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Can you please tell me the differences between Abraham's Bosom and Paridise? And is Paradise and Heaven the same?
Nine of the ten commandments were reinterated in the New Testament,does this mean that we are not suppose to keep the Sabbath? I am told that we are suppose to keep it because we love God.
Are we born sinners or is sin a choice we have to make?
What does Calvary believe about allowing a woman to speak in the church?
What is the difference between mind, soul and spirit?
What does John 15:22 mean? Does it mean that if no one ever tells you about sin or about Jesus that you are then without sin?
Are there two judgements? One for believers and one for unbelievers? Where is that scripture?
How many New Testament books were written by members of the original 12 disciples?
What is John Wesley's quadrilateral?
what is a 5 point calvanist and what are the major points of armineism do most pastors subscribe to afew points from both sides and where does calvery chapel stand
What does it mean that our sins are buried with Christ? He shed His blood for our sins but was there a point when they were buried? Is that a Biblical term?
What would happen if I refused to be baptized and then died, will God be ok with that? What's the difference?
I've heard Perry Stone and Paula White advocate taking communion daily during one's devotion time as a fundamental part of divine healing. Should communion be a part of one's daily time with the Lord and is it a key factor in one's healing?
Is doing Yoga and Pilates bad? I told my sister in-law who is a christian that Yoga and Pilates are related to New Age Religion and she should not practice them. I wasn't sure how to explain this but I heard this some time ago at Calvary.
Does the Bible say that we will know our loved ones in heaven?
Did Jesus really sweat drops of blood?
What does the Bible say about generational curses?
What are the differences between Jehovah Witnesses and Christians?
How can one God be three persons?
How are people in remote places of the earth saved if they have never had a chance to hear about Jesus?
When an unbeliever dies (today), where does he go? I know believers go to be with the Lord and their bodies will be united with them at the rapture but I don't know where unbelievers go and a catholic girl in my small neighborhood Bible study says pergatory. I want to tell her correctly about this. Thank You
Where does scripture say Jesus descended into hell before being resurrected as it states in the Apostle's Creed?
What's the difference between a Christian and a Seventh Day Adventist? Is their doctrine different than ours other than their sabbath day?
Does Revelation 3:5 mean that we can lose our salvation?
What is the difference between a mormon and a christian? Do they believe in a different god?
Was Judas saved?
What is your opinion on the book, The Greatest Book of Dispensational Truth by Charles Larkin?
Is healing a promise guaranteed? References: James 5:14, Mark 16:18, Matthew 8:17, and Psalm 103:3
When we die and go to heaven, when do we get our glorified body? Do we get it once we die, or do we get it when Jesus Christ returns for the second time?
How do you explain that God has written down all of our days before we were born, but we still have free will?
What is Calvary's stance on the celebration of Christmas with the Christmas tree and Santa Claus etc.??
What do we make of Christ's prayer in John 17:11? Does "... that they may be one, even as we are one. " How are we all one, or in what sense was he praying that?
How can we be sure we really have a free will? What does the Bible say?
I've heard America is considered the daughter of Babylon. There is also a book out about this. Is this true?
In John 3:5 Jesus said Truly, Truly, I say to you unless one is born of water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God? What is the water He is referring to?
If we as Christians never truly die, why is it wrong to ask the saints who have gone on before us for help in prayer? Is it any different than asking a brother in Christ here on earth to pray for us?
Why did God tell Abraham to kill his son? All my chiristian life I've been told that Abraham believed God would provide a way, which proved his faith in God, but that still doesn't change the fact that God commanded him to kill his son.
What does Calvary believe about Jesus' mother, Mary?
In Psalm 51:11 David asks God not to take His Holy Spirit from him. Can the Holy Spirit be taken away from a Christian?
How many spirtual gifts can a believer have? Is it possible to have several?
Is everyone's name written in the Lamb's book of life and then erased when they die without excepting Christ? Are there verses other than Rev. 3:5 that defend this view?
What does the "Church of Christ" believe, and are they a part of the mormon church?
Is Arminiaism really wrong?
Are Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Pentecostals considered "cults" in the Christian faith? My home group leader said a prayer for the Jeh. Wit., Mormons, etc. as cults.
What exactly is a 'Christian mystic'?
What is your doctrinal view on election?
Where was Jesus after His crucifixion and before His resurrection?
Pastor Mark, has said that at salvation you receive a spiritual gift, but only one gift. Where does it say that in the Bible?
what is calvary's stance on the pagan origins of holidays, i.e. easter, christmas, halloween?
Why does God allow innocent people to suffer?
If God does not keep records of our wrongs, does satan or how are we judged according to all our deeds?
What is your thought on predestination?
What is the significance of the number 40 in scripture.
In the book of Daniel Chapter 7:13-14 who is approaching the Ancient of Days; When we stand before God will we see 2 personalities ?
where will the souls of people who die go until the final resurection and judgement? also will people even die during the millenium?
Are there such a thing as generational curses?
When will the Judgement Seat of Christ take place? Is this as soon as an individual believer dies or is it for everyone at the rapture?
Who is given authority to baptize? Does the Bible mention this?
Did Jesus preach to the people in Hell after he was crucified? If he did, did they have a chance to be saved or were they just allowed to hear the truth, but remained condemed?
Does God draw all men or only some?
Please explain the difference between dispensational and covenant theology? What is Calvary's position?
Could Christ have sinned?
Please tell me about Christian Science. Is it a cult? My sister has become involved in it, after being hurt in a mainline Christian denomination.
If Paul received the gospel by revelation directly from Jesus and not from man, how did Peter and the rest of the disciples learn it, and how did it differ from what Paul taught?
What are the main differences between the Methodist and the Baptist?
Are there still prophets today?
How do you explain Matthew 5:19 to someone who is questioning Seventh Day Adventism?
One of the sunday school teachers in our adult class said that Jesus had abolished the law. I was not certain if he misspoke, or if this is a Calvary doctrine, so I thought I would ask - please see Matt 5:17 and Rom 3:31.
Is there a difference between moral law and ceremonial law? If so, did Jesus complete both? If he did complete the moral law, do we still have to complete the moral laws taught by Jesus?
What is the Apocrypha?
Galatians 3:14, talks about the "blessing of Abraham", and how it came to the Gentiles. What is the "blessing of Abraham?
Is Joel Osteen biblically correct?
Can man choose God without the Holy Spirit's work in the heart first?
Why Seventh-day Adventist and the Sabbath, very confused. What is the correct Sabbath?
What is "slaying the spirit" and does it fit with what is tought at our church from the bible?
Why is it that Protestants do not accept the Apocryphal books as inspired?
What happened to the Roman soldier that speared Christ on the Cross?
I want to become a pastor at Calvary someday I want to enroll in Phoenix Seminary in the Master of Divinity program. Will this help me meet the requirements of becoming a pastor at Calvary?
Has the kingdom come?
What does it mean when the Bible says that some people were predestined to be saved? Doesn't that conflict with the theory that salvation is open to all? If it is open to all, then how can some specific people be chosen?
How did Jesus Christ die?
Did Jesus go to hell after dying on the cross?
I find Mark 16:18 confusing with reference to serpents and poison. Can you explain this passage?
What is the difference betwen receiving the Holy Spirit and being baptized in the Holy Spirit?
Is John the Baptist actually Elijah?
Although my husband is a Pastor of a church, I still desire to sit under Pastor Mark's teaching. Is it wrong to sit under two different leaders?
If I ask Jesus to forgive someone after they sinned, are they forgiven?
Where is heaven?
Is God really three persons in one?
Can you refer me to a reputable link for information on the "faith movement". I thot there was a link/info on the Ask Calvary website but I'm not finding it.
What is this church's position regarding the days of the week of Crucifixion and Resurrection? What day was Jesus crucified on? The traditional view is that He was crucified on Friday afternoon, but what does the Bible say?
Our son has heard of some type of new theology stating that now it is thought by several Bible scholars that God is so merceful that He will not keep people in hell forever being punished for rejecting Christ but will make them (all the people in hell) to simply not exist anymore. We know, from God's Word, this is false teaching but what can we tell our son?
Is there any danger in investigating 'Bible Code' theories?
Was God in the burning bush or an angel? Scripture seems to say both.
If 1 Peter and 2 Peter were written to the elect, or the "saved", then how can we use 2 Peter 3:9 as our proof that God wants all men to be saved if Peter was speaking to the elect? Aren't the "none should perish" the elect?
Since Jesus is God, why was he baptized with the Holy Spirit(Mark 1:10).
Did Jesus descend to Paradise during the three days in the tomb?
I read the answer that says that the Bible says nothing about inter-racial marriage. I do not believe that is correct: Were people not disciplined for giving Moses and his second wife, of another race, a hard time about their inter-racial marriage? Were Ruth and Boaz of different races? Some people think that Song of Solomon, speaks of an inter-racial marriage.  Jesus had people of different races in his family, didn't he? I think that God is not concerned about inter-racial marriages, because we are all of the same race--the human race--coming from the same two ancestors. On a practical level, in this day and age, I think a person often has to have a "thick skin", to be in an inter-racial marrage; because, sadly, the public at large still tends to be intolerant and condemning. Please correct me, if there are errors in my understanding.
Will my cat go to heaven?
Could you explain predestination of Christians?
I've grown up in church, and heard people say you need to seek the face of God. How do you do this?
Did Adam have a belly button?
Are you familiar with Dutch Sheets and his ministry? Is it scripturally sound?
What is the difference between the 7th Day Adventist Church & The Church of God (7th Day)?
Where does Calvary stand on the grace message of Steve McVey and Bob George?
I noticed that in your Statement of Faith you stated that Jesus was your advocate and only high priest. I am interested how you preach the differences between Jesus and God?
When I read 1 Peter 3:18-22, I do not find where it says that Jesus took the residents of Paradise with him. Can you give me a scripture reference that states this?
What would be the definition for legalism and cult? When does the balance tip toward the other?
Covenants... Still having difficulties understanding them what was their purposes for each of them? Are they nullified under the new covenant? Thank-you for your help in this area...
Can you become a Christian without believing in the virgin birth
As free willed beings, will we ever be in danger of rebelling against the Lord when we are in Heaven?
Hi, This question is in regards to what Pastor Mark was teaching this Sunday on believers being the seed of Jesus Christ. Would it be correct to say that just as the Holy Spirit fertilized the seed of Mary, which was born as Christ Jesus. So too, Jesus fertilizes our soul with His own seed through the recieving of the Holy Spirit causing us to be born again as His own spiritual children. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this interpretation. Thank you and God Bless.
Are all Christians supposed to have the gift of tongues?
Could God be a woman?
What are "generational curses"? Are there such things?
Is Arminianism a biblical standpoint?
Could you tell me what a person means when they are talking about something called "Dominion Theology"
I just spent a few hours talking with some Jehovah's Witnesses and they kept saying that when we die we have no conscious. (Eccl 9:4-11). Can you help me rebuttle this?
How do you differentiate between a God-given vision and one that is not?
What is hope? How does it relate to faith, what is difference between them?
If Jesus paid the price for our sins, to whom is he making that payment? God? And if Jesus and God are One, then why is God paying himself?
I spoke with a member of the Church of Christ who believes musical instruments are not to be allowed in worship because while there is evedence of it in the OT, there is none in the NT. How can I answer them?
When an unbeliever is jugded and thrown into the lake of fire, do they cease to exsist?
With all of the different denominations, and wide variations in beliefs, how can I find the truth? So many make good cases for their beliefs.
What is God's glory?
What are the differences between Catholics and Christians?
Is it true if you have not spoken in tongues that you are not saved?
Do you believe God is completely sovereign, (possessed of supreme power) or do you believe in a man centered decisional salvation?
Are there any modern day prophets?
What is the difference between the lineage of Jesus in Matthew and Luke?
in 1 peter 2: 9 he says we are a royal priesthood. if Jesus is king, and we are heirs to the king, does that make believers kings and priests?
What do you know about (the) rapture?
How is Calvary's doctrine different from the Assembly of God
Who killed Christ? Romans or Jews.
Is Sheol a real place today?
Who is Peter writing to in 1 Peter and 2 Peter? Believers or unbelievers?
There are people saying that the whole Godhead lives in us; but isn't it just the Holy Spirit?
What about faiths that don't accept Jesus Christ as Savior?
Does a person have to repeatedly ask forgiveness for the same sin?
Can you please explain Romans 9:11? It seems like Jacob had no choice to choose God and Esau was damned from before birth.
John 20 where Jesus breathed On the disciples and said recieve the Holy Spirit, did they recieve Him? If so in what way did they recieve, and how is that different from what happened in Acts 1?
Do you have any information on The DaVinci Code book?
We know that God is not a God of confusion. So why is there so much disagreement on doctrinal issues? Who is right and by what authority?
Where in the Bible does Jesus say that He is the son of God?
What does the Bible say the purpose/definition of tongues is? How do you reconcile your answer with 2 Peter 1:1-4? Also 1 Cor 13:7-10? The Greek tense and gender make it impossible to be refering to Christ! What is it refering to then?
I've read that Buddhism is a 'path' that can coexist with Christianity. Is it possible to be a Christian and to follow eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, Confucianism or Taoism?
In the Garden of Eden, were there two trees. One was the tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the other one the Tree of Life? What do both trees mean?
If when we die, we either go to heaven or hell, how do you explain the passage in the Bible that says that when Christ returns for His church, first the dead in Christ shall rise to meet Him and then the rest of us believers?
Is the new evangelical, Joel Osteen, a biblically based teacher, my sister has gotten involved in his shows and books. I have bad vibes about his so called sermons.
What is your view on the teachings of John Hagee? Have you read his book titled "Jerusalem Countdown" and if so what is your opinion of it?
When the Bible refers to "our flesh" as having evil desires, is it implying that Satan is within us as humans?
Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?
What does it say in Revelations about One-World Government (War) if any thing?
Why is the account of the calling of Andrew and Peter by Jesus different in John 1:40-42 from what it is in Matthew 4:18-22, Mark 1:16-20 and Luke 5:8-11, which are similar?
If we really have free will can you please explain Daniel 4:35 to me?
Can you lose your salvation?
With all the religions in the world, how do we know which one to believe?
Baptism in water is a symbol of union with Christ. How far does this symbol go in relation to actual union?
What is the connection between: the jews to be in the dessert for 40 yrs and Jesus to be alone in the desert for 40 days, why 40?
What is Calvary's view on dispensationalism?
Before the flood Gen. 6 tells about evil angels mating with women of earth. the flood had to destroy the offspring. Were the giants in Caanan at the time of Israel conquering the land reproduced the same way?
If non-believers and demons eventually go to Hell, why are they "judged" by God in the end if their fate is already sealed?
Does the Bible make referrence to someone being a backslider, one who at one time professed faith in Jesus but now their life appears to be that of someone unsaved? Can that person be truly saved?
Why do churches differ on how often and how communion should be taken? Did Jesus command us to make this a ritual, or did he just imply that every time we eat and drink together, we remember his sacrifice?
What is and what are you views on Replacement Theology?
Was Jesus talking to himself when he would pray to God?
what is the difference between a pastor and a reverend if any
If we are justified by faith - what standards are we held to after justification and what is the punishment for not upholding those standards?
Can you recommend a basic theology text book for personal study?
A Christian friend told me that Jesus did not know that He was the Son of God until He was baptized. What do you believe?
Is Mark Martin a Calvanist or an Arminian?
Why was pork not okay to eat in Old Testament times, but is okay to eat today?
There is a verse that says we will all be judged for the bad things we've done as well as the good. Does a Christian stand before judgement for their sins? My baptist church teaches that we will face judgment one day for the wrong things we do.
Do you believe that hell lasts forever, and thus even the lost will have eternal life in hell?
If Jesus was the Son of God, why did He call Himself the Son of Man?
Where does an unborn babies spirit come from? Is it created at conception, or does it come from Heaven? Is the spirit residing in Heaven before conception?
Are there three Gods? God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?
Have you heard of or read the book by Edgar J. Goodspeed, called "How Came The Bible", Second Printing (Nashville: Abingdon, 1979)? If so, how can you honestly say that the Bible as it is today is the authentic word of God?
Matthew 19:16-18 has me stumped. In this passage (NKJ), Jesus seems to indicate He's neither God nor good. He may simply be challenging the rich young ruler's faith and the wording confused me, but please provide guidance.
Why was Jesus of the Jewish Race and not of another? For example Why wasn't He from South America or somewhere else across the world? Was there even people on this side of the world then?
As a Christian who believes in the Word of God, what do I need to know about the Gnostic Gospels?
Are there going to be animals with God?
I see the argument against keeping the sabbath as valid but I would like to know why it was included as part of the "Ten" versus the rest of the ceremonial laws that were given to Isreal.
Mormons do believe that Jesus is their Savior (He can forgive their sins-is the Son of God) but not that Jesus is God as Christians do, can they still be saved?
Is it wrong to give gifts at Christmas? I enjoy giving gifts and I enjoy seeing my children open them. What does the bible say?
I am studying the book of Galatians and it seems that the Galatians had reverted back to trying to be justified by keeping the law and by works. Can you give me a more in-depth overview of the letter to the Galatians
I am taking a religious studies course at Estrella Mountian College called Intro to Christianity. One of our assignments is that we need to contact the church that we attend and ask these questions. 1. What sacraments does the church believe in and practice? 2. How often? 3. Why? 4. What is the churches definition of the word sacrament?
Growing up in a non-denominational church, I grew up asking God to forgive me of all my sins, in Jessu name, and keep me faithful so I can go to heaven with Him. I was constantly asking God to forgive particular sins and I still do, and not just sins in general. I had never heard of the "sinner's prayer", and I've not seen it in the Bible. Is it simply asking God, in Jesus name, to forgive my sins and help me be faithful? Does it show that Jesus is the forgiver and no one else? When you ask Jesus to forgive your sins, are you in essence showing Him that your faith is in Him to forgive?
Should Christians be concerned about believing/following "false" doctrine they receive from the church they attend, as it relates to the "details" in the Bible? i.e. whether the rapture will occur, whether all people came for Adam/Eve, once saved always saved, etc. I see different/opposing views from many Bible-based churches on so many issues. And the two sides explain or "prove" their beliefs by translating the Bible back to the Greek language. To me, both teachings seem backed up and believable. And they all agree that Jesus is the only way to salvation. So I question what to believe, and if everything my church teaches me (which I have been believing whole-heartedly) is correct or not, and if it even matters when churches disagree when men interpret the Bible differently?
Can you tell if you have ever heard of this author R.C. Sproul? Are his teachings accurate?
My 14yr old, asked, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." Does that mean wanting is a sin? Please explain the verse. Thank you
In the Old Testament it seems as if God is always saying; "if you do such and such..........I will bless you or curse you". If you do "right" you will be blessed. If you do "evil" you will be cursed. It doesn't seem to work that way anymore, is that because we are under the new covenant?
who are the " elect " mentioned in Mark 13 : 20 to 27
can you explain what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is

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