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My husband and I were baptized years ago in a church, but now I know in my heart that we are under the covenant of grace. Should I be baptized again?

Answer / Solution
You should probably not be baptized a second time. If you've been baptized as a believer in Jesus, you should not do it again. Water baptism symbolizes what Christ has done for us and that we believe and have accepted Him as our Savior. Christ died for us once, and we accept His salvation once for all. Baptism is not a symbol of our dedication or obedience to Him. Most of us will grow in respect to our understanding of the Gospel over time, but we don't need to be baptized again.

The only reason to be baptized a second time would be if one was not actually a believer at the time of the initial baptism, such as being baptized as an infant, or if they realize now that they hadn't really put their faith in Christ.

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