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Do you have to pray out loud for God to hear? I know He knows all, but what is best?
Does God hear and/or answer unsaved people's prayers?
What does the Bible say about praying directly to the Holy Spirit?
How do I pray? Is praying out loud any different than praying silently?
What is the proper way to fast? I cannot find any teachings on "how to".
Is it okay to pray written prayers by someone else such as using the Power of a Praying Wife book or a book of prayers? Does God ignore those prayers because they aren't original?
Praying in tongues....Can you bring it on, so to speak? I was recently at a conference with a well-known Christian preacher who proceded to pray in tongues over the assembly. She appeared to "bring it on", and suggested you start your day,etc. with it. It did not appear real to me or my guest, a non-christian wtih me. She has asked about the Bible's instructions for it & if this was a real example of it or not. I never have spoken in tongues, so I can't answer her for an absolute. This was not done how I have normally seen it. Can you give me some insight to share with her?
Can anyone annoint someone with oil when praying for. Example a parent over a sick child, friend etc.
Should we pray the Lord's Prayer verbatim?
Why and how does one fast? I heard Pastor Lloyd Pulley talking about fasting, prayer, and revival, and really commiting to frequent fervent prayer. Feel free to elaborate! Thanks!
Who oversees the prayer ministry?
My mom prays Novenas to release souls from purgatory...what scripture supports this tradition? Where can I show her in the Bible that this practice is useless...that you can't pray for the dead?
If I ask God for something specific, how can I have faith that I will receive it without falling into the false teaching of 'name it, claim it'?
If God doesn't change his mind, why do we pray? What is the importance of it?
Is the Prayer of Jabez book a scam or something? It sounds a little like a name it and claim it theology.
I am being led to fast before an outreach mission. Should I wait to fast until the day before we depart or should I move on what I being led to do immediately?
Does God answer prayer requests when prayed over in bulk as they do on TV?
What is a prayer closet, and where does the Bible speak of it. I've heard it referenced but cannot remember where. I would really appreciate your help.
Is prayer a science or can we all have our own ways of communicating with GOD and can he decipher our prayers?
How does prayer work? I heard that since God is not time-bound, He can change things at the beginning of time to answer our prayers, like He could add a loved one to the "saved list" if you pray for it now. Is that true?
Is there a biblical reference as to who should lead in prayer (man vs. women)in a public setting such as Thanksgiving dinner. (Wife disagrees that I felt it biblical to ask my father-in-law/father to give the dinner prayer rather than her.)
A friend of mine asked me about the 'sinner's prayer' recently so i researched it on the Internet. Low and behold I discovered controversy over its scriptural validity. Critics say that we are saved by obedience (Matthew 7:21) and baptism. Of course the thief on the cross didn't have too much time left for reciting the sinner's prayer or obedience let alone being baptized but went to paradise anyway. I know Pastor Mark utilizes a form of the sinner's prayer and encourages new Christians to be baptized on a regular basis. Can you please explain more about the sinner's prayer controversy?
I don't understand when somone says God laid something on their heart. I desperately want to know or discern God's voice in my life.
Is "pleading the blood of Jesus" scriptural. I have heard it used in praying for protection over people and property.
I have a prodigal son and continually pray for him. How does intercessory prayer work in the spiritual world?
Is the "Laying on of Hands" for physical healing Biblical?
How do I know if I'm praying for something that is within God's will. I have prayed that God would take my will and conform it to His will, but I'm still uncertain
What is the differnce if I ask you to pray for me or if I ask Mary to pray for me?
Is it pointless to pray for unsaved loved ones to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior when God already knows who will and will not accept Him? Is it just a waste of time because your prayers aren't going to override their free will anyway?
In the beginning man walked with God and talked with him. When in the Bible did man have to start praying to God for relationship?
I remember hearing advice to pray silently as part of spiritual warfare. Supposedly when one prays out loud the enemy (or his spying demons) get clued in on one's concerns and as a result the warfare goes into a higher gear to hinder the answer. I think the premise is that the enemy can't read our thoughts but can hear what we say audibly. Is this advice one should consider following?
What does it really mean to pray in Jesus' name?
Are we supposed to pray to the Father or Jesus? I know we are to ask in Jesus' name-but am uncertain just who to pray to. Also-is it wrong to pray to the Holy Spirit when surrendering a part of our life?
Since God knows all, and all future outcomes, why should a person pray for a specific answer to a given situation?
When we talk to God are we actually speaking to God the Father, Son,and Holy Spirit or just God the Father? Can we pray to them individually or should we always just say; "Dear God"?
Ephesians 6:18 says " all times Pray in the Spirit..." What does praying in the Spirit mean? My wife thinks it is praying in tongues.
In Matthew 18, it talks about disciplining a church member who is actively sinning. Then in v.18 there is a curious reference to "whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven". I don't understand what this is saying exactly, particularly in the context it is given. Can we "bind" doers of evil or evil plans of others?
What do we say in prayer?
Where does the practice of anointing with oil, especially before prayer, come from? Upon what Scripture is it based?
In the Bible it says that God will not hear/answer prayers if we are sinning, right? Is there then a difference for the believer who is backsliding and say.. "actively fornicating" vs. the believer who tries not to sin, but still does even though they don't want to?
I know that Calvery doe not pratice Speaking in Tondues. Hovever, when I was Baptized In Jesus Name, I did received the gift of the Holy Ghost and began Speaking in Tongues. When I pray at home, the spirit overcomes me and I speak in tongues, when I come to church, I get overwelmed with the spitit and began Speaking in tongues. The bible also says, forbid not speaking on tongues. Because calvery foes not believe this, I feel that I have to suspress the spirit when it moves on me. What should I do?
HI. Do you have a place online for prayer requests?
I have always prayed to God, but recently I have found that praying to Jesus makes my prayers feel more real. My prayers feel more powerful when I pray to Jesus because I feel as if he is a friend, a real solid being to pray to because I know him from reading the Bible. Reading the Bible has given me a clear image of the nature of Jesus. I know that Jesus is God and God is Jesus, but when I pray to God I feel as if I am praying to something untouchable and without form and when I pray to Jesus I feel as if I am praying to a friend, but I feel as if I am going over God's head, so to speak, because in my mind God is above Jesus. Does it truly matter if you pray to God or Jesus? I was taught to pray to God in Jesus' name and that, in my mind, has a clear authority structure that my new thoughts on prayer are challenging. Can you please clarify this issue for me or direct me to passages in the Bible that will clear this up for me, my search so far has not really helped. Thank you.
Does being overly relieved about an answered prayer show a lack of faith? For example, do you think Elijah was at at all relieved when the fire came down?

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