehead Jesus toys?

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