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We will soon be visiting a relative. He wants to go to a casino and gamble. I have played the slot machines before- I allow a limit of $20 for myself and when it is gone I quit. If I win it back or win more I quit. Is this sinful?
I heard someone on the radio ask Larry Burkett if it's okay to use what you would normally tithe to get out from under debt. His answer: Yes, if the commitment to the lender took place before the commitment to the Lord..Would you agree?
If God promises his children to supply all their "needs" why are there true believers that do not have food, water, shelter? I am not talking about "wants" rather basic "needs". Does God promise to supply the believers "needs" and if he does not then what does that mean?
God's promise of supply
How do we know how much to give in offering? Should we give every service?
What does the Bible say about loaning and borrowing money from others? What about someone that you're engaged to marry? Does it say anywhere in the Bible that if you borrow or get a loan from this person that you can no longer marry?
Does the Bible share any wisdom about investing?
Three years ago, we sent out daughter off to college with a tuition waiver and we would pay everything else. Unbeknownst to us, in her Freshman year she incurred almost $10,000 of credit card debt, went from a B student to a D student and pretty much played the entire time and lost her tuition waiver. She did not take the opportunity the university gave her to get her waiver back. Because of that, we then required her to pay her own tuition. We still paid for her living expenses, room and board. She continued to lie about her circumstances when asked what was going on because she said she was always "broke." Last May she came home from college stating that she couldn't afford the university anymore. She still goes to school, but has had to re-take classes she failed and lost her spot in the College of Education at the University. We did not know that she also had quit paying her credit card debt because "she couldn't keep up." Both the credit card company and the bank threatened to sue her. She then supposedly "worked things out". We have let her handle this because she is going to be 22 at the end of October. Last night, she came over and was crying stating that "all of the payments she had made to the bank had been late because she thought they were due on a different date." The bank has now told her that she will be sued unless she takes one of the options offered. She can make $500.00 per month payments until paid, make three months of smaller payments and hope that they will work with her at the end of that or; get a loan to pay it off. She can't get a loan unless WE co-sign for it. We are torn about what to do. We don't want to see her fall, but are we really helping her by co-signing yet ANOTHER loan for her? This is a pattern that has developed in her life and I can't find anything biblical about this. Can you give my husband and I some guidance please?
What is the biblical answer to why gambling is bad? How is investing different?
My wife and I tithe on our gross income. Should we then tithe on the money we recieve back as income tax refund?
I enjoy the game Texas hold'em I play almost everyday online. It's something I'm good at and I enjoy playing. Is it bad for us as Christians to play poker for money?
I am looking for the scripture reference related to not lending money to your family or friends.
Who has seen God?
Is it wrong to put the offerings ammount on the income tax form under contributions or should we not put it in at all leaving it a blank?
My husband's definition of tithing confuses me. He thinks he can put the 10% aside and spend it to buy Christian tapes for himself so he can learn more about God. What can I tell him without saying, "YOU'RE WRONG!"?
Do you support "Promise Keepers", and how do you feel about us supporting them financially?
Is money spent in support of my church (such as bookstore purchases) considered a portion of my tithe?
does my entire tithe need to go to my local church, or can I split it amongst a number of ministries? Also, where should I tithe if I'm "between churches?"
I've heard it said that one reason the ultra rich donate substantially to charities is related to the universal law of 'sowing and reaping.' I know this relates to New Thought kind of philosophy BUT wonder if there is any truth to this? Are there universal spiritual laws that govern the spirit realm (for saved and unsaved alike) much like physical laws (e.g., gravity)? It seems to make sense to me.
Is it a sin to be rich?
At one time there was a workshop on rebuilding your finances. When is the next one?
My father is leaving me his home that is debt free. My brothers are receiving lesser amounts though substantial cash from his CDs, etc. Sometimes I think this outcome is the Lord blessing me for faithfully putting him first in my finances. But I also feel uncomfortable that assets were not split in equal thirds. How should I handle this outcome in light of the scriptures and Christian perspective? What do I tell my brothers regarding this outcome?
I recieve Social Security. Tithing is based on what I earn, how do I tithe on SS and do I tithe on gifts?
Should Christians give 10 percent of their gross income or their net income as an offering?
How can I spend my money more wisely?
I have missed church services for the past 2 weeks, and i have not been able to give any money. I feel very guilty and unworthy. Is it the enemy putting negative thoughts into my head?
Being a new Christian and only hearing of giving tithes and not knowing all the reasons or the benefits or giving tithes am I required to give immediately after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior?
Should our tithe be on the gross or the net income after taxes?
Let's suppose a person is due to receive an inheritance. A smaller portion of the inheritance is distributed ahead of the larger remainder. Some teaching I've heard on TBN says one should give the full amount of the initial amount as a 'first fruit' offering to the Lord. This was considered scriptural for any firsts... paychecks of a new job, etc. I recall this was done not only to honor the Lord but to secure His blessing on the future provisions. Is this wise, optional and/or is just tithing on any amount acceptable practice as a New Testament believer? Does the 'first fruit' teaching have any merit or is it just another 'prosperity' gimmick?
The Parable of the Talents, Matt 25:14-30. How much is a Talent worth in todays US dollars?
I would like to know your opinion on tithing, if a churches opinion/teaching differs from that of what you take the Bible to say regarding the issue, should that be a reason to leave it? A friend of mine is dealing with this issue and is afraid to leave a church made up of inperfect humans for a non dividing issue if it is one, yet doesn't want to continue to stay where the word of God isn't being taught correctly. Is this a gray area or is this a reason to find another church home?
should we as Christians help pay our children's bills?
My wife is self-employed,do we pay our tithes after expenses or out the gross of the business?
When we tithe, does God expect us to tithe on what we are paid before or after taxes are taken out?
My question is on Law Suits. At work today a lady brought up the subject of the Rabbi, who said he would sue the airport if a menorah was not put up. She was stating that she thought the Rabbi should be setting a better example. She also said that it states in the Bible that you shouldnt sue another person I told her that she was incorrect. I would like to know where to look for it in the Bible to show her and so that I understand better as well. Thank you

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