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Is the Jehovah Witness religion a "spin off" (for lack of a better term) from Adventism as a result of "The Great Disappointment" of 1844? Is there any connection between the two?
How come church is on Sunday when the Bible says to keep the Sabbath?
I am an SDA pastor in transition and leading a group of SDAs who want to be
some fellowships teach that Noah entered the ark and was there for 7 days locked inside,,,,and on the 8th day the flood came. as i read through the account in scripture some translations make it sound like the flood came on the same day they entered the ark while others seem a bit unclear. the NT account says that the end will be like the days of Noah,,,people will be "doing their thing" till the day Noah entered the ark. i can't imagine that everyone in Noah's day stopped what they were doing and held their breath for 7 days to see what would happen. what are your thoughts? thanx
I just finished reading the Grace Mail for today, Thursday, June 15, 2006, and wanted to know what "SDA and the false prophetess" mean that was referred to in the "Grace Mail Response." Thank you.
Since the Seventh-day Adventists deny that humans have spirits, then, with regard to Christ, does this mean that they teach a form of the ancient heresy of Apollinarianism?
Do Seventh Day adventists believe in the new covenant?
Enjoyed Patrias testimony. Does Pastor Mark and Leslie have tapes on their SDA life? Will you ever have an ex-Christian Scientist give their testimony? My friend is CS and says she believes in the Bible like I do, but always talks about what Mrs. Eddy says.
I looked into scripture and tried to find biblical support for bretheren calling themselves pastors and I have not found it. Why do overseers call themselves pastors and not brothers? Peter did not call Paul "pastor" neither did Paul call Peter likewise, but only brother. Even John called himself brother and did not put himself above the others. By the way, the title Shepherd is only given to the Lord Jesus in all passages related to this word. What about the Biblical basis for celebrating anyones birthday including the Lord's supposed day of birth. What Biblical support do you have for this? If anyone's birthday is celebrated in the Scriptures they are only Herod's and other similar characters. What would Jesus think of his Birthday being celebrated? I don't think he would have liked this whole idea. What say you about this?
What is your response to Ellen Whites investigative judgement?

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