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Is the ICOC a cult?
What is the apostolic church and what do they believe? Are they a cult?
Can a Mormon who professes Jesus Christ as his Lord, Savior and Redeemer be saved and still be in the Mormon church?
Is the Seventh-day Adventist religion a cult? What are their beliefs?
Is "Isaiah 61 Ministries" a Christian organization or a cult? They seem to specialize in the casting-out of demons.
What are Jehovah's Witness weddings like? Is there a standard ceremony?
Is Unity Church a cult? If I attend Unity Church will I be jeapordizing my salvation and not go to Heaven when I die? Do They teach truth from their positive practices of joy & love? Is it safe to read their Daily Word publication?
A Mormon works in my office yet he told me that he reads the KJV Bible. Why are their beliefs way off?
What is scientology and why do so many in Hollywood follow this? Is this a cult?
What does Calvary Community church think about the Recovery Version Bible, I got a free New Testament send to me thru the mail. It's distributed by a group of christians that call themselves the Lord's Recovery or the "local church" Some family members have gotten involved with them and I don't know what to think.
The Mormon's believe the KJV of the Bible is the only true Bible, How can I refute that statement? Can I use Rev. 22:18-19 to refute the Book of Mormon, or have they escaped that argument?
What are the basic rules of morality adhered to by the followers of Christian Science?
Is the by the 7th Day Adventist? Is it accurate Bible lessons?
Is the Community of Christ (RLDS) church getting the right idea or not? They still use the Book of Mormon.
What is preterism? Are there any good books that can help me witness to these people?
I had a friend in the church of christ who claimed that they were the only true church. Is the church of christ a cult?
Hey guys I have a question for you. What is a Seventh-day Adventists and what do they believe?
Recently, there has been a lot of new age activity, increased by support from celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey. These so called experts include Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and movies including, "What in the blank do we know?" While I cannot find that these individuals do not have Christian views, I feel uncomfortable when I have heard them speak. My daughter is entranced by this activity and I am concerned that a role model such as Oprah, is supporting these beliefs. While Oprah claims to be Christian, she also believes that any religion or belief is acceptible. Please give some guidance to others in regards to these types of beliefs and to the people that believe Oprah is a spiritual leader of our time.
What aren't Jehovah's Witnesses allowed to do, and is it bad if they do not go to church or pray, drink and do drugs and are physically abusive.
What do Mormons believe?
Mormons believe they can be baptized for people after they have died. They use the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 15:29 as their proof. What does this verse actually mean?
What should you do if a person says they are Christian and they have a crystal ball in their home?
I did a search on Ask Calvary for the United Church of God and found a basic answer, however, I was wondering if you could point us in the right direction to do further research on this church. I don't want to just do a Google search because it can be hard to tell which resources are accurate and trustworthy. We are interested in this topic because my father-in-law has joined this church with very upsetting consequences for the rest of the family. We want to be informed about this "church's" beliefs and also determine if there is an appropriate way to intervene. Thank you for your time and assistance,
What is your opinion of United Church of God? I requested one of their booklets and now I am having second thoughts. I will look it over when I receive it but would like to know what you think? Is it a cult? Their websites say they still observe old Testament holy days. They do not believe in serving in the military. What do you think of all this? Thanks
Is there anything wrong in participating or engaging in activiites related to 'finding ones' center' doing labyrinths, energy focusing etc? They sound and feel very new age like but not sure. MY employer is really big on this and pushing this concept out to everyone at meetings, retreats, etc. I need to know if this is contrary to my belief system as a christian. (which I feel it is) but they say your center can be whichever God is yours and wherever you find your strength. Someone very dear to me send me this link. Is this a new cult? Another doctrine mocking Jesus? This movie is very upsetting, specially for all the newborn christians.
A couple of weeks ago, Mark pointed out a good scripture that showed Jesus is God, based on the context of the sentence structures. I don’t believe that it was the scriptures in John, or the scriptures relating to the “I AM” issues it was something else. I’ve heard this before on Way of the Master, refereeing to it was still in the Jehovah Witness version of the Bible, and would be a good example to point out to them. Could you show me the scripture verses that Mark was talking about, or others similar to it.
I would like to know the scripture in regards to why we shouldn't celebrate Halloween, this way I can share with a friend.
Why is it that people in false belief systems such as mormonism or islam still have such good feelings and peace about life if indeed their religion is false?
What can you tell me about Watchman Nee and Witness Lee?

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