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How can you say that you reject the celebration of Halloween because of it's pagan roots and support the pagan traditions of Christmas trees and Easter eggs?
Who has the authority to "Christianize" pagan holidays, and why is the scripture that says to stay away from the holidays and seasons of men not taught?
Can a person contact a deceased relative by way of cards? If not, where does the Bible state that.
I am struggling with my ex-husband about Halloween. Every year he manages to have our eight year old son on this day and he takes him out trick or treating. This year I have him, and my son asked when I will buy him his costume. I told him we are going to sing to the Lord instead of going out. He was okay with that until he went to visit his dad, his step kids and his new wife. Now my son is torn about going out to have fun with his step brothers or not to participate in Halloween. In the children's ministry, is anything going to be taught to the children that can support my position? When my son is with me now he cries when I tell him about Ephesians 5:11, but he agrees not to participate. Then at his dad's he says he does want to go... I try to reassure my son and let him know I love him, but as always my ex-husband sees me as an over board Christian that is taking this harmless night of fun too seriously. I have offered him Pastor Mark's CD, Tricked By Treats, but he will not listen. I have showed him in my Bible, Ephesians 5:11, but he says I am going to turn our son away from the Lord by being too strict about this. Help!! How should I respond?
I am using a Christian curriculum to homeschool my kids. (Veritas Press) We are studying ancient Egypt. Though we discuss the Christian world view, and my kids seem to understand that idolatry is wrong, am I inviting trouble to have them color and then display in our home pictures of the ancient gods, scarab beatles, sphinxs, etc. that are part of the curriculum? We want to keep our home pure. Thanks!
My husband and I know someone who is practicing some sort of mysticism. He claims to have had an out-of-body experience, and that he has managed to leave his body for a time. Is that possible?
What is a Gnostic Christian?
I am an eleven year old girl. A friend gave me a coin purse with an Indian elephant on it. It is orange with green outlining. I want to know if it is safe from demons. Thank you.
Can you be specific about what a Christian can and cannot do on Halloween in terms of activities?
I know that astrology is occultic.. can you help me find scriptures about this?
A fellow member of CalvaryPHX had a "spiritual" session with a spiritist of sorts who said she was able to contact her dead parents, brother and grandmother. I told her this was not scriptual, but she believes what was said was real, since it pointed to specific things that the spiritist did not know. What do you say to Christians who believe in this hooey and why it is forbidden in scripture. Does this sort of belief contradict the written Word. I refer to the scriptures, but she doesn't believe it specifically means this sort of thing.
In last Wednesday's sermon, you spoke about the occult, specifically indian Kachina dolls. Are Kokopelli's the same thing? They are a theme throughout my house (Southwest). Should I remove them? I don't use them as symbols of fertility, just design.
My son plays the on line game called RuneScape. I am looking for info on it, as I am concerned if there are ny occult connections to it (or, is it more like the Lord of the Rings type of thing). Thank you
I am an eleven year old girl. In the Bible when God is telling us something to do, why does He always say "man" or "men"? Why doesn't the Bible talk about more girls? Thanks.
My uncle holds a very high position in the government. He is not a Christian. He was recently invited to become a member of the masons. He is now in the process of beoming a member. What exactly are the masons? My aunt says that they do a lot of fund raisers like the Kiwanas and other clubs, but I have always heard that the masons had a dark side to them. Should I be concerned?
Does the Bible allow use of a labyrinth to facilitate prayer? Thanks

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