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Once we are saved are we always saved. What if you back slide or lose your faith?
Can someone lose their salvation if they denounce Christ?
How do I get saved? What must I do? Must I be baptized to be saved????
I asked Jesus into my heart and have rededicated my life to Him many times, but seem to fall back into old habits and sins, does this mean I really wasn't saved?
Can a believer lose their salvation, or would you take the Calvinist position they were not saved in the first place? Hebrews 10:26 and Hebrews 6:1-6 make this issue cloudy to me. Can you please help?
If a Catholic or Jehovah's witness believes that Jesus died for their sins and accepts him as savior; but, does not believe in Hell, the Trinity, or other aspects of Biblical Christianity, are they considered saved? Will they still go to heaven?
Do you have to speak in tongues to go to heaven?
Did God turn his face from Jesus as He was crucified due to all of our sins being placed on Jesus?
Why does God create people whom He knows will ultimately go to hell?
I know that Calvary and the Bible teach that once a person has sincerely asked Jesus into their heart that they are saved and nothing can change that.Yet I have fellow Christians that see it another way. Any thoughts?
What do you know concerning Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort's series,website, etc.on the "Way of the Master"..for witnessing to people about sin & God?
What is a false conversion? Do some people "get saved", but really don't because it's just an "in the moment" sort of thing?
Can Christians make bad decisions like abortion after they become christian?
Angels were cast out of heaven and became demons. Does this mean that man could be cast out of heaven, too?
What happens if you die before fully understanding / accepting the Bible?
What are your beliefs about the Lutheran faith? Do you believe someone with a Lutheran background is saved?
If a person believes in the God of creation (of the Bible), but has not had the opportunity to hear of Jesus Christ, and dies, will he go to heaven? Thank you.
If a young child (8-10) asks Jesus to forgive their sins and believes Jesus is God's son/died on the cross/rose from the dead are they "really" saved or do they need a more mature knowledge to make a true commitment?
If someone loves Jesus and believes that He is their Savior, but does not know about being saved by grace, are they saved? I am thinking of my friends who are Catholics; they love Jesus but are not taught about being saved by grace.
Matthew 7:21 seems to mean there are some people who believe they are saved but will be "left behind". How can a person call on the name of the Lord Jesus; truly believe in Him & yet not go to Heaven?
Will everyone in the whole world have a chance to accept Jesus? What about those in remote parts of the world, how will they hear about Jesus? Are they accountable, if they have never heard his Name?
Two weeks ago I asked a question. To date I have not heard a reply. Am choosing to believe that I made a mistake on entering my email. Regardless of the truth I will hold to that belief, and shall ask the question again. How did the crucifixion taken place as given in the Bible? I understand Peter being told to put away his sword after the garden confrontation, but why would he deny him? How could the disciples just allow their master of three years to die without intervention or joining him on Golgotha? My failure to accept the crucifixion precludes me from being called a Christian. Accordingly I can not be "saved". It is a source of great pain.
What must I do to be saved?
At what age are most children capable of understanding what it truly means to accept Christ as their Savior?
Was Solomon saved?
Can a person decide to give their life to Jesus , make a confession of faith,and get baptized even though they still have doubts but try not to have doubts?
My mother is Jewish. Since she does not believe that Jesus is the Messiah,she is not saved.Is she going to hell?
What is Calvary Chapels position on the Lordship debate?
I can't seem to grasp the Trinity..I always thought that God and Jesus were separate entities..Does this mean I wasn't meant to be saved/go to Heaven?
Does the indwelling of the Holy Spirit occur at the time of Salvation or sometime afterwards?
Can Catholics still go to heaven given that so much of their doctrine is contrary to scripture?
If you were a believer and then developed Alzheimers and were no longer a believer would you still be saved?
Where in the Bible does it state you have to be born again?
Is it possible to believe in Jesus as God's Son and Savior but never truly repent thus not being saved?
Last evening Pastor Mark spoke about young children who go to heaven before the age of accountability. He said it is not real clear when that age is exactly. My sister died from cancer at the age of eight. She went through her 'First Communion' prior to her death. Her communion portrait hung over the fireplace for decades. I was wondering if it is a safe assumption that she hadn't truly reached the age of accountability(despite the Catholic ritual) and most likely in heaven?
Can a person who is retarded understand salvation? Does God take that into consideration and judge accordingly?
When are our sins forgiven? When we give our lives over to Christ or at Baptism?
Will those that have passed away and are not saved get a second chance at accepting Jesus Christ?
Can you lose your salvation ? If I have chosen to accept Christ in my life, can't I also unchoose?
Can someone who is saved enter into heaven if they are not baptized in water?
Is there a particular sinners prayer or will any prayer do?
If a person prays and is born again but continues to sin the way they did before they were born again will they still go to heaven or do they become unborn?
Doesn't Calvary's answer to the question posted "Will Calvary welcome a couple living together whom recently became Christians?" contradict the Calvary supported view "once saved always saved"?
How to understand that Jesus said I'll be in heart of earth three days and three nights?
The New Testament uses the term "justified" particularly in Romans 5:1, it says we have been justified through faith. Is this the same as being saved? To say that we have been justified before God, does it mean we are saved and approved of and able to receive eternal life?
My father asked the Lord in to his heart but then, he said that he backslid and doesn't believe that he is saved. What do you think?
How do you know that your saved? How do you learn to hear His voice?
Once saved always saved?
I am a firm beleiver that one cannot lose salvation. I know that there is much scripture to support this. However, I still wrestle with a couple of verses and I am hoping that you can clarify them for me? (2 Peter 2:20-22) I also stuggle with Demas - he had forsaken the faith. - 2 Tim 4:10
I understand Ephesians 2:8, but I know someone who professes Christ & attends a Bible-teaching church, but their life doesn't mirror Christ in any other capacity. Can a person be saved when one continually chooses to live in disobedience.
I have been raised a Christian and I believe that Christ is my Lord and Savior; but, I have never been baptized. Does this mean I will not go to heaven if I were to die?
My eight year old son told me that he asked Jesus to be his Savior and forgive his sins, but that he feels like he doesn't believe in God because he can't see him. He is afraid he is not saved. I don't know how to respond.
When you get saved will you be judged on the sins in the past, before you were saved?
If the scripture says you will not inherit the kingdom of god if you commit a certain sin, how can one be saved, and go to heaven and still be a human and sin occasionally?
Some say that we can't lose our salvation, but in Ezekiel 18:24, doesn't this passage say we can lose salvation?
If a person accepts Jesus as their Savior and then turns their back on God later in life and claims, "There is no God" then is their name taken out of the Book of Life?
Once you're saved, are you always saved? A lot of people refer to the prodigal son. Others refer to GAL 5 19-21
Based on Revelation 3, can we forefeit our salvation?
Where can I find references in the bible about the age of accountability?
Hello, I have a 2 part question regarding Acts 16:31 which talks about a jailer who asked paul what he must do to be saved. Paul replied by saying that you must believe in the Lord Jesus and you and your household will be saved. Don't you have to do more than just believe? Don't you have to accept Jesus into your heart? Also, when it says your household will be saved, is Paul meaning that by being a witness to your family they may be saved or is he saying that once you become saved, your household automatically becomes saved? Answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but sometimes I wonder if I sin and then die suddenly without having time to ask forgiveness, do I still go to heaven?
I am having questions about eternal security. I am having trouble understanding the passages: First John 3:6-11 and how they relate to eternal security. I am grateful for some answers and insight.
If a person claims to be saved but has continually and knowingly lied to help provide for their family because they 'know' that finances will not provide for them, and also knowingly acknowledges that they don't completely believe that God will provide or verbally does but not in practice... are these people truly saved, or just sinning? This is something that has happened daily for years and years and the person has been 'saved' for over 25 years.
Does a false convert know they are not born again? I it possible to ask Jesus to be your Savior, but you didn't do it right or something? If you still keep sinning after you ask Jesus to be your savior does it mean you were a false convert even though you wish you didn't sin?
I was told that it is very hard for a child, 3-5, to really accept Christ into their heart? Is there a way to tell for sure? I believe that it is easier for a child to accept Christ than for an adult. What are your thoughts?
Is the forgiveness we receive from Christ all encompassing? My mind tells me the Omnipotent Creator of time and the universe has known from the beginning of time all the sins I would ever commit. So when I asked Jesus for forgiveness, I received it for the sins I had commmitted up to that time along with sins I won't commit until I'm 75.
This is probably a dumb question. My deaf son who is 13 years old shares the Gospel with other deaf children at his school. I know it says in Romans 10:9-10 that in order to be saved you must not only believe, but CONFESS with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. Well, my son's friends cannot speak at all! How does confessing with your mouth apply to the person who cannot speak?
Could you give me scriptures that indicate "once saved/always saved"?? I have a friend that believes she can loose her salvation over and over and has to repent to get it back. i would like to ease her mind.
Do you have a list of references regarding Eternal Security that I can share with a friend who thinks we can lose our salvation?
Question: Do we chose to be saved or does God save us whether or not we want to saved? Maybe another way of asking the question, how much free will do we have in the saving process? Yet, another form of the question, if we are not be saved then it is only because God chose not to save us? John 6:44 would seem to indicate we do not have choice. Ephesians 2:5 would indicate that only god can make us alive if we are did, so if he chooses not to revive then we cannot be saved. But II Peter 3:9 indicated that God "does not wish anyone to perish by all come to repentance". John 3:16-17, 6:40, 7;38, all seem to indicate that 'whoever" and 'everyone" who believes will be saved. This would indicated that it is man's choice to obey or not obey.

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