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What does the Bible say about tattoos, even ones with a Christian meaning? Does God say that they are wrong?
What is the difference between a church and a chapel?
How many miracles did Elijah do and how many did Elisha do?
what is the cost to get married at Calvary, with Pastor Mark performing the ceremony??
What is the difference between cherubim & seraphim,& are the four living creatures cherubim or seraphim?
What does Calvary believe about allowing a woman to speak in the church?
In Proverbs 30:26, what are 'conies' to what small weak animals does it refer?
What is Candlemas?
How long did it take Noah to build the ark from beginning to end? Not the 120 years that God told them to come back, but from first board to completion. And scripture to show me
Will you give me an example of a communion prayer?
What does the bible say about preminitions? My freind says that she gets them. What should I tell her about them?
What is the difference between nondenominational & interdenominational churches?
what are the different names that God calls us by (child, servant, etc)? can you please give a reference or two for each name?
Why did Jesus still have the holes in his hands from the nails if He was in His resurrected body? Wouldn't they have been healed?
Does Pastor Mark have bodyguards or security people?
When is it okay to masturbate?
Are William Barclay's commentaries on the New Testament reliable?
What about Og Mandino and Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale and their books? Are they helpful to a Christian?
I have not felt convicted to not drink alcohol. Is it wrong as a Christian to have a glass of wine from time to time? Doesn't the Bible just say not to?
What is the church stand on cremation?
What's the difference between Abraham's Bosom and Paradise? Are they the same thing?
What is a carnal Christian?
Will CCC run a background check on me when I apply for Church membership?
If a person is divorced and remarried, can that person ever be a pastor?
What does the Bible say about foot washing?
Why is it ok to wear a regular cross and not a cross with Jesus on it? If in the Roman days a cross was the represention to crucify criminals including Jesus
What is the meaning of the word Rehoboth?
I was at a confirmation today and a few of those being confirmed made a statement of faith saying they believe Jesus spent 3 days in hell before rising again. I find no evidence in the Bible of this and wonder where does such a belief stem from?
Is the "law of reciprocity" legit? Pat Robertson endorses it on the 700 Club. What is your take on it?
What is repentance?
Before Jesus came, where did one's soul go after death?
Is there a good church that teaches like Calvary over in the Surprise area?
What do you think of Democrats?
What do you think of the Purpose Driven Life books?
How is the date for Easter determined?
Is there scripture to support the idea that Peter was crucified upside down?
Can you recommend a good book on spiritual gifts that goes along with Pastor Mark's teaching?
I tried church before, but it didn't work for me.
Should tithing take priority over paying bills on time?
Do you know anything about Neil Frisby's Capstone Cathedral in Phoenix?
Do you believe that you need to be baptized to be saved? Explain your answer with scripture.
I know reading the Bible every day is important, but I don't like to read, so what do I do?
The reason I am not a Christian is because there are so many hypocrites in the church.
What is meant by the term "slain in the spirit?"
What is the difference between a disciple and an apostle? Are apostles only the 12 who were sent out by Jesus? Are there either apostles or disciples today?
Did Adam and Eve have sex in the Garden of Eden?
I've been talking with a Jehovah's Witness but don't want to go it alone, who can I talk with to get some back up?
If there are no Calvary Chapels in my area, is it best to always look for the nondenomination churches over say a grace, purpose driven Lutheran church?
How can a God of love send someone to hell?
Can you lose your salvation?
Are you obligated to a vow you made to the Lord out of fear and misunderstanding?
Will Calvary welcome a couple living together whom recently became Christians?
How can I get an appointment with Mark Martin?
Can people have psychic abilities without them being from Satan?
Is it bad to have mormon friends if you are a christian?
If God is so good and loving, why does He allow evil?
Is having a miscarriage God's way of punishment?
Why can't I have sex when I'm not married, but I'm really in love with the person?
Why do we use grape juice instead of wine for communion?
A friend was telling me to pray to Jehovah Rapha when praying for my Aunt with Cancer. She says this is the healing part of God. Could you please explain more?
Statement of Faith
Does Baptism save me?
One of the candidates for governor is a Mormon, but other than that, I don't have a problem with him. Is it ok to vote for him?
Does God make women barren as He did in the Old Testament? My friend does not believe in God and is unable to conceive a child.
What does it mean to speak in tongues?
Why do Christians say that Jesus is the only way to heaven?
I have friends in Cambridge, WI (zip code 53523) that are having trouble finding a good, bible teaching church. Do you know of any in that area?
How is church discipline administered within the body at Calvary.
My sister says the book of Revelation is not to be taken literally. She says that John was just sending secret messages to fellow Christians. Is that a possibility? I know Catholics don't believe the book of Revelation either.
If a person is born again, does this give them license to sin, since they know they're already saved? Can they keep getting away with sin without any reproof?
Is it ok to put an animal to sleep?
What is the meaning of the word El Shaddai?
Why are there differing descriptions of the four living creatures (Rev. 4 & Ezekiel 1)? Do these creatures relate to Daniel's four creatures?
Is there a difference between born again Christians and evangelical Christians?
Someone at my work asked to me find out for myself why the name of God is not used. He says that it has something to do with a mix up in traslation? So, why don't they use God's name in place of always calling Him 'God'?
How far did Jesus have to carry the cross?
Is suicide is a sin?
Will God let my children go to heaven if it's my fault we all die? I'm worried the most about my oldest because he may be rejecting Christ like his dad right now.
What's the difference between the soul and the spirit?
What is the difference between a Calvinist and an Arminian?
How do I have my child dedicated at Calvary?
The Good News of God's Word
If we morally disagree with things in the Bible (such as sacifices and violence) will we go to hell even though we do accept Jesus as Saviour?
Why did the patriachs of the Old Testament have more than one wife?
Have you seen the "" website, and what your feelings about it?
Does the Bible say anything about ghosts? I know that to be absent from the body is to be with Christ, but what about those who don't accept Christ? Are ghosts the work of the devil?
We were discussing in life group this week whether or not a person can enter through the gates of heaveen with unforgiveness towards another in their heart or not? Suppose you are someone who was recently severely wronged by another, you die, yet you have not had that healing time period where you could say that you have forgiven the person who wronged you? Please research this question for me thoroughly. Thanks,
Does this Church have a Widow's/Widower's support group?
Do I need to be afraid of a big church?
What is a community church?
Does calvary have an opinion of the michael w smith movie The second chance?
Is there a website and name to download the Holy Bible? Thank-you
What is crucifixion?
What does a person do when family members are constantly hurting one another and the person? I have forgiven them and love them and do want to have a relationship but it is so hard when they keep hurting each other and me.
Is it unholy to listen secular music or to go to non-Christian concerts?
I was asked how Jesus was from the line of David, as it was Joseph, who was not his real father who was from David's lineage. I know that Mary is in the lineage, but cant find the reference
Why do people give up something for Lent?
Isn't crossing your heart and pledging allegiance to the flag a form of idolatry?
My husband asks, "if God knew we were going to sin and disobey then why did He create us in the first place?" If He knew Satan was going to disobey, then why did He create him?
How do we become members?
What is the church's stand on the death penalty?
Does the Bible explain how different races came to be? If not, is there some theory? When the languages were confused at the Tower of Babel did physical changes also take place?
Is going through counseling (a.k.a. psychiatrist) wrong for Christians?
Is it wrong to have friends that are gay?
I am looking for a Christian doctor, do you know how I can find one?
The Old Testament doesn't mention the name "Jesus", How was He the kinsman of those who died before His coming?
Do you have to be baptized by a pastor or can a mature believer, such as a parent, baptize you?
Who was Cain's wife?
Why is it that sometimes the Word of God is rich & alive, yet other times seems as dry as dust?
How long have we currently been studying Revelation?
What do you think about the new "Bible study" series titled Nooma? Their website is I was considering using them in a study group in our community but have been cautioned by a friend that they are new-agey and don't stick to the truth. I will continue to pray about this and look into it myself but I wanted to get your input at the church also. Thank you so much!!
Is this true? As a christian, if you are not useful here on earth the Lord may call you up early? If so what are the scriptures regarding this?
When Jesus ate dinner for the last time with the deciples before He died, they were celebrating passover. Why do we now call it Communion? And why do we do it once a month instead of once a year? Plese include scripture to answer this.
Does the Bible say anything about a Christians obligation to vote, based on the Bible, of course?
Is it wrong to have a male roommate even if you are not involved in a relationship?
Will one of the Pastors from Calvary go to a funeral of a Calvary member and speak if the family request this?
Do you have Veggie Tales on DVD?
Have you heard of the Father's Heart Ministry with Jack Frost and is it on the up and up?
How does Calvary and it's staff feel about Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-anon Meetings?
Does the Bible support belief in extra-terrestrials? Beings from other planets?
I learned where there are two or more gathered in His name, Christ will be. We learn that He is everywhere. What's the significance of two or more or is He really with us when we're alone?
Why did God allow satan to have the power he has in the world?
Are there any African-American ministers currently pastoring in Calvary Chapels in the US?
Are there people at Calvary involved in pro-life issues?
Was Jesus nailed to the cross through the palms or wrists?
What do you think about the book "The Davinci Code"? How much of it is fiction?
What was the significance of the baby held by the devil in the Passion of the Christ?
Why did God create carnivores? Why wouldn't he want all his creation to be vegetarians and live peacefully in a non-violent world?
How did idol worship or the worship of "many gods" come to be? Did it start with ancestor worship?
What is Calvary's stand on the Terri Schiavo case? Is it murder according to the Bible?
My study bible talks about the pre-incarnate Christ throughout the old testament. Who is the pre-incarnate Christ?
What are some good Christian colleges and universities here in Arizona?
My english teacher said that the phrase "of mice and men" originates from the bible...i can get extra credit if i can find where it is from..but i am having the hardest time finding beginning to wonder if it really is in the bible...
What approximate percentage of the world is Christian? Worldwide, what religion has the most followers?
Is it wrong to sell things (or exchange money) at church? Jesus got angry in John chapter 2.
What did Joseph say when Mary told him she was with child?
Can God reveal His will for someone's life in a dream?
What's the difference between Christianity and Catholicism?
Why did Jesus ask God why He forsook Him while on the cross?
My dad may be close to the end of his life. How do I ask about his relationship with Christ and lead him there if the response is not favorable?
My neighbor said she saw and spoke to Jesus once when she was feeling seriously depressed. Is this possible?
What's the meaning behind the number seven?
Why do you think "The Passion of the Christ" was snubbed at the Academy Awards?
Downloading songs from the internet is very popular. So I would like to know is if you think God would consider it stealing?
Should Christians have a living will? And should we ask doctors to extend our God-given lifes at any cost even if a recovery is unlikely?
I am not sure if this is an ignorant viewpoint yet I don't find it necessary to study other religions. Is it important to know about other faiths?
I found a web site, Is this site OK to read? This is a group from the Prescott area, and seem to me to be a bit questionable. Thanks!
Do you know what doctrine the Salvation Army believes in?
Why in Psalms 3:7 did David write Shatter the teeth of the wicked?
What kind of earth will there be after Jesus's 1000 year reign? Who will inhabit the earth? Where will Jesus go? Will the earth begin anew with Adam and Eve? Will there still be good and evil after his 1000 year reign?
What are your thoughts are on "40 Days of Community" by Rick Warren?
Was Jesus a vegetarian (besides eating fish)?
Where is there a good christian rehab that's a discipleship program as well? We've already tried teen challenge.
What about A.W. Tozer's books, do you recommend them?
We have a christian friend who sometimes likes to go to casinos to gamble. Is gambling a sin? If so, can you give us some Bible verses to pass on to him?
Is it okay to join the peace corps as a Christian?
Is the lamb God's favorite animal, and if so is this because of it's innocence?
I understand Calvary has some sort of rehab program for drugs or alcohol use, is this correct?
What are you supposed to do after you have a Vision (like in Acts 2:17)?
Do you know anything on the religion babelist? I just met a person who is a babelist.
did david dance naked ?
Is there any sort of website for the "church on the street" that you know of?
Where is scripture against the use of luck charms, etc. and what is your opinion? I have some friends with superstitous beliefs in charms.
What is your position on the writings of C.S. Lewis as opposed to J.R.R. Tolkien
Someone has offered to let me read a book on their religion, New Age Pagan based. I told this person I believe in the Lord. Is it ok to read this literature to find out where they are coming from? Is it necessary to read it?
Can an animal be evil or good (just like people) since they seem to all have different personalities? Are they held accountable for wrong-doing?
Can you tell me if the Foursquare Church teaching is similar to Calvary's? Thank you.
If angels carry saints to heaven when they die, who takes sinners to Hell?
If Christianity is the largest religion in the world then why are only a small number of people going to make it into Heaven?
Does God still speak to people through dreams?
Is it known where the Ark of the Covenant is?
Can you explain why my mother has poor impaired hearing but when we attend Calvary she claims that she can hear?
Does Calvary Comm. Church offer VBS (Vacation Bible Study) for children?
I was wondering if the pastors and/or elders were following all of the guidelines and preperation the government is suggesting on or relying on their faith in Jesus to have them ready with what they need?
How do I find the right church?
Is it a sin to swear or curse?
I've noticed that the church has gotten away from calling "easter" sunday "resurrection day", as Mark was convicted on several years ago. Is this on purpose?
What do the people of the United Church of Christ believe? Are they Trinitarians or Unitarians? Do you have a website or book you could recommend? Thanks!
My sister wants to baptize her 4 year old son through the Catholic church and wants me to attend, is this against the christian faith? Should I decline the offer?
Does Calvary have a hospitality (families who volunteer to house) program to help families or individuals who dont have homes to go to?
What is your opinion on the Shroud? Is this Jesus's body or another person who was crucified?
I keep hearing people say (at church) that Jesus is coming back soon. And although I've heard this my whole life, I don't understand exactly when soon is.
Can you recommend any tapes that you may have regarding the war situation? I am having difficulty understanding what is going on and the history behind it all; mainly with the Jews and Palestines and what is right and wrong.
What were the ages of the disciples when they joined Jesus?
This is probably a no brainer, but as a single guy, if I wanted a roommate. Biblically, they would have to be another male? Am I right? What if it was in the situation of health reasons?
Are questions filtered? I have posted questions that have never had replies. Maybe I am just impatient.
Can you give me information about Pastor Jack Hayford and his ministry. He is associated with the Foursquare Church which I had never heard of...Is his teaching all Bible driven....does Calvary agree with his teachings?
I'm hearing new music on your station. How can I see what the artist and song title are?
I listen to black metal purely for the energy, the rawness of it. Even though I believe it's an inmage for money, will I be damned for listening to his kind of music?
I was wondering if you have any colleges or university where I can get a degree to learn about Christ and become a minister?
Why did Jesus retain the nail scars from the crucifixtion after He was resurrected?
How can I find out Marty Goetz's performance schedule. I understand that he was there at Cavary last Sunday evening.
Does the Catholic Church admit to changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday?
Is it right for me to attend Ala-non meetings I am married to an alcoholic, alcoholism is a disease! AA was founded by born again Christians. Ala-non is to help families of alcoholics, am I right in attending?
I understand that you have a Korean service. Is that correct? If so, what time is it running?
Upon his resurrection its said (movies) that Christ told Mary not to touch him because he has not yet ascended to his Father. Where can I find it biblically and what is meant by it.
I love Calvalry and and am soooo in love with Jesus! I am saved, yet I have a struggle when it comes to politics. Is it "un-Christian" like to disagree with our current Presidents take on war and why we are there? I struggle with this daily, even though I am not a very political person. I remind myself that everything is in God's hands anyway and the Lord knows what is best for our world, and even though the President is a Christian, I still disagree with the current state that we are in. Please help!
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Was Jesus Christ born on Dec. 25th?
Do you know anything about Dr. Vendyl Jones who supposedly found the Ark of the Covenant?
Is the law of Moses in force today?
Do we still have prophets in these days?
What do you think of the teachings of Norman Vincent Peale and of the Daily Guide Post?
Why is it wrong to play Dungeons and Dragons?
I'm lost when it comes to choosing a career could you help me in any way!?
My husband is wanting to go to a night club to dance and hang out. I feel this is wrong. How can I tell him without seeming like I am a prude. I just feel in my heart that it is a bad idea to go.
Isn't the Millenium now?
How do you answer a dear friend when they off handedly tell you they believe all churches to be a business?
Was the Apostle Peter burried in Rome?
Isn't the Pope just a human being like the rest of us? Why do so many people idolize him?
I've been told that the Bible originally said in Genesis 3:15 that 'she' will crush the head of satan.
Jesus is God, so why is He also called the Son of God?
Does God love all His children equally or does He have more love for the most obedient and
Was Peter ever in Rome?
My friend is pregnant and the man that got her pregnant is separated from his wife, but still married. Is it wrong for her to stay with him?
Can a child be sent to hell for not knowing that they are sinning?
What are the differences in the Catholic and Pentecostal churches?
Does a Christian male have to be circumcised or is this a Jewish tradition?
Has Noah's Ark ever been discovered or even pieces of it?
Is it O.K. with God if I choose not to eat meat?
When did Calvary Community Church start in Arizona (the date)?
Does God love His animals? Most of them seem so innocent and loving.
Missions: Am interested in organization GOSPEL FOR ASIA: Is there someone familiar with this? Would it be a good group to support?
I would like to be baptised with the Holy Spirit how does that occur i.e. laying on of hands, prayer?
What is a "Evangelical" Christian?
What are your thoughts about a new author named John Maxwell who writes about the world of business and Christians?
Is hell actually a place of physical pain and torture, or, is it this referring to the mental pain of being seperated from God for eternity?
What exactly happened in Genesis Chapter 9? Was Noah simply shamed because of his nakedness or was he ridiculed by Ham or Canaan?
What race were Noah and his wife?
Do the Palestinian people have any right to claim ANY of the land in Israel?
What are the four F's?
What is Atonement?
Is it a sin to kill an ant?
If I have forgiven someone does that mean I have to be their friend? Meaning a friend who spends time cultivating a relationship?
Why don't you post anything about highschool on you're website?
Why does the Bible not condemn David and/or Solomon for polygamy and sex outside of marriage since they had more than one wife? Isn’t Solomon guilty of committing the sexually immoral act he is warning his son to avoid in Proverbs?
Sexual Immorallity/ sex outside of marriage
Is it permissable to occasionally hang out with friends from the past, if they arn't building you up spiritually?
The shroud that they found, is it the imprint of Jesus Christ's body?
What is a preterist and is it aligned with Calvary teachings?
On what do you base the opinion that the wine in Jesus day was not as strong as today's wine?
I am a new Christian, and am confused about all the different denominations, and some bible commentaries that differ from one another, how am I to find the truth?
I don't understand why God would ask for sacrifices..Isn't this condidered cruelty? It seems to me that animals have suffered way more than humans throughout time. I don't understand.
What do you think of the premise of the best selling novel the Da Vinci Code?
There is a Christian Science Church building in our town, but no one is ever there. Our Church Group would like to use it, rent it or buy it. How should we proceed?
What is the personality of God?
What is Calvary's position regarding illegal immigration/Prop 200?
What do you think about Dr. Laura Schlessinger? Is she Christian? Are her books good information? My friend listens to her everyday and I just wonder if what she says is in line with the Bible?
When someone asks you if you believe Jesus and God are one, (and if so, then why does Jesus refer to God "My Father" throughout the New Testament), what verses can I refer them to for support?
Why is it some people in the Bible have common English names and some people have names from that area?
What is sin in God's eyes and where is it defined in the Bible?
Why did God make the tree of Truth and Knowledge in the garden of Eden if he knew that it would tempt Adam and Eve?
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs?
What is communion in layman's terms?
I've noticed that it is rare for your church to have "special music" ie a soloist in your services. Is this purposeful? If so, is this related to "focus" during the worship time as being on God rather than on man? Thank you for your answer.
If Christ's body was glorified when He rose from the grave, why were the nail prints and stab wound in His side still there?
Are raffles, using donated gift packages to raise money for the deferment of an event's luncheon considered gambling?
If someone told me in Greek to go get a haircut or go have surgery on my appendix, would that be an aorist direct imperative or an indirect passive imperative?
How should I respond to someone who says if God was good he could have prevented the tragedy on September 11th.
What is your opinion of Pat Roberts’s statement about the Venezuelan president?
Do we know who wrote the Apostles' Creed that Rich Mullins put into song, or the background of the creed?
If all prophecy is fulfilled, explain Revelation 11:15 and 1 Corinthians 15:52.
Doesn't having faith in Christ mean more than just believing, isn't there some doing involved?
My husband is kind and caring, always willing to help others in need..BUT he's also an atheist. Is there anything I can do to persuade him to accept/believe in God/Christ?
If having a miscarriage is not punishment then why do they happen?
when it comes to my family I have a really hard time living with my parents and living my life for the lord which they don't do the same. It is hard respecting my parents decisions, any advice?
I work in a pharmacy. As you may have heard the emergency contraception pill, Plan B, will soon be available without a prescription to anyone over the age of 18. This product will still be kept behind the counter in order to enforce the age restriction. I'd like to know if there are any moral issues that I need to consider regarding this product before it is made more available.
I can't remember where the story in the Bible is about the man who owed money and was unable to pay his debt and asked to be released from that debt only to turn around and not release someone from their debt to him.
Can animals see God?
Where can I find a reputable Christian counselor?
Why is it important to go to church? Are there resource books available on this question?
Who is Christ praying to in Mark 14:36 if Christ is God. Is he praying to himself?
Some are saying that The Passion of The Christ made by Mel Gibson, a devout Catholic, has origins of Catholicism built into the movie. Have you heard of this and what are your thoughts on it?
What is the Trinity?
When I see "A.D." does that mean how many years after Jesus died or how many years after He was born?
How does the Bible justify war such as our current status?
My husband was assaulted and got a broken arm, should I feel guilty for suing when I strongly believe vengeance belongs to the Lord and He fights my battles for me?
Was Judas Iscariot a believer before his betrayal of Christ?
Since God ordered militant action against false religions in the Old Testament, how should we deal with them in today's world?
Are some questions not answered on purpose (esp. controversial and/or very difficult ones)?
Can a muslim prophesy just like a Christian can prophesy? My friend says that her father sometimes knows when things happen before it happens. Can a muslim have this gift?
Were we spirits before we were conceived on earth or did we come in to existence at conception?
Is it true that God does not give anyone more than they can handle (i.e. loss, emotional pain)?
In the movie "The Passion..." what was the significance of Satan holding the man/child? Bible reference?
What is baptism of the Holy Ghost?
Our Vision
Don't all religions teach the same thing?
This week, my husband and I have been attending a seminar with Pastor Shawn Boonstra-Unlocking The Signs-Revelation Speaks Peace. He seems very knowledgable about the subject, but we have never heard of him. What do you know of his ministry
Can animals see God?
How can I know God?
John3:16 says for God so loved the world and John 3:17 says for God sent not his son into the world, etc. then on the cross he said it is finished- meaning once and "for all". I know some Christians can put there name there and personalize it but I can't because i do not believe it to mean "for me" but "for all" it was worth it, but if just for me it would not have been worth it. Does this effect my salvation in any way?
I have attended services at your church several times, and checked out your website, but I haven't been able to find anywhere what your membership requirements are, could you please tell me what the requirements are to "belong" or "become" a member?
According to the Scriptures that refer to those who will be beaten much or little(the number of stripes they receive) depending on how much they knew, do these people go to heaven or hell? If they were saved, does it mean they will still receive a beating? The Scripture reference would be Luke 12:47,48. Please explain, thank you.
After the flood, why was it bad that Noah's son covered him when he was naked?
I would like to know if you can point me in the direction of the story in the Bible of God using the most unqulaified for a mighty job so that His power would be the focus? I would like to use it as reference with my co-worker who descriminates against the nicest people because they don't have a degree. I know that on paper some people look unqualified but those are usually the people more open to God's power than their own abilites. I told him that I would find it and show him as he asked me to do but I am having can you please help me.
What does the Bible say about hard rock music and can it cause harm to a believer?
is hard rock music bad for you
What will happen to those who do not take the mark of the beast and die in the Tribulation? Will there only be those who are to be saved and those who take the mark? If not, what happens to the person who doesn't receive Christ and doesn't take the mark and is killed?
My 4 yr old daughter was talking today about a marble being shiny and having power. I told her that is not what we believe and God is the only one with power. Other than that I don't know where to go in Scripture to find a more definate answer. I desperately need to find something. Please help. Thank you
Who or what are the pillars of Christ?
I noticed signs at the old movie theater at 59th Ave/Bell Road that say "Calvary Church" on them. Are you opening a "sister" church at this location? I hope so because that area is only 1 mile from my house.
There seems to be a lot of people catching on to "The Secret" as well as other "Laws of Attraction" books/teachings. The concept in and of itself does not on the surface seem wrong, but being that there is no mention of the power of God or mention of blessings, Jesus, etc. makes me want to run. It's hard to argue though with the power of positive thinking - it is true, if you are thankful that you woke up and look forward to a good day and aren't frustrated by the traffic, people cutting you off, long lines, etc. then you "made" it a good day. We all have the choice on how to react to every situation - so does it mean when a deal cancels, I get a ticket or the kids mess up in school I caused it to happen - I guess that's the other problem I'm having with it. Anyway, know it's a long question, just wondering your take on it. Thank you - and God Bless all ofyou!
When will you take another group to visit Israel?
I attended the Christmas presentation this past week and was ccurious, when Joseph was telling about Mary coming back from visiting Elizabeth he said he noticed she was pregnant. At what point in the Bible does the Angel vist Joseph to tell him about Mary and to go ahead and marry her ? I just never thought of it that way. Thanks
what is your view on comtemplative Prayer: Definition of Contemplative Prayer: As it is expressed in a modern day movement is mystically (i.e. based on a technique or method) in which one empties the mind of thought through repetition, usually of a word or phrase or focus on the breath. In this case the silence would be an absence of thought, all thought
Do you have Pastor Mark's services on DVD so that I could purchase them and mail them to my family in Colorado? They are without a computer now and I know they would benefit so much from the services at Calvary. Thank you.
Is it wrong to tattoo your body in the eyes of the lord? I can understang if it were something not honoring to god but is religious ones ok?
I would love to know who the man is who sang on Easter morning with a cross tattoo on his head. I have really been enjoying his music. What's his name and are their cd's available for purchase?
Can you recommend any book(s) covering church history? First as overview, then more in depth. Thx.
books on church history
My husband is not a believer. Some of his friends wear a covering on their head when they pray, and they do this when another Jehovah Witness male is in the same place. When questioned about it, I wasn't sure what to say...What does the scripture mean 1 Col 11:2-16? Thanks
Why the date for Easter changes every year
Yesterday (Wednsday 02/25/09) I went to the service and they had a speeker, and had information to help the chaplins and people in the Sudan and I was wondering if you could tell me where I can obtain the information to send money to help their ministry. The gentleman's message was so awe inspiring and touched my heart, that through out his speaking, it made me cry. I really enjoyed it, thank you for providing such inspirational people to address the church, we need that especially in these days of trial.
Why does Father in heaven seek praise? Is it because we were created to have a relationship with Him and praise Him?
How old should one be, in general, before they partake in communion? Blesings to you!
My Daughter Shelly moved to Lawrence Kansas she is looking for a Church to attend, can you direct us ?
You sent me an e-mail just recently that had links that I could go to to witness to Christian Scientists and I have inadvertantly lost it. Would you send me the Christian Science links again?
I attend a church, I am not a member of. Is it wrong for me to desire to change churches?
I know the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. How do I explain to a friend the age of the earth. Bible says one thing, science says something else.
Young Earth

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