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My kids are always saying "oh my gosh" instead of "oh my God" when they think something is cool or surprising. Is that still a sin? If so, any alternative ideas for kids to express the same idea without sinning?
Where does the Bible say "God hates the sin, but He loves the person"?
Are adultery and divorce both forgivable or will God judge them at the Great White Throne Judgement even if I have repented of them?
I have been taking a tribal bellydance class for almost a year now. I adore this class and have a great sense of accomplishment and joy each time I go. tribal belly dance is a fusion of American, Indian, and Arabic dance where a group is dancing in formations. We wear wool or cotton twirling skirts or yoga pants with belts or shawls around them. The tops are usually vest like and adorned with coins or yarns. My question is this; I have been invited to try out for the troupe..that is a dance group that does performances. They perform at the Arizona renaissance festival each year and other venues. Would it be wrong to join I really enjoy this dance and I see nothing wrong with it but I want to be sure I wouldn't be in some way offending the Lord. Please help as I am expected to try out in the next few weeks.
If a saved person had backslided and was living in sin, then died would they still go to Heaven? It doesn't sound like it in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.
Where in the Bible doe it say that it's a sin to have more than one wife?
Do you believe that there are homosexuals that love Jesus? I have always thought homosexuality to be a sin issue.
Did Christ BECOME SIN or just take onto himself our sins
Will non-believers be judged for sins they did not know were sins in the first place? Is there a difference between non-believers in America where we are free to research religion vs non-believers in remote places of the world?
What is Calvary's stand on homosexuality?
Who tempts us?
What is the unpardonable sin?
Jesus made water out of wine so the bible allowed wine but you just werent allowed to get drunk on it. if thats true ..besides the legalities...why is marijuana wrong. if people used it to the point of being buzzed and not stoned isnt it the same? and why would god create a plant like that? i have people in my life who are always talking about how it should be legalized. I need reference to back up my statements against it ..because if it is legalized is it still wrong? Please help.
Mark 3: 29, What does it mean to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit? As it goes on to say that it's an eternal sin.
If I have an affair and get a divorce, can I remarry, and will I be forgiven if I continue to be with the person that I had the affair with?
Can a Christian live totaly free from sin?
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
Can a believer be free from inbred sin?
Is all sin evil?
I have heard a sermon before on gossip and a acrostic was given to identify gossip. Seems like two of them were true, helpful. Don't remember what the acrostic word was?
The Bible says lust is a sin. I can't help but have strong sexual desires for my fiance. It seems to be natural becuase I'm attracted to him. Is it sin to have those desires?
In the Old Testament before Jesus was born what decided if you went to heaven or hell?
What if you are in a sin that you have asked god for forgiveness, repented, but still cant seem to break away from it and you die, do you go to heaven?
Is overeating considered a sin?
Would the world have been different if only Eve had sinned and Adam had not sinned.
Is it okay to copy a CD for my friend for his personal use and to dowload songs from internet?
If a person is saved, but commits sin in the form of sexual immorality, will God punish or chastise that person, even if they ask for forgiveness? Explain 1 Thess. 4: 3-8
I want to enter a weight lifting fitness competition. Is it considered vain to do this if i want to be proud that god made me strong?
What does the term "church discipline" refer to when speaking of sin? Is there anything in the Bible that supports this?
If someone continually sins (drinking and lying), but he then prays for forgiveness, is that person truly saved? Should he be shunned in the way it states in 1 Cor 5:1-5?
Is anger a sin? I am under the understanding that anger is not a sin, however, what I choose to do in that anger can be sinful.
Very dear friends of 15 yrs in our Bible study group of 5 yrs, decided, without talking to any of us, to divorce after almost 20 yrs of marriage. They told us after the papers were signed. Godly people who absolutely love the Lord. She wanted the divorce. He did not and is broken hearted. Are we supposed to shun her? We did not get the opportunity for "Bible discipline" to go with one, then two, then before the elders... I love her deeply as my sister and friend in Christ, and I believe she is 100% decieved by her divorced friends. I just want to love on her and keep an open door, but I am confused that I may have not done what God says. Help.
We know that Satan chose not to obey God, does that mean that Satan created sin? If the angels also had freedom, and heaven is all good, how did sin get into heaven or was sin created when Satan was cast into the earth?
Why didn't God make people who were inherently good and who would eventually accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Why did He make so many people that He knew would never accept Him, and thus eventually end up in Hell?
I wish to copy/burn Christian tapes and CD's for some loved ones who need it. Including the Bible on CD. Is this wrong to do? I can't afford to buy new ones for these people, but I really want to share without loosing my own collection. Thank you!
If a person has gotten divorced on non-biblical grounds, remarried, and truly repented are they forgiven? Does God recognize their marriage or does He consider them to forever be living in sin?
Pastor Mark, I was raised a catholic but decided that I know longer can be committed to that religion because of all the legalistic attitudes that it has and started attending Calvary. I have so many questions and hope that this one you could answer. What about Mediums? I mean the woman, Allison DuBois who has the show Medium now. If she is doing something that is so good such as finding murderers, pedophilers, kidnappers etc., is that bad? I am reading ACTS and I came upon the slave girl who annouced that Paul and Silas had the Holy Spirit in them. I am so confused about all of this.
Is there a passage in the Bible concerning every word that is uttered being recorded in heaven?
Does Calvary offer anger management counseling?
What are sins of omission? I know they are sins we are not aware of, but can you give me an example please? When I think about not having confessed and repented of them I get so emotional. Maybe it's because I'm in Evangelism Explosion and finally feel like I'm really on the right track!
I've read your statement a Christian is never sinless, but a true believer does sin less and less, but how would you explain 1 John 3: 7-10? I greatly appreciate your insight.
Why did God allow His angel to sin against Him?
Many years ago I fell into sin by having an affair. I was told that I must confess my sin to my spouse
Is there such thing as Generational Curses? I thought with the blood of Christ we are new? Wouldn't that take away any cures that are generational?
If God knows everything from before the beginning of time, why would he still create man knowing that he would sin?
In one of the answers to the questions I just read, you said blasphemy was unforgivable; yet last Sunday Pastor Mark said even blasphemy was forgivable. He said the only unforgivable sin was not accepting Christ. What do you say to this?
Can I pray for my Christian son and his Christian girlfriend and expect God to protect and bless them if they are living together?
Is it wrong, or not "a Christian thing to do", to go to a restaurant that has a bar? I always tell my sister and wife to sit at a booth to hang out and talk. They insist at sitting at the bar and playing a game near all of the people drinking. Am i right in having a concern about that? I ask her, "Would you like Pastor Mark coming in and seeing you at a booth or the bar?"
Is it sin to be angry that someone very close to you lied to you?

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