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Fingerprint scanners are already being used in some stores in lieu of credit cards. Can this be the mark of the beast on the right hand?
In what ways is Bible prophecy being fulfilled in the current middle east crisis?
I was listening to the Bible answer man the other day Hank Hannegraf said that the pre-tribulation rapture was never taught befor the 1830s. Is this true?
Does the rapture happen before Russia's invasion of Israel?
I have been doing some research on the Internet about the Rapture and End Times. I found a site by a man named Ellis Skolfield a Bible teacher that has written several books. The one I read last night was called "The False Prophet" He did a lot of research and claims that the the Nation of Islam is directly related to the Anti-Christ or quite possible IS the Anti Christ. I strongly feel after reading this book that Islam could actually be. I wonder if pastor Mark could help me make some sense of this since he is now just finishing up with the book of Revelation. Could Islam be the Antichrist and not literally a person?? Could the "Abomination beyond Desecration" actually be the Mosque itself in Juruselem?? and Islam's prophet Mohammed could he be the False Prophet of Rev. 16:13?? Within the Dome of the Rock there is a large inscription in Arabic that reads: "God forbid that He should have a son" that and many other teachings of Muhammad have turned 1/5th of the worlds population away from the Savior of mankind. This suggests to me that we are being decieved into thinking the Antichrist is not here yet when he has been here for quite a while. Do you think the bible prophesies of days actually equal years?? Sorry for the long question but this is greatly concerning me and I hope and pray that Pastor Mark and the leadership team could do some more research on Ellis Skolfield's work and give me a littly more insight on his teaching. Thank you and God Bless.
Why was Enoch born on Pentocost, then taken by God 365 years later on this same day?
I know that we as Christians should not be worried about the things to come, for they are suppose to happen so that the word of the Lord may be testified. For whatever reason, the New World Order aka:Global Government has come up alot,amongst my co-workers. Brother Harlold Campton, from family radio: has stated that the world will end in the year 2011? With the implantation of the microchip already implanted in a few people in Spain; Would you say that the time is close to that of Brother Harold Campton's theory regarding the year 2011?
Who is the great harlot mentioned in the Book of Revelation
Do you think Islam could be the one world religion of the last days?
Please explain Matthew 24:20.
What does Isaiah 65:17b mean?
If the 2300 day prophecy in Daniel does not apply to 1888 and the investigative judgment as Adventists believe, what does it apply to?
How will Christians live after the tribulation, I mean will there be cars or animals and will we still have to work?
will the 144,000 sealed jews preach the gospel. Where are the verses for that.
Where is America when Russia invades the Holy Land at the very end of the Tribulation period or has America been already destroyed by a nuclear attack?
Will God re-create animals to populate the new earth or does he just move them from the old earth?
If you only had the Old Testament of the Bible, could you get saved? and why?
What is meant by the mention of a "strong delusion" in II Thessalonians 2:11?
Do you believe that the New Jerusalem during the Millenial Reign of Christ will orbit the Earth as a satellite (similiar to the Moon is now), or if it shall simply be a glorified Jerusalem on the present site in Israel?
Whats the difference between the Second Coming of Christ and the rapture of the church?
I'm a little freaked out about prophecy and prophetic utterances. Can you shed some Biblical light on the subject? Can we trust it?
Where can I find, in the Bible, that the 144,000 will go around preaching the gospel during the last part of the tribulation?
I've started attending a Vineyard church recently, and during a home Bible study, people have mentioned experiencing having a "prophetic word" spoken over them. It included speaking of future events concerning themselves and their relatives. Is this the Biblical practice of prophesying?
If a person knows the gospel, but does not receive Jesus as their savior before the tribulation happens, can a person still become a christian during the tribulation? Has the Holy Spirit been taken out of the world?
If the Anti-Christ is to be a counterfeit of Jesus, will he then be a true Jew and will he be 33 years of age? I don't plan to be around to find out otherwise.
Will there be anyone saved in the tribulation besides Jews?
When the rapture happens, will the Holy Spirit leave the earth with us? Do the people left behind have a "second chance" to be saved? Who is saved during the tribulation?
Where in the bible can I find the truth that there are no modern day prophets. Should I argue this point with someone I love or let it go?
Calvary teaches that there are no modern day "Prophets". Is there a scripture on this matter?
When is Jesus coming back?
Mark mentioned something about a red heifer recently being born but he did not elaborate. What is the prophetic significance?
How do people get saved during the Tribulation if there is a deluding spirit preventing their identifying the Antichrist and what he is doing?
I don't believe we will go through wrath of trib. But is the trumpet in Corinthians 15:52 the same trumpet in Revelation 11:15? If so how is it that the church will be gone before chapter 8. It seems that we will be in part of the tribulation.
Does this church support the speaking of tongues?
Who are the dogs mentioned in Rev. 22:15 and where are they?
If Christ died on a Friday, and it took him three days and three nights to rise from the dead. How can we celebrate Easter on Sunday? That would only be two nights and one day.
Who are the two witnesses of Revelation?
I have a friend who is not saved but wants to know what prophecy have been fulfilled regarding Jesus's return.Can you please give me scripture pertaining to theese prophecies as well as some help explaining them to him.Thank you.
According to Scripture, is the anti-Christ male or female?
Is Alcoholics Anonymous considered a false prophecy?
Would there be any significance to an individual being born with a cross in their eye? (X)
Because homosexuality is on the rise, does that mean Christ return is near?
What and how many were the criteria for Jesus to be recognized as the messiah, and where would I find them in the Bible?
What is meant by Revelations 11:4's reference to "olive trees" and "lampstands"? Is there reference to these symbols elsewhere in scripture to provide more insight?
What part of the Bible are we living in now, in 2003?
Can computer chips embedded under the skin be used as the "mark of the beast" mentioned in the book of Revelation?
Why do we celebrate Jesus' birthday on the 25th of December?
Is the recent Tsunami's and severe earthquake an indication that we are closer to the end of time on earth?
What is the significance of John 11: 51-52?
Why does there have to be a great battle between Satan, his forces and the angles and us at the end of the world? Why does god not just poof make them disppear to their judgement? Why do we have to fight if we have already won? I saw this in revelation about the final battle when stn is released one last time.
If the gift of prophecy, as spoken of in I Corinthians 14:5 is alive and well in the church today, why do we never hear of it? Aren't all gifts like this for the edifying of the church?
Are there any prophecies that were declared by either Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses that proved to be false?
Where in prophetic scripture does it show a "Nation within a Nation"-meaning Palestine becoming a state within Israel?
Could you define trust for me? Perhaps as God is asking me to trust Him on certain issues before me!
Will the Anti-Christ be of Roman or Muslum descent?
Does the Pastor have any sermons on DVD or CD formats, In particular on the end times. rapture etc , events pertaining to the last days?
finding messages on end times
Why don't the Jewish people feel that Jesus was the messiah that is written about in the Old Testiment? What prophecies do the Jews feel that he did not fulfill? What do the Jews believe needs to occur for the messiah to come?
What scriptures in the Bible tell you God's criteria for one of his Prophets?
Does the antichrist know he is the antichrist?
I have been hearing a lot of talk of the world coming to an end on December 21st, 2012 based on the theory of the Mayan Calendar. What are your teachings on this topic. Please be specific as to what the Bible says, and what Christians know about this theory!
In Ezekiel 38:11 it says Israel will live in "unwalled villages". Does Israel NOW live in unwalled villages or is that in the future?

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