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What does Calvary Community Church believe about homosexuality and about men and women who practice homosexuality?
I know what the bible says about homosexuality, but how do you explain that to someone who says they were born a homosexual. That it is not something they chose?
What does the Bible say about homosexuals? Is there a support group for them if they have just accepted the Lord?
What does one earring in one ear symbolize? Or earrings in both ears symbolize in a man?
How do I balance out my beliefs in the Bible regarding homosexuality and showing my gay sister I love her regardless of her sexual prefrence? How do I share the word with her without making her feel that I don't love her?
Does Calvary Community Church believe that the government should legitimize homosexual marriage; and what do you believe about men and women who practice homosexuality?
I heard that caesar was a homosexual. is it true? is there scripture about it
what is the stand on same sex marriage I am against it--what does the Church practice?
Why do you think the 10 commandments directly address adultery but not homosexuality?
How can I convince my son about changing his lifestyle when he is in PA and I am in AZ? I thought he was saved when he was about 15 yrs old.
In regards to the gay bishop in New Hampshire, what does the Bible say about homosexuality? The elders in that church seem to say that the Bible states that it's acceptable and God approves of it. This is contrary to my understanding.
My 39 year-old sister-in-law is gay and currently has a live-in partner. We have a friendly relationship with them both. They occasionally come to our home and they seem to be quite attached to our kids, ages 5 and 7. My concern is about boundaries and the example we set for our kids. Do you have any general advice for us in handling this relationship as Christians, how and when we should talk with our children about it, and the boundaries we should set with this couple?
If a homosexual accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior and becomes a Christian, but he or she continues to live as an active homosexual, what happens to that person(s)? Are they still saved and forgiven even though they are continuing to live as a homosexual, engaging in sexual relations and emotional relations with other homosexuals?
Can a homosexual be saved?
I have a cousin who claims to be saved but lives a homosexual lifestyle. We have tried to reason with her, in giving her scripture to read but she always falls back on the scripture about judging. Can you suggest anything else. And is her salvation jeopardized?

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